Sean Landers  (American, 1962) 

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Sean Landers Biography
1962   Born in Palmer, Massachusetts
1984   BFA, Philadelphia College of Art, PA
1986   MFA, Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT
  Lives and works in New York City
Selected Exhibitions
2013   The Drawing Center, New York, Drawing Time, Reading Time, November 15–January 12, 2014, curated by Claire Gilman (catalogue)
2013   Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK, Aquatopia: The Imaginary of the Ocean Deep, July 20–September 22, 2013, curated by Alex Farquarson. Travels to: Tate St. Ives, St. Ives, UK, October 12–January 26, 2014 (catalogue)
2013   The Hole, New York, NY, Summer Reading, July 18–August 24
2013   Messe Basel, Basel, Switzerland, Unlimited, June 13–June 16, curated by Gianni Jetzer (catalogue)
2013   The Future Moyhihan Station, New York, NY, DSM-V, May 7 – June 4, curated by David Rimanelli
2013   The High Line, New York, NY, Busted, April 18–April 24, 2014, curated by Cecilia Alemani
2013   New Museum, New York, NY, NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, February 13–May 26, curated by Massimiliano Gioni, Gary Carrion-Murayari, Jenny Moore and Margot Norton (catalogue)
2013   Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Merci Mercy, January 24–February 17, co-curated by Christine Messineo and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld
2012   Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgium, November 8–December 21(catalogue) (solo)
2012   Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels, Belgium, November 8–December 21, Longmore greengrassi, London, UK, April 26–June 16 (solo)
2012   Patricia Low Contemporary, St. Moritz, Switzerland, The Man Who Would Be King, December 27–February 2, 2013, curated by Max Henry
2012   La Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Turin, Italy, Freedom not Genius: Works from Damien Hirst’s Murderme Collection, November 10–March 10, 2013, curated by Elena Geuna (catalogue)
2012   Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, NY, The Feverish Library, September 6–October 20, organized in cooperation with Matthew Higgs
2012   Anton Kern Gallery, New York, NY, It’s Always Summer on the Inside, July 10–August 24, organized by Dan McCarthy (catalogue)
2012   Kunsthalle Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, Looking Back for the Future, June 9–17
2012   Studio Guenzani, Milan, Italy, Pittura (1995–2009), April 11–May 31, 2012
2012   Marc Jancou Contemporary, New York, NY, Spelling the Image, January 26–March 3
2012   Boo-Hooray Gallery, New York, NY, Artists’ Book Not Artists’ Book, January 18–February 12, curated by Johan Kugelberg and Jeremy Sanders (catalogue)
2012   Seventeen Gallery, London, UK, A Plea for Tenderness, Januay 12–February 25, curated by David Raymond Conroy
2011   Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, NY, Sean Landers: A Midnight Modern Conversation, April 21–June 18 (catalogue) (solo)
2011   Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, NY, Sean Landers: Around the World Alone, May 6–June 25 (solo)
2011   Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL, Syntax: Text and Symbolism for a New Generation: Works from the Hadley Martin Fisher Collection, July 9–September 25
2011   Art Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, Sorry We’re Closed booth, The Big Clown Show, April 28–May 1
2011   Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, NY, 1:1, April 5–June 25 (Sean Landers: Around the World Alone: Ancient Mariner, May 6–14)
2011   Hessel Museum of Art, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, CLAP, March 27–May 22, 2011, curated by Nova Benway, Michelle Hyun, Nathan Lee and Dylan Peet, in collaboration with Tom Eccles
2011   Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, Midnight Party, March 19–February 23, 2014, curated by Joan Rothfuss apexart, New York, NY, Let It End Like This, March 9–May 14, curated by Todd Zuniga
2010   Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, Sean Landers: 1991–1994, Improbable History, January 22–April 11, curated by Laura Fried and Paul Ha (catalogue) (solo)
2010   China Art Objects, Los Angeles, CA, The Inauguration of China Art Objects in Culver City, September 18–October 23
2010   Bortolami Gallery, New York, NY, Re-Dressing, September 15–November 6
2010   Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, East Hampton, NY, Peter Saville: Accessories to an Artwork, August 14–September 26
2010   Feature Inc., New York, NY, Tom of Finland and Then Some, June 25–July 31
2010   Galerie Niels Borch Jensen, Berlin, Germany, Alles Berliner, June 12–July 31
2010   Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY, She Awoke with a Jerk, May 8–June 26, curated by Nigel Cooke
2010   Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR, Beside Himself—Exhibiting Male Anxiety, May 8–30, curated by Terri C. Smith
