Peter Blake  (British, 1932) 

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Biography & Links

Peter Blake Biography
1932   Born June 25 in Dartford, Kent, England
1946 - 1951   Studied at Gravesend Technical College & School of Art, London, England
1953 - 1956   Studied at Royal College of Art, London, England
1964 - 1967   Taught at Royal College of Art, London, England
1967   Made cover design for Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
1970   Used watercolour to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s "Through the Looking-Glass"
1975   Founder of the Brotherhood of Ruralists
1981   Becomes a Royal Academician
1983   Major retrospective exhibition at the Tate Gallery
1994   Third Associate of the National Gallery
1998   Honorary Doctor, Royal College of Art, London
2002   Received knighthood
  Lives and works in London, England
Selected Exhibitions
2013   The House of Fairy Tales Cartographic Portfolio, London Original Print Fair, TAG Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2012   Peter Blake and Pop Music, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester
2012   Sir Peter Blake, CCA at the Mall Galleries, London (solo)
2012   Sir Peter Blake at 80, CCA at the Royal Albert Hall, London (solo)
2012   Sir Peter Blake – new and vintage works, Railings Gallery, London
2012   Parallelwelt Zirkus, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria (solo)
2012   Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (solo)
2010   25th London Original Print Fair, TAG Fine Arts, Royal Academy, London, England
2010   AAFNYC, TAG Fine Arts, New York City, NY
2007   Peter Blake: A Retrospective, Tate Liverpool, United Kingdom
2006   Peter Blake: 1975-2005, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2006   Peter Blake Prints and Sculpture, The Harley Gallery, Welbeck
2001 - 2006   Alphabet, York College of Further and Higher Education; touring to University College, Northampton; Michael Tippett Centre, Bath; Library Gallery, Kidderminster; Kirkby Gallery; Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport; Bersham Heritage Centre, Museum of Cannock Chase, Hednesford; Pittencrieff House Museum, Dunfermline; Wakefield Art Gallery, Bedales Gallery, Petersfield; Ashfield School, Kirkby in Ashfield; Central Library, Gateshead; The Babylon Gallery, Ely; Mill Green Museum and Mill, Hatfield; Bellshill Cultural Centre; Whitstable Museum and Art Gallery; The London Road Gallery, Northwich; Aberystwyth Arts Centre; Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Burnley; Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead; St Paul’s School, Barnes; Arts Complex, Solihull; Wingfield Arts, Mansfield Museum and Art Gallery; The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent; Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk; Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington; St Davids Hall, Cardiff – tour continues, further venues to be confirmed (solo)
2005   Peter Blake: 1-10 (Collages, Constructions, Drawings & Sculpture) & The Marcel Duchamp Paintings, Waddington Galleries, London, England
2005   New Prints by Peter Blake, The Charing X Gallery, London, England
2003   Peter Blake: Commercial Art, The London Institute Gallery, London, England (graphic design)
2003   Peter Blake: Sculpture, The London Institute Gallery, London, England (sculpture)
2003   Peter Blake, Artiscope (Zaira Mis), Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2002   Over the Rainbow, Harley Gallery, Welbeck (solo)
2002   Sir Peter Blake/And Now We Are 70, Paul Morris Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
2000   Peter Blake: About Collage, Tate Liverpool, United Kingdom (solo)
1999   A Cabinet of Curiosities from the Collections of Peter Blake, Morley Gallery, London, England (solo)
1996 - 1997   Now We Are 64: Peter Blake at the National Gallery, National Gallery, London, England ; touring to Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom (solo)
1995   Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris , France (solo)
1993   The Tabernacle Cultural Centre, Machynlleth (silk-screen prints) (solo)
1992   Govinda Gallery, Washington D.C. (Eric Clapton sketches) (solo)
1990   Wetterling Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden (solo)
1990   Waddington Galleries, London, England (solo)
1990   Govinda Gallery, Washington DC (Eric Clapton sketches)
1988   Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
1986 - 1987   Watermans Art Centre, Brentford, Middlesex; touring to Turnpike Gallery, Leigh (solo)
1984   Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris, France (solo)
1983   Tate Gallery, London (retrospective); touring to Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover, Germany (solo)
1980   Galleria Documenta, Turin, Italy (drawings and prints) (solo)
1979   Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom (drawings and prints) (solo)
1978   Waddington Graphics, London, England (solo)
1977   Waddington and Tooth Galleries, London, England (solo)
1974   Natalie Stern Gallery, London, England (print retrospective) (solo)
1973 - 1974   Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; touring to Kunstverein Hamburg; Gemeentemuseum, Arnhem; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (solo)
1972   Waddington Galleries, London, England (watercolours and drawings (solo)
1970   Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, united Kingdom (solo)
1969   Robert Fraser Gallery, London , England(solo)
1969   City Art Gallery, Bristol, United Kingdom(solo)
1969   Leslie Waddington Prints, London, England (solo)
1965   Robert Fraser Gallery, London, England (solo)
1962   Portal Gallery, London, England (solo)
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