Sonia Leimer  (Italian, 1977) 


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Sonia Leimer, Installation view


Sonia Leimer
Installation view
Galerie naechst St. Stephan
Sonia Leimer, Universal


Sonia Leimer

Galerie naechst St. Stephan
Sonia Leimer, Exhibition view


Sonia Leimer
Exhibition view
Galerie naechst St. Stephan
Sonia Leimer, Exhibition view


Sonia Leimer
Exhibition view
Galerie naechst St. Stephan
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Sonia Leimer, 1965 (2013)


Sonia Leimer
1965 (2013), 2013
silkscreen on aluminum


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Sonia Leimer, Linea Gialla


Sonia Leimer
Linea Gialla, 2008
color photograph


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Sonia Leimer, Ohne Titel


Sonia Leimer
Ohne Titel, 2008


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1977   Born in Meran, Italy
2000 - 2001   Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2001   First Prize, Rabin Square Competition
2002   Pfann Ohmann Price
2003 - 2004   Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2004   Carl Appel Price
2005   Since then monthly radio broadcast on Radio Orange called 'Image and the City'
2005   MAK Schindler scolarship
2007   Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Grant
2009   State Scolarship for Applied Art
2011   Paul Flora Prize
  Lives and works in Vienna
2012   Ferne Nähe - Kunst aus Mitteleuropa: Niederösterreich - Südtirol, Sift Lilienfeld - Dormitorium, Lilienfeld, Austria
2012   paraflows.7, Das weiße Haus, Vienna, Austria
2010   Bawag Contemporary, Vienna, Austria
2009   Art in Public Space, Vorgartenstrasse 128, curated by Li Tasser
2009   Sleepwalking, Temporary Gallery Cologne, curated by Amer Abbas
2009   Audio Prop, See this sound, Lentos, in collaboration with Female Obsession, Linz
2009   Not enough detail is given for a reconstruction, however. Künstlerhauspassage, curated by Ursula Maria Probst, Vienna
2009   Trick of Light, MOP, curated by Marita Fraser, Sidney, Australia
2009   Bulletin Board Blvd. 2, Pro Choice, Vienna
2009   Series of Successive Instants, Galerie nächst St. Stephan LOGIN, Vienna (solo)
2009   Bar Restaurant 42, curated by Letizia Ragaglia, Bozen, Italy (solo)
2009   To move in parallel, playing back from earlier, Saprophyt, Project Space, Vienna (solo)
2008   Elseworlds, Silo Laa, Art in Public Space Niederösterreich, in collaboration with Christian Mayer (solo)
2008   Urban Signs/Local Strategies, Art in Public Space, curated by Ursula Maria Probst and Walter Seidl, Vienna
2008   Archtecture, Künstlerhaus Pallais Thurn und Taxi, Bregenz
2008   Alp-traum, Galerie Museum, Bozen
2008   Manifesta 7, Principle Hope, Manifestation, curated by the office for cognitive urbanism, Rovereto
2008   Reconstructed, Kunsthalle Exnergasse curated by Antonia Lotz, Vienna
2008   13 Biennale Bjm, Bari Italy
2008   Groupshow, Bellstreet Projectspace, nonartfair, Vienna
2008   Perception and Utopia, tavelingexibithion Kerava Art Museum, Pernu Art Museum
2008   Roviniemi Museum of Modern Art, curated by Pirkko Siitari, Annu Willenius
2008   Images 2, curated von Daniel Baumann, Ecole d‘Art et de Design de Genève (Pôle Artmedia), Galerie Forde
2007   The Last Museum, Projectspace Bellstreet, Vienna (solo)
2007   Images, curated by Spike Art Magazine Bauernmarkt1, Vienna
2007   The Theater, in collaboration with international Festival, Steirischer Herbst, Graz
2007   Show at Maxwinterplatz 13/41, in collaboration with Catrin Bolt, Vienna
2007   Kairos, Fondazione Pistoletto Biella, Milano
2007   This is Happening, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, curated by Fiona Liehwehr and Martin Guttmann, Vienna
2007   Groupshow, Museumsquartier/Tanzquartier, Vienna
2007   Logbuch, Galerie 5020, Salzburg
2006   Love after the cold war, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles
2006   Société des nations, factice et scindée en elle-même, Circuit, Lausanne
2006   Mongolia: Perception and Utopia, Unionof Mongolian Artists, Ulaanbaator, Mongolia (organised by the Kerava Museum, Helsinki)
2005   Parachute Pavillon, New York (organised by the Vanalen Institute, New York)
2005   Residency at Kaus Australis, Rotterdam
2004   Living room, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
2004   Condenced community, Ottakring (in collaboration with the Institute for Art and Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)
2003   Schmarotzer, Annual Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2002   The Rabin Square Design Competition, Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2009    Chinese Wall, M, artistbook Sonia Leimer, Schlebrügge Editor
2008    Perception and Utopia, Kerava Museum, Helsinki
2008    Skizzen des Verschwindens, Theatercombinat, Revolver Verlag
2007    This is happening, Georg Kargl Fine Art, Schlebrügge Editor, Vienna
2006    Europan 8, Wettbewerbe zu europäisches Wohnen, Springer Verlag
2006    Parachute Pavillion, Vanellen Institute