2010   International Studio and Curatorial Program, Brooklyn, NY, An Act of Mischievous Misreading, April 17–19, curated by Anna Gritz
2009   Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, East Hampton, NY, Sean Landers: Art, Life and God, October 24– January 10, 2010, curated by Jeremy Sanders (publication) (solo)
2009   Greengrassi, London, UK, June 24–August 1 (solo)
2009   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, Sean Landers: Sadness Racket, March 14–April 7 (solo)
2009   Open Air Screening Room, Athens, Greece, Remap 2: Midsummer Night’s Dream: Intercessions, June 16–July 26, curated by Marina Fokidis and organized by ReMap KM
2009   Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany, The Making of Art, May 29–August 30, curated by Dr. Martina Weinhart (catalogue)
2009   Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA, This Is Killing Me, May 23– April 26, 2010, organized by Diana Nawi (brochure)
2009   Lewis Glucksman Gallery, University Gallery Cork, Cork, Ireland, Grin and Bear It: Cruel Humor in Art and Life, March 20–July 5, curated by Claire Feeley and Matt Packer
2009   Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France, Jean-Luc Blanc: Opera Rock, March 5–June 14, curated by Alexis Vaillant
2009   Larissa Goldston Gallery, New York, NY, Talk Dirty to Me . . . , February 26–March 28, curated by Matvey Levenstein
2009   Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin, Germany, Floors/Walls, February 14–March 21, curated by Matthew Higgs
2009   Vanmoerkerke Collection, Oostende, Belgium, You Will Never Wake up from This Beautiful Dream, January 4–April 15, curated by Johan Vansteenkiste
2008   Swiss Institute, New York, NY, THE WHY OF LIFE, April 9 to May 22
2008   Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, Slightly Unbalanced, organized by the Independent Curators International, curated by Susan Hapgood, January 26 - April 13
2008   Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin, Germany, May 2 – June 14 (solo)
2008   Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
2007   China Art Objects, Lost Angeles, CA, September 8 – October 20 (solo)
2007   Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, TX, "Superconscious, Automatisms Now," curated by Paola Morsiani, December 14, 2007 - March 9, 2008
2007   Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, NY, The Office, November 30 - December 22
2007   Hessel Museum of Art, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, "Exhibitionism: An Exhibition of Exhibitions of Works from the Marieluise Hessel Collection, curated by Matthew Higgs
2007   1st Athens Biennial, Athens, Greece, “Destroy Athens,” curated by Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Poka-Yio, and Augustine Zenakos, September 9 – December 2
2007   Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn, NY, Post-Retro, September 14 - October 28
2007   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, No context, June 30 – July
2007   Kantor/Feuer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Warhol &…, June 28 – August 18
2007   Landesmuseum Linz, Linz, Austria, “Failure,” curated by Gabriele Spindler, June 21 – August 19
2007   Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York (solo)
2007   Galleri Faurschou, Copenhagen, Denmark, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Late Picasso & Contemporary Painters,” (curated by Max Henry)
2006   greengrassi, London, March 1 – April 1 (solo)
2006   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, June (solo)
2006   Andrea Rosen Gallery, late fall (solo)
2006   “Defamation of Character,” P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY (organized by Neville Wakefield)
2006   “From Damien Hirst's Murderme Collection: In the Darkest Hour There Will Be Light,” Serpentine Gallery, Longon, England (catalogue)
2006   “Happiness,” Berlin Bienniale, Berlin, Germany (curated by Martin Germann for ‘Gagosian Gallery Berlin’)
2006   “Survivor,” Bortolami-Dayan Gallery, New York, NY (curated by David Rimanelli)
2006   “And Therefore I Am,” The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
2006   “Test-Formed Drawing,” Contemporary Art Galleries, University of Connecticut
2005   China Art Objects, Los Angeles, Ca, “Welead Beshty, Sean Landers, Eriea Maneros, JP Munro and Andy Ouchi, and Michael Wetzel, May 7 - 28, 2005 (group)
2005   Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin, Germany, “ON STAGE: Jamie Isenstein, Sean Landers, Charlemagne Palestine, Sue Tompkins,” April 1 – 29, 2005 (group)
2005   Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, “Playtime,” March 11 – July 10, 2005 (group)
2005   Andrew Mummery Gallery, London, England, “Take It FURTHER” (Part II), curated by Gyonata Bonvicini, September 16 – October 15, 2005 (group)
