Santa Monica Auctions

Annual Summer Sale

untitled by john altoon

John Altoon

Untitled, ca. 1955
Lot 10

Sold for 3,000 USD

untitled by john altoon

John Altoon

Untitled, 1953
Lot 11

Sold for 9,000 USD

untitled by charles arnoldi

Charles Arnoldi

Untitled, 1971
Lot 13

Est. 4,000–6,000 USD

big nose by ford beckman

Ford Beckman

Big Nose, 1993
Lot 18

Est. 4,000–6,000 USD

untitled by larry bell

Larry Bell

Untitled, 1984
Lot 19

Est. 8,000–12,000 USD

tom by billy al bengston

Billy Al Bengston

Tom, 1968
Lot 20

Est. 8,000–12,000 USD

untitled; untitled; untitled; untitled; untitled (set of 5) by david bowie

David Bowie

Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled; Untitled (set of 5), 1975
Lot 25

Est. 14,000–16,000 USD

saint germain des pres by marc chagall

Marc Chagall

Saint Germain des Pres, 1954
Lot 29

Sold for 5,000 USD

donkey & the eiffel tower by marc chagall

Marc Chagall

Donkey & the Eiffel Tower, 1954
Lot 30

Sold for 4,000 USD

wrapped floors, project for haus lange museum, krefeld by christo and jeanne-claude

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Wrapped Floors, Project for Haus Lange Museum, Krefeld, 1983
Lot 31

Sold for 3,500 USD

cube i, from the cube series by ronald davis

Ronald Davis

Cube I, From The Cube Series, 1971
Lot 34

Sold for 3,500 USD

untitled (black star) by thomas downing

Thomas Downing

Untitled (Black Star), ca. 1965
Lot 41

Sold for 14,000 USD

untitled (lace curtain) by william eggleston

William Eggleston

Untitled (Lace Curtain), 1981
Lot 43

Est. 6,000–8,000 USD

moca torso by robert graham

Robert Graham

MOCA torso, 1992–1995
Lot 49

Sold for 3,750 USD

n.15 by marsden hartley

Marsden Hartley

n.15, 1933
Lot 55

Est. 4,000–5,000 USD

pool made with paper and blue ink for book by david hockney

David Hockney

Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink for Book, 1980
Lot 59

Sold for 9,000 USD

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Santa Monica Auctions
Bergamot Station Arts Center, 2525 Michigan Avenue A5/B7 Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA