Richard Texier  (French, 1955) 


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Richard Texier, Theoria Sacra


Richard Texier
Theoria Sacra

Galerie Jean Louis Danant
Richard Texier, Theoria Sacra


Richard Texier
Theoria Sacra

Galerie Jean Louis Danant
Richard Texier, Fish


Richard Texier

Galerie Agnès Monplaisir
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Richard Texier, Luna


Richard Texier
Luna, 1990
mixed media on panel


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Richard Texier, L'esprit de passion


Richard Texier
L'esprit de passion, 1998
mixed media on metal


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Richard Texier, Le bon désir


Richard Texier
Le bon désir, 1998
mixed media on metal


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1955   Born in Niort, France, spent his childhood in the marshlands of the Poitou region and on the Atlantic coast
1963   Moved back to Niort to attend school
1967   Started painting, showing interest in Surrealism
1973   Finished secondary school studies and moved to Paris to paint and study architecture
1976   Discovered Art Brut, the writings of Jean Dubuffet (1901-85 French Surrealist artist) and the
1977   Returned to the territory of his childhood - the marshlands of the Poitou which helped inspire and
1977   Showed interest in Land Art, works by Richard Long (b. 1945- British Environment artist) and
1977   Became friend with artist Jean Degottex (1918-88 French Contemporary master)
1978   Started to design the first elements of “Moon Garden Series” based on debris found in nature.
1978   Added narrative statements, still working on it
1978   Built an ensemble of sculpture related to the earth, water, wind and the moon
1978   Wrote architectural thesis “Constructions from Nature” stressing art and poetry
1979   Completed architectural thesis with help from Jean Degottex
1979   Obtained a research grant from the Centre National Contemporary Art
1979   Left for New York, met Nam June Paik (1932-2006 Korean Installation artist), Donald Judd (1928-94 American Minimalism artist), Joseph Beuys (1921-86 German Conceptual artist)
1980   Created “Lunar Calendar Series” which he considered as the true starting point of his body of work
1980   Developed a passion for Henri Michaux (1899-1948 French poet & artist)
1980   Invited by The Centre Georges-Pompidou to produce three films on the theme of “Artist Progaganda”
1981   Concluded his four-year research in a doctoral thesis, awarded high honors by the Sorbonne University
1982   Spent time in New York, met Keith Haring (1958-90 American Pop artist) and Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-88 American Graffiti artist)
1982   French National Television shot the first film about him and art magazines published the first articles
1983   Spent most of time in Paris and New York
1983   First show “Sentini and Sacro Bosco Series” in New York
1983   Interested in the early astronomical charts at Library of Observatory in Paris, which inspired his paintings for the following ten years
1983   Met Arman (1928-2005 French Nouveau Realism artist) and Christo (b.1935- American Environment Installation artist)
1984   Developed cosmography based on astronomical designs of the past
1984   National television channel France 3 filmed the second exhibition in New York
1986   Gathered materials: pieces of corroded zinc, driftwood, scraps of rusty iron, fragments and shreds from the Atlantic coastline of France and used them in his artwork until 1989
1987   First solo exhibition in Spain
1987   Began painting on army-issued blankets, shown at Gutharc-Ballin Gallery, Paris, France
1987   Started to create prints
1988   Commissioned by the French State to do a monumental tapestry “Human Rights Series”
1988   Painted in public at the International Festival of Photography in Arles, France
1989   “Human Rights Series” Tapestry Traveling Exhibition dedicated in Aubusson by ex-President Francois Mitterrand and Minister of Culture
1990   Created paintings and prints based on early astronomical charts and painted twenty large canvas works in an abandoned warehouse (now the French National Library) for the Angers Museum exhibition, France
1991   Used different materials on his works such as found burnt hardboard and tar paper. Inspired by these works, created large prints and exhibited in Japan, Belgium, USA, France
1991   Created a great ecliptic chart at Élancourt high school in Maurepas, France
1992   Painted 36 canvas works in the Cultural Pavilion in Moscow, exhibited at the inauguration of the Moscow Center for Contemporary Art and the Botanical Museum of Brussels
1992   First sculpture exhibition in Paris, an installation of mythical objects made of wood, riveted sheet metal, bronze, hemp rope at Hadrien-Thomas Gallery
1993   Spent time in Japan, and held his first exhibition there
1993   Organized a ten year retrospective exhibition in the Royal Château of Amboise, France
1993   Created large paintings “The Angel's Continent Series”
1994   Continued developing sculpture, and started producing paintings on leather and large canvas, including figurative elements
1994   First painting & sculpture exhibition in Taiwan
1995   Produced mural pieces and smaller sculptures “Invention of the World”, “Eclipse-making Machines”, “Eyeing Mechanisms”
1995   Commissioned by the French State to produce three tapestries “Small Astronomical Series”
1995   Met Zao Wou-ki (b. 1921- International Chinese abstract artist) and became his friend while traveling in Morocco
1996   Sculpture became more significant. For the first time, the French State collected his sculpture