2005   Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin, September 10 – October 8 (solo)
2004   China Art Objects, Los Angeles, September 18 – October 16 (solo)
2004   Sister, Los Angeles, September 18 – October 16 (solo)
2004   Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland, August 27 – October 31 (solo)
2004   Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, February 26 – April 3 (solo)
2004   Casa del Mantegna, Mantova, Italy, “Guardare, Pensare, Raccontare, Conservare,” September 2 – November 15, (group)
2004   Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, CA,”Land of the Free,” August 5 – 28, 2004. (group)
2004   sister, Los Angeles, CA, “Jason Meadows,” June 19 – July 14, 2004. (group)
2004   Cheim & Read, New York, NY, “I Am the Walrus,” June 10 – July 31, 2004.(brochure) (group)
2004   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, “Tenth Anniversary Exhibition,” June 5 – July 3, 2004. (group)
2004   Todd Madigan Gallery, California State University, Bakersfield, CA, “Nature Study”, April 2 – May 1, 2004. (group)
2003   John Connelly Presents, “Today’s Man”, July 19 – September 13, 2003 (group)
2003   Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, “Rendered”, June 17 – August 1, 2003 (group)
2003   China Art Objects, Los Angeles, “Drop Out”, May 10 – June 14, 2003 (group)
2003   MIT Visual Arts Center, Boston, MA, “Influence, Identity and Gratitude” (Toward an understanding of trans-generational dialogue as a gift economy), May 8 – July 6, 2003, curated by Bill Arning (group)
2003   Blue Gallery, London, England, “Thatcher”, curated by Tara Howard, April 15 – May 17, 2003 (group)
2003   Kettle’s Yard, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, “Face/Off: A Portrait of the Artist”, curated by Simon Groom, November 9, 2002 – January 5, 2003, traveling to Towner Art Gallery and Local Museum, Eastbourne, UK, March 8 – May 5, 2003 (catalogue) (group)
2003   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, “Gallery Artists”, January 31 – March 1, 2003 (group)
2003   Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, “Comic Release: Negotiating Identity for a New Generation”, January 18 – March 21, 2003, curated by Vicky A. Clark and Barbara J. Bloemink, organized by Pamela Auchincloss,; travels to Armory Center for the Arts, Old Padadena, CA, June 27 – August 15, 2004 . (catalogue) (group)
2003   Greengrassi, London, England, June 3 – July 31 (solo)
2002   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, June 1- June 29 (solo)
2002   Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens, Greece, March 13 – May 10 (solo)
2001   Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris, France, September 8 - October 27 (solo)
2001   Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC, April 12 – May 19 (solo)
2000   Greengrassi, London, England, June 16 – September 9 (solo)
2000   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, April 1- May 6 (solo)
1999   Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany, May 12 – June 19 (solo)
1999   Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, April 16 – May 22 (solo)
1999   Gallery Presenca, Porto, Portugal, January 30 – March 6 (solo)
1998   Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, March 20 – April 18 (solo)
1998   Crown Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, March 12 – April 28 (solo)
1997   Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC, April - May (solo)
1997   Studio Guenzani, Milan, Italy, January - February (solo)
1996   Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany, December 13 - January 25, 1997 (solo)
1996   Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens, Greece, June 1 - July 20 (solo)
1996   Regen Projects, Los Angeles, CA, February 17 - March 23 (solo)
1995   Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris, France, September 16 - October 28 (solo)
1995   Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC, April 13 - May 20 (solo)
1995   Galerie Birgit Kung, Zurich, Switzerland, February 23 - May 6 (solo)
1994   Bruno Brunnet, Berlin, Germany, September 30 - November 1 (solo)
1994   Jay Jopling/White Cube, London, England, May 13 - June 25 (solo)
1994   Stuart Regen Project, Los Angeles, CA, March 5 - April 9 (solo)
1993   Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC, October 22 - November 27 (solo)
1993   Galerie Esther Schipper, Cologne, Germany, April - May (solo)
1993   Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris, France, April - May (solo)
1992   Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC, February - March (solo)
1991   Robbin Lockett Gallery, Chicago, IL, October - November (solo)
1991   Marc Jancou Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland, March (solo)
1990   Postmasters Gallery, NYC, November - December (solo)
1990   Postmasters Gallery, NYC, January (solo)
1989   Tom Solomon's Garage, Los Angeles, CA (solo)