Vladimir Nemukhin  (Russian, 1925) 


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Artworks for sale (7)

Vladimir Nemukhin, Card Table 1


Vladimir Nemukhin
Card Table 1

ABA Gallery
Vladimir Nemukhin, Still Life with Cards


Vladimir Nemukhin
Still Life with Cards

Sloane Gallery of Art
Vladimir Nemukhin, Red and Black


Vladimir Nemukhin
Red and Black

Sloane Gallery of Art
Vladimir Nemukhin, Jack Meerhold


Vladimir Nemukhin
Jack Meerhold

Sloane Gallery of Art
Vladimir Nemukhin, Diamond Target (Trotsky)


Vladimir Nemukhin
Diamond Target (Trotsky)

Sloane Gallery of Art
Vladimir Nemukhin, Spieler


Vladimir Nemukhin

Galerie Sandmann
Vladimir Nemukhin, Untitled


Vladimir Nemukhin

Galerie Sandmann
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Vladimir Nemukhin, Джокер


Vladimir Nemukhin
Джокер, 1990
oil on canvas


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Vladimir Nemukhin, Seven of Spades


Vladimir Nemukhin
Seven of Spades, 1979
oil, gouache, watercolor and playing card on paper


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Vladimir Nemukhin, Jack of Diamonds


Vladimir Nemukhin
Jack of Diamonds
print on porcelain


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1925   Born in Moscow, Russia
1942 - 1945   Studies under the direction of P.E. Sokolov
1957   Studies at Surikov Institute Moscow, Russia
1958   Member of the Lianosovo Group Moscow, Russia
1972 - 1982   Travels to Poland, Czechoslovakia, Budapest
2004   Lives and works in Germany and Moscow
1999   Vladimir Nemukhin, Paintings and Drawings, Mimi Ferzt Gallery New York, NY
1999   Games and Obsessions in Russian Art, State Russian Museum St. Petersburg, Russia
1999   Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union, Drawings and Graphics, Albertina Vienna, Austria
1998   Nonconformists-The 2nd Russian Avant-Garde 1955-1988 (Collection of Bar-Gera), Samara Art Museum Samara, Russia
1998   Lianozovo, State Tretyakov Museum Moscow, Russia
1998   Second Avant-Garde, Graphic, Dom Natchokina Gallery Moscow, Russia
1998   Forbidden Art: The Postwar Russian Avant-Garde, Pasadena Art Center College of Design Gallery Pasadena, CA
1994   Vladimir Nemukhin, Casino Knokke Belgium
1994   Vladimir Nemukhin, Galerie Editions Simoncini Luxemberg, Belgium
1993   Vladimir Nemukhin, Group 2 Gallery Brussels, Germany
1993   Vladimir Nemukhin, Galerie B. Haasner Wiesbaden, Germany
1992   Vladimir Nemukhin, Galerie Editions Simoncini Luxemburg, Belgium
  Autumn Exhibition of Moscow Artists, Moscow
  A Survey of Russian Painting, Fifteenth Century to the Present, Gallery of Modern Art, New York
  New Paintings from the USSR, Galerie ABC, Maison de la Tour, Drôme, France
  Institute of World Economics and International Relations, Moscow
  New Tendencies in Moscow, Museo Civico de Belle Arti, Lugano, Switzerland
  Moscow Avant-Garde, Galerie Dina Vierny, Paris
  Second Autumn Open-Air Exhibition, (Bulldozer Exhibition), Izmailovsky Park, Moscow
  Eight Painters from Moscow, Musée de Peinture et de Sculpture, Grenoble, France
  Russian Non-Conformist Painters: Glezer Collection, Braunschweig Exhibition Hall, Berlin
  Russian Contemporary Painters, Palais des Congres, Paris
  La Nuova Arte Sovietica, La Biennale di Venezia, Italy
  Russian and Soviet Painting: An Exhibition from the Museums of the USSR, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
  Non-Official Russian Art, Musée du Vieux Chateaux, Laval; Musée des Beaux-Arts, Tours, France
  Contemporary Unofficial Soviet Art, Municipal Museum, Tokyo
  The First Biennale of Russian Painters, Centre des Arts et Loisirs du Vesine, France
  Exposition of Non-Official Russian Art, Salone Fieristico, Rimini, Italy
  Soviet Art, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
  Vladimir Nemukhin and Vladimir Yankilevsky, Galerie Else Lommel, Leverkusen, Germany; Goldman-Kraft Gallery, Chicago
  Resist Esthetics, Collection Bar-Gera, East German Culture Center, Cologne, Germany
  In the USSR and Beyond, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
  Towards an Object, Kashirskoye Chaussee Exhibition, Moscow; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
  Lianozovo, Museum Bochum, Germany
  Nemukhin, Yankilevsky, Le Monde de l'Arts, Paris
  Russian Avant-Garde: 60 Years, Galerie Clara Maria Sels, Dusseldorf
  From Gulag to Glasnost: Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union, Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
  Nonconformists-The 2nd Russian Avant-Garde: 1955-1988, (Collection of Bar-Gera), The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; The State Tretyakov Museum, Moscow; Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop, Germany;
  Exhibition of the Collection of E. Nutovtch, Museum of Private Collections, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow