Xiao Tui'an (Chinese, 1958)

书法山水 成扇 (recto-verso) by zhu zhuyun and xiao tuian

Zhu Zhuyun and Xiao Tuian

书法山水 成扇 (recto-verso)

秋江渔隐 篆书 (2 works) by xiao tui’an and fan haolin

Xiao Tui’an and Fan Haolin

秋江渔隐 篆书 (2 works)

玉兰花开 草书诗二首 by xiao tui'an and shen yinmo

Xiao Tui'an and Shen Yinmo

玉兰花开 草书诗二首

秋山寺影 行书 (recto-verso) by xiao tui'an and zhang shiyuan

Xiao Tui'an and Zhang Shiyuan

秋山寺影 行书 (recto-verso), 1953

蕉窗听雨·行书诗句 (recto-verso) by zhou lianxia and xiao tuian

Zhou Lianxia and Xiao Tuian

蕉窗听雨·行书诗句 (recto-verso)

书法 by xiao tui'an

Xiao Tui'an

书法, 1943

篆书 by xiao tui'an

Xiao Tui'an

篆书, 1940