Born in Tokyo
Bachelor of Arts at Tama Art University, Tokyo


La Nouvelle Garde Japonaise Exhibition, Galerie Robespierre, Grande-Synthe, France
"a Commonplace Tale" Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan (solo)
"To Be with Art is All We Ask" Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, Norway
"IT AIN'T NOTHING BUT THE LIFE", Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
"CALM CLAM" GALERIE GABRIEL ROLT, Amsterdam, Netherlands (solo)
"Hito Hito" Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
"There are TWO TRUTHS!" c/o -- Gerhardsen Gerner, Berlin, Germany (solo)
"Detour, Moleskine travelling exhibition" MoMA Design Store、Tokyo, Japan
"NO MAN'S LAND" Ambassade de France、Tokyo, Japan
"Egypt -Path to Civilization-" Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (Sep 6 - 27) (solo)
"JEKYLL ISLAND" Honor Fraser, Los Angels, CA, USA(Jul 12 - Aug 30)
"neoteny japan: Contemporary Artists after 1990s from Takahashi Collection"
Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA
KIRISHIMA OPEN-AIR MUSEUM, Kagoshima, Japan [touring Sapporo Art Park, Hokkaido, Japan, 2008-09 / The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art、Niigata, Japan 2009 / Akita Museum of Modern Art、Akita, Japan 2009 / Yonago City Museum of Art、Tottori, Japan 2009-2010 / The Museum of Art EHIME、Ehime, Japan 2010 ]
"Maybe it's a bright side of life" Takahashi Collection, Tokyo, Japan
"Innocy's House" Museum Gugging, Art/Brut Center Gugging, Vienna, Austria (solo)
"HATCHõBORI" Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria (solo)
"3L4D ─ 3rd Life 4th Dimension" MetaPhysical Art Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan
DETOUR. The Moleskine City Notebook Experience, Art Directors' Club, New York
"Beaver no Seikatsu" Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, USA (solo)
"NI-MARU-MARU-ROKU, in DOITSU" c/o Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin, Germany (solo)
"Berlin - Tokyo / Tokyo - Berlin" Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany
"NAOSHIMA STANDARD" Former Barber, Naoshima, Kagawa, Japan
Berlin-Tokyo/Tokyo-Berlin. Die Kunst zweier Städte, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin
Vanessa Baird – Me, myself and the other one, c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin
Amadeus – Madeuse, Rudolf Budja Gallery, Salzburg
Shintaro Miyake, c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin (solo)
Public Performance by Shintaro Miyake, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo (performance)
Shintaro Miyake, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo (solo)
Mixed-Up Childhood, Auckand Art Gallery, Auckland
Fluffy, Ballantyne Cashmere Aoyama, Tokyo (performance)
The Fourth Planet Hour, c/o - Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin (solo)
Art Unlimited, Art Basel 2004, Switzerland
Officina Asia, Galleria d'arte Moderna di Bologna, Italy
Fiction Love, MOCA Taipei, Taiwan
Minotauro contro Mostro Marino, Galleria Suzy Shammah, Milan, Italy (solo)
Innocy’s House, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria (solo)
The Japanese Experience-Inevitable, Das Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria (group)
Mr.vs.Shintaro Miyake Exhibition, NADiff , Tokyo / Opening Exhibition, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo (group)
Sweet Summer, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo (solo)
Pinra has come, SPACE MIX SHOW, White Daisakusen, „Dai Dan Enユs Hyen Myen well done Bruce' in the exhibition „Mr.vs.Shintaro Miyake“, NADiff , Tokyo / Returning To The Memory of Your Home Town, Laforet Museum, Tokyo (performances)
Sulascaux no Hekiga, (Wall Painting of Shulascaux), Gallery Kaku, Tokyo (solo)
Emotional Site, Shokuryou Building (Tomio Koyama Gallery), Tokyo
Wall Painting of Shulascaux, Sulascaux no Hekiga, Gallery Kaku, Tokyo / Live Painting Wall Painting of Sulascaux', GEISAI-GP, Tokyo Tower Amusement Hall, Tokyo / Live Drawing, „Star Sweet Shintaro Wars Live Painting-Counterattack of Dream Factory', 'GEISAI 2“, Big Site, Tokyo / Shintaro Miyake, KABUKI★STAR presents Imitation KABUKI Show!, Sweet History-Japan Edition, Emotional Site, Shokuryou Building (Tomio Koyama Gallery), Tokyo (performances)
Wall Painting of Shulascaux, Sulascaux no Hekiga, Gallery Kaku, Tokyo (performance)
Japan Garden Full Girl 〜FUJI-SIDE〜, Setagaya Gallery Umegaoka, Tokyo (solo)
Japan Garden Full Girl 〜GIRL-SIDE〜, The Gallery Ariake, Tokyo (solo)
Miss Sweet, Setagaya Gallery Umegaoka, Tokyo (solo)
Forever Mama-san, Kobo Ginza, Tokyo (solo)
Kobo Ginza, Tokyo (solo)
URBANART#3, Parco Gallery Shibuya, Tokyo (group)
URBANART#2, Parco Gallery Shibuya, Tokyo (group)