Yang Maoyuan  (Chinese, 1966) 


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Yang Maoyuan Biography
1989   Graduated from the Printing Department, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
2002   Prize for Contemporary Chinese Art CCAA Award
  Lives and works in Beijing, China
Selected Exhibitions
2009   CHINA – Ein anderer Blick, Kunstverein Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany
2009   Art Summer Hellerau, Festspielhaus Hellerau/Dresden, Germany
2008   UNDER THE SKY—International visions in contemporary art, WHITE SPACE BEIJING, Beijing, China
2007   KOREA AND CHINA IN MIRROR,Xiaopu Stage Museum, Beijing, China
2007   Opening Ceremony Of HejingYuan Art Gallery,Beijing,China
2007   DDM Warehouse 2000-2007, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China
2007   ARROGANCE & ROMANCE, Ordos Art Museum, Ordos, China
2007   78910—Wang Yin, Lu Hao, Yang Maoyuan, Xiao Yu, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2007   Emotion Aesthetics, dARTex, The Danish Art Exchange, Beijing, China
2006   Look Inside, The Danish Art Exchange, Beijing, China (solo)
2006   Look Inside, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China (solo)
2005   Clues- Fang Lijun | Wang Yin | Xiao Yu | Yang Maoyuan, WHITE SPACE
2005   Majong – Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland
2005   Dog Days, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, U.K
2004   Red New Year: Chinese Art Films Midway Law, the Horse Hospital
2004   Contemporary Art Centre, London, U.K
2004   Degenerated, Modern Chinese Art Foundation (MCAF) Gent, Belgium
2003   Alors, La Chine, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Fance
2003   Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of Poland, Warsaw, Poland
2003   Artificial Respiration, Sanhe Art Centre, Beijing, China
2002   When it rains, the roof leaks, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China
2002   Dream, Red Mansion, London, UK
2002   w.x.y, China Art Archives & Warehouse, Beijing, China
2002   Too Much Flavor, 3H Art Center, Shanghai, China
2002   Exchange, One World Art Centre, Beijing, China
2002   Food in the Cattlefs Stomach, One World Art Central, Beijing, China (solo)
2001   The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Paintings, Villa Breda, Italy
2001   New Jumping-Off Point, Warehouse of Artists, Beijing, China
2001   Weighlessness, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany
2001   ChengDu Biennale 2001, ChengDu, China
2000   Ache – Yin, Xiao Yu, Yang Maoyuan Private Exhibition, Beijing
2000   Museum of Design, Beijing, China
2000   Fuck off, Donglang Art, Shanghai, China
1999   Open Channels, Dongyu Museum of the Fine Arts, Shenyang, China
1999   Chinese Contemporary Arts by Four Artists, Odden Ladegaard, Denmark
1999   Yang Maoyuanfs Paintings, Guanyuan Hotel, Beijing, China (solo)
1998   Collection of Shanghe Gallery, He Xiangning Gallery, Shenzhen, China
1997   New Image-Exhibition of Conception Art Photography, Beijing Sighting Art Center, Beijing, China
1994   Created and show series Wasteland Sculpture: Family and Road Sign Luobupo (China) to be completed in approximately 10 years (solo)
1993   Chinese Oil Painting BiennaleCChina Art Gallery, Beijing, China
1993   Exhibition of Contemporary Arts in North-East Shenyang Art Gallery, Shenyang, China
1989   China Avant-Garde Art Exhibition, China Art Gallery, Beijing, China
2007   China Art Book. Uta Grosenick / Caspar Schübbe (Ed.), 680 pages, approx. 850 images, trilingual: Engl./Ger./Chin., Dumont Buchverlag, Cologne 2007. www.chinaartbook.de