Richard Bowman  (American, 1969) 


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Artworks for sale (2)

Richard Bowman, Abstract (Orange)


Richard Bowman
Abstract (Orange)

Gallery Sam
Richard Bowman, Kinetogenics #41


Richard Bowman
Kinetogenics #41

Gallery Sam

1969   born in Sherman, TX
1991   Bachelor of Fine Arts, Kansas City Art Institute
  Currently lives in Kansas City, Mo.
  There's something about the sky: something that prompts the spirit to soar especially during those magical moments when the sun retreats; it's work complete. Painter Rich Bowman's abstracted representational works are compelling. The broad sweep of the sky, alive with color and intriguing clouds towering above the landscape, evokes intense emotions in those seeking renewal.
  Capturing the moods of the Midwestern sky is nothing short of a spiritual retreat for Bowman. "These familiar places calm my soul. The simple act of translating this subject matter grounds me," he explains. "In truth it's my meditation, my escape from life's everyday pressures. When I paint, time is erased and my mind is eased by the boundless skies and transitioning hues." Whether his paintings are serene or ominous - the artist says the emotion depends on his mood - Bowman's skyscapes provide an emotional oasis.
  The painter's dusky sunsets, rich in texture and blended color, are captivating because of their intensity. "That's the time of day that really inspires me," Bowman says. The artist was born at sunset, a biographical fact that could be mere coincidence. On the other hand, Bowman's time of birth could have been a hint of what was to come. His environment certainly influenced his art.
  Not long after he was born in 1969 in Sherman, Texas, Bowman's family moved to Missouri. Surrounded by thunderclouds, rolling fields, gentle hills and flat river plains, the artist grew to love the quixotic nature of the fluid environment. "The sky is always changing colors and shapes, "Bowman says. "Every time you turn your head there is an experience to see."
  Bowman went on to study art in high school. He also enrolled in figurative drawing classes offered at the Kansas City Art Institute. Because of that experience, the faculty of the prestigious institute encouraged Bowman to apply for a scholarship. Before he enrolled as a college student, Bowman debated whether to become an architect or an artist. "I decided that art was the more natural thing for me," he says, citing another example of following the dictates of his heart. Bowman eventually earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree there.
  After graduation he went to work for Hallmark as an illustrator. Over time, he advanced within the company until he became a design manager. During that period Bowman also took on additional jobs, working as a freelance illustrator. "I did a lot of jobs for well known companies. The way I worked was slow and laborious," he says. "It just burned me out." Bowman decided to quit freelancing and to explore fine art.
  In the beginning he wasn't certain what to paint. "I started going out in the country. Sunsets seemed to be a time of day when you could relax," Bowman explains. "They became kind of my meditation." As his work evolved, he learned to rely on memory and intuition. "My paintings are created from everyday images stored over a lifetime in my subconscious," Bowman says. "They are not about the details of a specific place. I try to convey a feeling of time and atmosphere through texture, design and color."
  As a result, the artist experienced an exhilarating freedom and a sense of peace.
  Bowman defines himself as a colorist and an atmospheric painter. "I want my pieces to have a spirituality that comes through the colors and the textures, he says." To create that effect' Bowman uses a palette knife and a cement trowel that once belonged to his grandfather to transfer the oil to the canvas. "This technique gets the paint to the canvas quicker and with a cleaner, more fluid movement," he explains. "It also keeps me true to the energy of each stroke and frees me from getting too immersed in the unneeded and unnecessary details "
2008   One man show, Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2008   One man show, Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2008   Group show, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX
2007   Two man show, Meyer Gallery, Park City, Utah
2007   Two man show, Howard/Mandville Gallery, Seattle, WA
2007   Best of the Best, Group show, Bonner David Galleries. Scottsdale, AZ
2006   One man show, The Blue Gallery Kansas City, MO
2006   One Man show, Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2006   Group show, Bonner David Galleries. Scottsdale, AZ
2006   Group show, Love of the Land, Howard/Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA
2006   One man exhibition, The Meyers Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2005   Emerging Artist exhibition, Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2005   One man exhibition, The Meyers Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2005   One man show, Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2004   One man show, The Blue Gallery Kansas City, MO
2004   Two man show at The Meyer Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2003   Two man show at The Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2000   E-4 Corporate Art Exhibition, Overland Park, KS
2000   Crit Group Show, Shiraz Gallery, Kansas City, MO