Scott McFarland  (Canadian, 1975) 


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Scott McFarland, Sugar Shack


Scott McFarland
Sugar Shack
Scott McFarland, Orchard View with the Effects of Seasons (Variation #1)


Scott McFarland
Orchard View with the Effects of Seasons (Variation #1)


1997   BA Hons Fine Arts, University of British Columbia
  Lives and works in Vancouver
2007   Works on Paper, Regen Projects, Los Angeles (solo)
2007   Acting the Part: Photography as Theatre, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2007   Re-Envisioning Habitat, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
2007   New Photography 2007, Museum of Modern Art, NY, USA
2007   The Constructed Image, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, Toronto, Canada
2007   Crack the Sky, Biennale de Montreal 2007, Montreal, Canada
2007   Works on Paper, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver and Toronto; Regen Projects, Los Angeles; Union Gallery, London (solo)
2006   Grid < > Matrix, Midred Lane Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis
2006   Landscape Photographs Recent Acquisitions, Museum of Modern Art, NY, USA
2006   A History of Photography, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
2006   Sound and Vision, Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal
2006   Boys with Flowers, Western Bridge, Seattle, Washington, USA
2006   Faking Death, Jack Shainman Gallery, NY, USA
2006   The Documentary Factor, Haus der Kunst, Munich
2006   Variations on the Picturesque, Kicthener Waterloo Art Gallery, Canada – touring to Saydie Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Musée des Beaux Arts, Quebec City, Canada
2006   Clickdoubleclick, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany – touring to Bozar , Brussels, Belgium
2005   Real Pictures, Photographs from the Collection of Claudia Beck and Andrew Gruft, Vancouver Art Gallery, BC, Canada
2005   Contemporary Photographic Art in Canada, The Space of Making, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
2005   Bucolica, Wallscade Gallery, New York
2005   Intertidal, Art from Vancouver, MUHKA, Antwerp, Belgium
2005   Another Photography, Regen Projects, Los Angeles (solo)
2005   Analysing Trapping Inspecting, UNION, London (solo)
2005   Variations on the Picturesque, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario
2005   The Space of Making, Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin touring to Kunstmuseum heidenhein, Kunstsammlungen der Stadtischen Museen Zwickau, Stadtiche Galerie Waldraiburg, Germany
2004   Fabulation. VOX, Montreal, Canada. Marie Fraser, guest curator
2004   Everything Gone Green, Photography and the Garden. National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Bradford, England
2004   Important Canadian Art, Zeihersmith Gallery, NY
2004   Gardens, Monte Clark, Toronto/Vancouver (solo)
2003   Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (solo)
2003   Boathouse, Monte Clark, Toronto (solo)
2003   Various Properties, Recent Acquisitions. Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver
2003   A proposal for an exhibition, curated by Claudia Beck and Andrew Gruft, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver
2002   Elsewhere, WBD, Berlin, Germany
2002   Imago Exhibition, Centre de l’Arte, Salamanca, Spain
2002   A Weird Science, Evan Lee and Scott McFarland, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver
2002   Scott McFarland, essor gallery, London (solo)
2002   Photonomena, Monte Clark Gallery, Toronto (solo)
2002   A Weird Science, Evan Lee and Scott McFarland, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver (solo)
2001   Cabin, Scott McFarland, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver (solo)
2001   Roy Arden, Scott McFarland, Howard Ursuliak, Stephen Waddell, Jeff Wall, Monte Clark Gallery,
2001   These Days, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
2001   Vancouver Collects, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
2000   Scott McFarland, Allan Switzer, Stephen Waddell, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver
2000   Scott McFarland, Owen Kydd, Anodyne Gallery, Vancouver
1999   Burnaby Art Gallery (inaugural exhibition)
1999   Cabin, 1999, Torstrasse 102, Berlin (solo)
1999   After Photography (guest curator Roy Arden), Monte Clarke Gallery, Vancouver
1998   Edgecity (guest curator Christopher Brayshaw), Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey
1998   Scott McFarland, Or Gallery, Vancouver (solo)
1998   Scott McFarland, Or Gallery Vancouver, Canada
1997   Configuration, Catriona Jeffries Gallery Vancouver, Canada
2006    Click Doubleclick, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2005    Intertidal, MuHKA, Antwerp, Belgium
2005    Zeitgenossische Fotokunst Aus Kanada, NBK, Berlin
2005    Langford, Martha, “Doubtful Realisms and Paradisiacal Gains”, Image and Imagination, Montreal, pages 119 - 122
2005    Bean, Robert, Artist’s project, “Image and Inscription, an Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Photography”, YYZ Books
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2004    Thornton, Sarah, “Nocturnes”, Contemporary, London, No. 62, pages 32-37
2004    Rae, Ines, “More Plant Matters”, Source 39, London, Summer
2004    Artist’s Project, Canadian Art, Toronto, Summer
2004    Driedger, Sharon Doyle, “Ten Artists Who Rock”, Maclean’s Magazine, January 12th
2004    Important Canadian Art, Ziehersmith Gallery, New York
2003    Coastal Cabin, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
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2003    Turner, Michael, “Wall and Void”, Modern Painters, London, Summer
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