Yael Kanarek  (American, 1967) 


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Yael Kanarek, Explosion 1960


Yael Kanarek
Explosion 1960

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, Swing


Yael Kanarek

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, Jungle: Lopate vs. Bresnick


Yael Kanarek
Jungle: Lopate vs. Bresnick

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, Deeply Concentric


Yael Kanarek
Deeply Concentric

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, Kiss


Yael Kanarek

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, Nude, No. 2 (My Albers)


Yael Kanarek
Nude, No. 2 (My Albers)

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, White, No. 4


Yael Kanarek
White, No. 4

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, Sunspot


Yael Kanarek

bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, My Mondrian: Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow


Yael Kanarek
My Mondrian: Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow

bitforms gallery

1993   Empire State College, SUNY, BFA
2007   iEAR, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MFA
  Lives and works in New York City, USA
  Grants, Commissions & Residencies
  2007 Eyebeam, Honorary Senior Fellowship
  2005 Rockefeller Media Fellowship
  2002 Jerome Foundation Media Arts Grant
  2002 R&D Residency at Eyebeam
  2002 Turbulence.org Net Art Commission
  2002 SFMOMA Net Art Commission
  2001 NYFA Computer Arts Fellowship
  2000 Harvestworks Residency
  2000 The Alternative Museum Digital Commission
  2003 Netizens_Webprize, The International Net Art Competition, Rome, 1st Prize Winner
  2002 CNRS/UNESCO, Paris, Lewis Carroll Argos Prize
2010   In Translation, Holster Projects, London
2009   Spazialismo, bitforms gallery, New York
2009   Heart in Heart, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
2009   The Secret of the Ninth Planet, California College of the Arts, San Francisco
2009   Illiterature, Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica
2009   Melancholia, Nelly Aman, Tel Aviv (solo)
2008   Illiterature, LIMN Art Gallery, San Francisco
2008   Peekskill Project 08, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York
2008   Chain Reaction, Upgrade! International, Skopje, Macedonia
2007   World of Awe, Chapter III: Object of Desire, The Jewish Museum, New York (solo)
2007   bitforms gallery, New York (solo)
2007   Nelly Aman, Tel Aviv (solo)
2007   Contemporary Baroque: Extreme Excess/Özel Sergi, Beral Madra Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul
2007   NeoIntegrity, Derek Eller Gallery, New York
2007   stARTreck, the Next Gerneration, Orsini Palace, Bomarzo, Italy
2007   Thread, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh
2006   Women in New Media, bitforms gallery, Seoul Lovelab, Galerie RX, Paris
2005   bitforms gallery, Seoul
2005   Netizens II, Sala Uno Gallery, Rome
2005   Netizens II, at Sala Uno Gallery (solo)
2004   Code:Skin, Nelly Aman, Tel Aviv (solo)
2004   K-99, Köln (solo)
2004   World of Awe: New Works, bitforms gallery, New York (solo)
2004   VideoZone2 Biennial, Israel
2004   New Forms Festival, Vancouver
2004   FILE: Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo
2004   Touch and Temperature, Debra Colton, Houston
2004   HYPER-RUNT, Inliquid, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Philadelphia
2004   Touch and Temperature, bitforms gallery, New York
2004   Seoul Net & Film Festival, Seoul
2004   Peam, Electronic Arts Festival, Pescara, Italy
2004   Integrating the Digital Consciousness, Debra Colton, Houston
2004   Private and Public Spaces Online, 8th Israeli Internet Conference, Israel
2003   Boston CyberArts Festival, Massachusetts
2003   A Decade, Schroeder Romero gallery, Willamsburg, New York
2003   Lab3D, Cornerhouse, Manchester
2003   Sala Uno Gallery, Rome (solo)
2003   Web 3D Art, SIGGRAPH, St. Malo, France
2003   NOWN, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh
2002   , American Museum of the Moving Image, Queens, New York
2002   Beta-Launch, Artists-in-Residence, Eyebeam, New York
2002   25th Anniversary, The Drawing Center, New York
2002   Web Commissions, Chapter 2, SFMOMA, San Francisco
2002   Prints & Chips, bitforms gallery, New York
2002   Meta-Forms, Colgate College, Hamilton
2002   Whitney Biennial 2002, New York
2001   My_Last_Birthday_Party, De Balie, Amsterdam
2001   Moving Image Gallery, New York (solo)
2001   Viper >>REPLAY>>, [plug in], Switzerland
2001   Viper Festival, Switzerland
2001   Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Humboldt University, Berlin
2001   Net.Ephemeran, Moving Image Gallery, New York
2001   1.44MB, Moving Image Gallery, New York
2001   Wand 5, 14th Stuttgart Filmwinter, Stuttgart
2001   Technically Engaged, A.I.R Gallery, New York
2001   Interferences, France
2000   FILE: Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo
2000   Dystopia + Identity, Tribes Gallery, New York
2000   Refresh, the art of the screen saver, Stanford University
2000   Incubation, traAce conference, United Kingdom
1998   Gramercy International Art Fair, New York
1998   One night in SOHO, private loft, New York (solo)
1997   FIAC International Art Fair, Elizabeth Valliex Gallery, Paris
1997   Austrelitz@utrement, Paris
1996   Sauce A La Mode, Sauce Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
1996   Momenta Art, Williamsburg, New York
1996   Sauce Gallery, Williamsburg, New York
1996   The Sparkling Bag, Elizabeth Valliex Gallery, Paris
1996   Either/Nor, Flamingo East, Kenny Schacter, New York
1995   Lemoyne Kennels America Theme Show, LKGG, Los Angeles
1995   Four Rooms, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York
1995   The International Art Fair, Elizabeth Valliex Gallery, Basel
1995   Phallic Symols, 24 Hours for Life Gallery, New York
1995   People We Know, Edge Gallery, Denver
1995   Mon Voyage a Paris, Elizabeth Valliex Gallery, Paris
1994   Silverstein Gallery, New York
1994   Free Floating, 128 Gallery, New York
1994   Elizabeth Valliex Gallery, Paris
1994   Selection Spring ’94, The Drawing Center, New York
1994   NYU Small Work Competition and Show, New York
1993   Christmas Show, 128 Gallery, New York
1993   Space Time Light Gallery, New York
1993   Space Time Light Gallery, New York (solo)
1992   Writings on the Wall, 303 Gallery, New York
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