The-Merger  (Cuban) 


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Artworks for sale (32)

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The-Merger, Remember



Moleiro's Gallery
The-Merger, Things Change


Things Change

L&E Private Art Collection
The-Merger, Correction de ondas


Correction de ondas

L&E Private Art Collection
The-Merger, American Dreams


American Dreams

L&E Private Art Collection
The-Merger, La energía vital


La energía vital

Moleiro's Gallery
The-Merger, La Arquitecta


La Arquitecta

L&E Private Art Collection
The-Merger, Bravo y Espumoso


Bravo y Espumoso

Moleiro's Gallery
The-Merger, Fiance



Moleiro's Gallery
The-Merger, El caso de la rubia platino


El caso de la rubia platino

Moleiro's Gallery
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The-Merger, Silence, Please


Silence, Please, 2013
steel and granite


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The-Merger, Sex Machine


Sex Machine, 2013
aluminum w/ powder coating


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The-Merger, El caso de la rubia platino (Menina)


El caso de la rubia platino (Menina), 2013
aluminum on red quartz base


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1969   Mario Miguel González (Mayito) born in Holguín. Lives and works in La Habana, Cuba
1970   Niels Moleiro Luis, born in La Habana. Lives and works between Miami and Cuba
1974   Alain Pino, born in Camaguey. Lives and works in La Habana, Cuba
2014   The-Merger Exhibitions in 2014:
One Race, National Fine Arts Museum of Cuba, Havana, Cuba
One Race, Cultural exchange, Council of Galleries of Key West, Hemingway's Museum
The Weight of an Idea, Collective Bronze Sculptures exhibition, Collage Habana Gallery
Art Attack, Galiano Gallery, Havana, Cuba
Cuban Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Factory, Havana, Cuba
West Palm Beach Art Fair, Latin Art Core, FL, USA
2013   The-Merger Exhibitions in 2013:
Houston Art Fair, Houston, TX, USA
Cuban & Korean Art Exhibition at the Sejong Art Center, Korea
Exhibition at the Sejong Art Center Main Hall, Korea
Permanent show, Bellarte Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
The South Biennial, Figali Conventions Center, Panama
Stealing Spirits, Cuban Phototeque, Havana, March
West Palm Beach Art Fair, Florida, USA
2012   The-Merger Exhibitions in 2012:
Greenish Red, Factoría Habana Art Gallery, Havana, Cuba (solo exhibition)
Cuban Modern Art Exhibition, ARA Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair
IAAF Iberoamerican Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
HB, Pabexpo, Havana Biennial
Dry cleaning, La Lavandería Art Center, Havana Biennial
Sculptures & Prints, Havana Graphic Center, Havana Biennial
2011   The-Merger Exhibitions in 2011:
PULSE Art Fair, Factoría Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Uprooted/Transmigrations, Panamerican Art Project, Miami, Florida, USA
International Design Fair, Milan, Italy
Arte Americas Art Fair, Miami Beach Conventions Centre, Florida, USA
The Arsenal, Yemayá Cultural Centre, Madrid, Spain
Palm Beach Art Fair 2011, Florida, USA
2010   The-Merger Exhibitions in 2010:
Art Miami Art Fair, Florida, USA
1st Miami Beach Sculpture Biennale, Florida, USA
Bogota International Art Fair (ARTBO), Colombia
Korean International Art Fair (KIAF), Seoul, Korea
Arte Americas Art Fair, Miami Beach Conventions Centre, Florida, USA
Project Room, Panamerican Art Project. Miami, Florida, USA
2009   The-Merger Exhibitions in 2009:
Recovering phase, The-Merger Studio, Havana, Cuba (solo exhibition)
SCOPE Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
Cuban Contemporary Art, Galería La Cometa, Bogota, Colombia
Crisis, Expocuba Fair Center, Pavilion 23, Havana, Cuba
Pure coincidence, Expocuba Fair Center, Havana, Cuba
Tomorrow will be too late, Havana 10th Biennale Collateral exhibition, International Press Center, Havana, Cuba
Fase Recuperativa, The-Merger Studio, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba (solo exhibition)
2008   The-Merger Exhibitions in 2008:
Tópicos, Galería Habana, La Habana, Cuba (solo exhibition)
Incide, Confluencia, Museo de arte de Zapopan, Zapopan, Jalisco, México
Feria Arte Americas, The Latin American Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL, USA
BarraCuba II Galeria Distric & Co, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
Subasta del Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC), Casacor, Panama (Lote 54)
Feria de Arte, Shanghai, China
El Diablo los junta, Casa Simón Bolívar, Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad