Vanessa Beecroft  (Italian, 1969) 

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Chelsea Stroll THE BLACK BOX by Charlie Finch. An amble through the art district, with Murad Khan Mumtaz, Kim MacConnel and "Diggers.", 01/17/2012
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CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS? by Walter Robinson. Weathering the storm at Art Basel Miami Beach., 12/05/2008
NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM by Jerry Saltz. No sex at the Guggenhiem Museum., 11/17/2008
THE NEW YORK CANON by Jerry Saltz. Thirty years of highs and lows in the New York art world., 04/23/2008
L.A. CONFIDENTIAL by Emma Gray. Doug Harvey’s "Third Annual L.A. Weekly Biennial" at Track 16 Gallery., 01/25/2008
COMMERCE AND CONSCIOUSNESS by Ben Davis. The year in "complicit esthetics.", 01/11/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Art student killed, art controversies in Prague and England, Beecroft adoption documentary, more., 01/08/2008
Ein Rundgang durch Kölner Galerien – Teil 2 von Dominikus Müller. Man hat es mit der Politik in den Kölner Galerien – so scheint es zumindest beim Spaziergang durch einige ausgewählte Ausstellungsräume., 11/27/2007
GLOBALIZED FEMINISM by Ben Davis. Can Miwa Yanagi dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools?, 07/20/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Roma pavilion in Venice, Art Athina in Athens, "Price of Everything" in New York, more., 05/15/2007
1. dc duesseldorf contemporary von Barbara J. Scheuermann. Die frisch geborene dc duesseldorf contemporary ist mit ihren 85 Ausstellern aus 14 Ländern eine angenehm überschaubare Angelegenheit., 04/19/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Somoroff mosque art at Rothko Chapel, Hessel’s "Wrestle," Cincinnati Art Museum caters, Art Cologne in Palma de Mallorca, more., 11/09/2006
ARTISSIMA 2006 by Walter Robinson. Feeling contemporary in Turin., 10/30/2006
THE SUBLIME IS US by Jerry Saltz. In new work by Klara Liden, the unfathomable feelings of being alive. Plus, Justin Lowe., 07/05/2006
A VISIT WITH DEB AND PATTIE. by Charlie Finch. New work by New York artists Deborah Kass and Patricia Cronin., 01/18/2006
MAXIMUM MIAMI by Walter Robinson. Miami’s Wynwood Art District, the Pulse and Aqua art fairs, more., 12/12/2005
THE GROVES OF ACADEME by Charlie Finch. A visit to the Columbia MFA open studios., 11/05/2005