Sante D'Orazio (American, b. January 23, 1956) is a Modern photographer who was born the son of a barber and an opera singer in Brooklyn, NY. His interest in art began while studying fine arts at Brooklyn College. He also studied photography with Lou Bernstein (American, 1911–2005), a member of The New York Photo League, and worked under Philip Pearlstein (American, b.1924), an American Contemporary painter, from 1979 to 1980.

A bookworm until age 25, D'orazio began his career working for Italian Vogue in 1981, and was eventually noticed by Andy Warhol's Interview magazine. This led to a surplus of work involving renowned fashion magazines and business-related clients. His work revolves around a world of alluring celebrities in various stages of undress, including provocative images of Angelina Jolie and Sharon Stone. Pamela Anderson posed for him in 2000, which resulted in a steamy collection of black-and-white prints.

Other publications that have featured D'orazio's work include Vanity Fair, GQ, and Vogue. His pictures have been published in books and put on display in both the United States and Europe, including an exhibit featured at the Anonymous Gallery/Collective Hardware in New York City. Though D'orazio was raised as a Catholic, his photographs typically showcase nude actresses and supermodels, and their overall tone explores sensuality and fame in present-day society. Other exhibitions have been showcased prominently at the LA County Museum, the Cameraworks Gallery in Berlin, and the Hilario Galguera Gallery in Mexico City. Publications consist of A Private View (Penguin Books, 1998), Donatella (TeNeues, 2007), and Pam: American Icon (Schirmer/Mosel, 2007). A Private View offers a glimpse into the world of the rich and famous, with over 600 revealing photographs from D'orazio's portfolio.

Currently a photographer for Playboy, his book Barely Private stays true to his theme: a raw, uncensored look at the fashion industry. Featuring photos of celebrities such as Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera, it is brimming with handwritten notes, creating a diary-like effect. D'orazio is slated to produce a third book entitled Barely Alive.


Born in Brooklyn, New York
studied first painting at Brooklyn College, New York
studied photography with Lou Bernstein


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