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Important Canadian Art

dog with bone by david alexander colville

David Alexander Colville

Dog With Bone, 1961 Lot 1

Sold for 13,200 USD

untitled by ulysse comtois

Ulysse Comtois

Untitled, 1976 Lot 2

Sold for 8,700 USD

the disciple by william smith ronald

William Smith Ronald

The Disciple, 1961 Lot 3

Est. 60,00080,000 USD, Premium

doc morton, front wheel by greg curnoe

Greg Curnoe

Doc Morton, Front Wheel, 1980 Lot 4

Sold for 16,800 USD

snap #47 by harold barling town

Harold Barling Town

Snap #47, 1973 Lot 5

Sold for 12,000 USD

daybreak by rita letendre

Rita Letendre

Daybreak, 1981 Lot 6

Sold for 7,200 USD

six squares (study) by yves gaucher

Yves Gaucher

Six Squares (study), 1966 Lot 7

Sold for 39,000 USD

interior with reclining figure by john graham coughtry

John Graham Coughtry

Interior with Reclining Figure, 1957 Lot 8

Sold for 30,000 USD

stretch #1 by harold barling town

Harold Barling Town

Stretch #1, 1968–1969 Lot 9

Sold for 42,000 USD

belle-ile-en-mer by jean mcewen

Jean McEwen

Belle-Ile-En-Mer, Lot 10

Est. 6,0008,000 USD, Premium

compagnon de silence by jean mcewen

Jean McEwen

Compagnon de Silence, 1973 Lot 11

Est. 70,00090,000 USD, Premium

winter afternoon by william kurelek

William Kurelek

Winter Afternoon, 1974 Lot 12

Sold for 30,000 USD

untitled no. 5 by john meredith

John Meredith

Untitled No. 5, 1961 Lot 13

Sold for 15,600 USD

back thru spring by william smith ronald

William Smith Ronald

Back Thru Spring, 1956 Lot 14

Sold for 100,250 USD

froissement multicolore by paul emile borduas

Paul Emile Borduas

Froissement Multicolore, 1955 Lot 15

Sold for 663,750 USD

free french by tony scherman

Tony Scherman

Free French, 1980 Lot 16

Est. 15,00025,000 USD, Premium

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