Rudolf Weisse (Czech, –died circa 1930)


Weisse was born in the town of Usti, also known as Aussig, on the banks of the River Elbe. He studied at the Viennese Akadenie der Bildenden Kunste, and exhibited in Paris several times between 1889 and 1927. He is also said to have shown his pictures in Bordeaux, London, Toulon and Vienna.
In 1889 he was awarded a Medaille d’Honneur for two paintings shown at the Parisian Exposition Universelle ‘Apres la guerre - scene orientale’ (After the war - oriental scene’) and Portrait de femme’. He won a gold medal in Vienna in 1920. His exhibits at the Salon were divided fairly equally in numbers between portraits and scenes set in Cairo. The last picture he presented to the Salon, ‘La Priere a la Mosque, Le Caire (‘Prayer in the Mosque, Cairo’) was illustrated in the official catalogue.