Fine Art

ladies visiting holy men at night by mir kalan khan

After Mir Kalan Khan

Ladies visiting holy men at night, ca. 1780 Lot 15

an illustration to the rasikapriya of keshavadas mashira, love at first sight by anonymous-indian (17)

Anonymous-Indian (17)

An illustration to the Rasikapriya of Keshavadas Mashira, Love at First Sight, ca. 1680 Lot 17

vishnu reclining on the serpent ananta, shiva nataraja, sarawati, durga (4 works) by indian school-tanjore (20)

Indian School-Tanjore (20)

Vishnu Reclining on the Serpent Ananta, Shiva Nataraja, Sarawati, Durga (4 works), Lot 25

untitled by erwin eichinger

Erwin Eichinger

Untitled, Lot 35

oryx antelopes by arthur wardle

Arthur Wardle

Oryx Antelopes, Lot 36

untitled by gustave de breanski

Gustave de Breanski

Untitled, Lot 38

untitled by daniel sherrin

Daniel Sherrin

Untitled, Lot 39

fille aux plumes; trois filles; six filles; huit filles (4 works) by marie laurencin

Marie Laurencin

Fille aux Plumes; Trois Filles; Six Filles; Huit Filles (4 works), Lot 41

portrait of gandhi by dimitru v. ismailovitch

Dimitru V. Ismailovitch

Portrait of Gandhi, Lot 44

untitled by raja ravi varma

Raja Ravi Varma

Untitled, Lot 45

untitled by s. fernandiz

S. Fernandiz

Untitled, 1929 Lot 50

water carrier by svetoslav nikolaevich roerich

Svetoslav Nikolaevich Roerich

Water Carrier, 1941 Lot 51

untitled by abdur rahman chughtai

Abdur Rahman Chughtai

Untitled, Lot 52

untitled by hemen mazumdar

Hemen Mazumdar

Untitled, Lot 53

untitled by jamini roy

Jamini Roy

Untitled, Lot 54

forest and waterfall by narayan shridhar bendre

Narayan Shridhar Bendre

Forest and Waterfall, 1948 Lot 56

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