1996   Invited to create “The Centre, the Circle and the Periphery” for the Poitiers Media Library, assembly of large celestial charts and small murals in wood and bronze
1997   Created 19 new prints and the Editions Somogy published an exhaustive volume on his engravings
1997   Painted at the Ponant shipyard in La Rochelle, France and filmed a documentary by Thalassa television crew
1998   Painted 40 canvases at the Villa Noailles for the City of Hyeres
1998   Commissioned to create “The Conviction of Navigator Series” of monumental tapestries and sculptures
1998   Designed an astronomical garden for a medieval castle in the south of France
1999   Mostly dedicated to his three favorite media: engraving, sculpture and painting
2000   Produced a few monumental sculptures
2001   Showed new work “The System of the World” at La Défense in Paris, France, centered around the iconography of astronomy since the Renaissance
2001   Honored guest at the Brest International Gathering of Tall Ships and organized four exhibitions
2001   Commissioned large canvasses by important international companies
2001   Created new sculptures and prints
2002   Created a series of bronze sculpture on mysterious animals
2002   Visited Manhattan, New York, USA
2003   Finished 20 paintings and some prints produced on sailing maps at the beacon of Cordouan in Spain
2003   Created mysterious animal sculptures in bronze for the public garden in Porquerolles Island, France
2003   Made sword for artist Zao Wou-ki on the occasion of Zao’s election into the prestigious L’Institute de France, as a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts
2004   Visited Shanghai, designed a series of bronze sculptures depicting mysterious animals, and used old China naval maps as the background of his painting
2004   Created a monumental tapestry series for Museum of the President of the Republic Sarran in Correze, France
2004   Created coloured glass work for Trizay Abbey in Charente, France
2005   Year of France in China 2004-5 exhibition “West/East” at the Shanghai Art Museum, showed
2005   40 works, some large paintings on old nautical charts and animal sculptures
2006   Created sculptures for French Groups
2006   Ongoing project of an installation facing the sea for Atlantic Foundation
2007   “Paintings of Chinese Nautical Charts, New Work by Richard Texier” Le French May 2007, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
2006   Sculpture exhibition, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
2006   Mysterious animal sculpture exhibition, Shanghai
2005   Year of France in China 2004-5 exhibition “West/East”, Shanghai Art Museum, China
2004   “Les Iles de la Destinee” sculpture and painting exhibition, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
2002   Exhibited 40 paintings, Road Point Gallery, New York, USA
2001   “The System of the World”, La Défense, Paris, France
2000   Sculpture exhibition, Artcurial Gallery, Paris; City of Hyeres, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands
1999   New print works, FIAC, Paris, France
1999   Exhibition with Olivier Debre, Manior de Becheron, Sache, France
1998   Museum of the Marine, Paris, France exhibited 160 works
1997   Installation “From Systemic Conjunction to the Sharing of Waters”, Thessa Hérold Gallery, Paris, France
1997   Recent works, Reflex Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1996   National Museum of Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan exhibited 150 works
1996   Sculpture exhibition, Manufacture des OEillets, Paris, France
1996   “Human Rights Series”, Museum of Luxembourg, Paris, France
1995   Exhibitions throughout Europe
1994   Japan traveling exhibition, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo
1994   First exhibition in Taiwan, The Art Dimension Foundation, Taipei
1994   Annual Summer Art Show, Château de Chambord, France
1993   Ten year retrospective exhibition, Royal Château of Amboise, France
1993   First show in Japan
1992   The inauguration of the Moscow Centre for Contemporary Art, Paris, France; Botanical Museum of Brussels, Belgium
1992   First sculpture & installation exhibition, Hadrien-Thomas Gallery, Paris, France
1991   Large prints, Artcurial Gallery, Paris, France; New York, USA; Japan; Belgium
1990   Dames de Saintes, Bernard-Davignon Gallery, Hadrien-Thomas Gallery, Paris, France
1990   Twenty large canvas works, Angers Museum, France
1989   Château de Jau Foundation, France
1989   Ciento Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1989   “Human Rights Series” traveling exhibition, Aubusson, Bastille Opera, Arche of La Défense, French
1988   Works on drift materials, Léa Gredt Gallery, Luxembourg
1988   Works on drift materials, Léa Gredt Gallery, Luxembourg
1987   “El Continente de la Peonza”, Museum of Gijon, Spain
1987   First paintings on army-issued blankets, Gutharc-Ballin Gallery, Paris, France
1986   Gallery of Applied Art, New York, USA
1985   First traveling exhibition in four French museums, France
1985   Kouros gallery, New York, USA
1984   Second exhibition in New York, USA
1983   First exhibition in New York “Sentini and Sacro Bosco Series”, USA
1982   “Lunar Calendars Series”, FIAC, Paris, France
1982   Exhibition with Jean Degottex, Claudine Breguet Gallery, Paris, France
  Foundations of National Contemporary Art
  French State
  Corderir Royale in Rochefort-sur-Mer
  Poitiers Media Library, Paris, France
  City of Hyeres, France
  Public gardens in Porquerolles Island, France
  Museum of the President of the Republic Sarran in Correze, France