Paul Neagu  (Romanian, 1938-2004) 


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Paul Neagu, Unnamed


Paul Neagu

Paul Neagu, Monolith Figure


Paul Neagu
Monolith Figure
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Paul Neagu, Fusions


Paul Neagu
Fusions, 1973
oil on canvas


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Paul Neagu, Glass box


Paul Neagu
Glass box, 1973
oil on canvas


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Paul Neagu, Modern Energy Painting


Paul Neagu
Modern Energy Painting
oil on cardboard


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1938   Born Bucharest, Romania
1959 - 1965   Studied Institute N. Grigorescu
1969   Travelled London
1972   Founded Generative Arts
1991 - 1992   Aquired Romanian Citizenship (effectively Anglo- Romanian)
2000   Pastel Society, Mall Galleries, London
2000   Odapark 2000, Netherlands
1999   Works on Paper, Flowers East, London
1999   Gallery M, Flowers East, London
1998   Endlessedge Hyphen, Flowers East, London
1997   Modern Energy Painting, Museum of Literature, Bucharest
1997   Retrospective, National Museum of Romania
1995   Scultura una Causa Mentala, Venice Biennale, Casa Iorga
1995   Unanimity, Romani/Alba Gallery, Edinburgh
1995   Paul Neagu at Tochigi in Japan, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Art, Japan
1994   Newhyphen, Galeria 'First' Timisoara, Romania
1994   Mini-Retrospective, Brukenthal Muzeum - Sibiu, Romania
1993   Catalytic Sculpture, The Economist Building, London
1993   Epagoge, Flowers East, London
1992   Sculpture', E.Suciu Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany
1992   Drawings, The British School at Rome, Italy
1992   Drawings 1970-90, Second drawing exhibition touring, Romania
1991   First Drawing exhibition (1970-1990), touring Romania
1990   Nine Catalytic Stations', The Minories Gallery, Colchester
1990   Gallery 'K', Tokyo, Japan
1988   Nine Catalytic Stations, R. Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh
1988   Nine Catalytic Stations', Traquair House, Scotland
1988   Narrow Water Gallery, Ireland
1987   Nine Catalytic Stations, Serpentine Gallery, London
1986   Catalytic Sculpture, Gallery 'K', Tokyo, Japan
1985   Catalytic Sculpture, London Business School
1984   Open Monolith, Curwen Gallery, London
1984   Rivolta, Lausanne, Switzerland (drawings)
1983   Liverpool University
1983   Gallery 'K', Tokyo, Japan
1983   Hyphen, Olga Korper, Toronto, Canada
1983   Hyphen, Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1982   Anthropocosmos (Retrospective), Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
1981   Rivolta, Lausanne, Switzerland
1981   Ceolfrith Gallery, 'Generative Installation'
1981   Sunderland Arts Centre
1980   1980 Norwich Arts Centre Premises
1980   Fusion Project Gallery, Dublin
1979   Hyphen Elise Meyer Inc., New York, USA
1979   Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
1979   Hyphen Installation ICA, London
1978   Newcastle Polytechnic Gallery
1978   Air Gallery, London
1977   Silver Jubilee Exhibition of British Sculpture Battersea Park, London
1976   Six Times Serpentine Gallery, London
1976   Leeds Polytechnic Gallery
1972 - 1976   Generative Art Gallery, London
1969 - 1976   7th, 9th, 10th John Moores Exhibitions, Liverpool
1969 - 1976   Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh
1975   Whitechapel Gallery, London
1975   The Condition of Sculpture Hayward Gallery, London
1974   Paul Neagu and his Generative Art Group: Hyphen Sunderland Art Centre
1973   Tactile and Palpable Objects Serpentine Gallery, London
1973   Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
1973   Serpentine Sculpture Serpentine Gallery, London
1972   Anthropocosmos Rivolta, Lausanne, Switzerland
1971   Compass Gallery, Glasgow
1971   Paris Biennale, Parc Floral (Anthropocosmos)
1970   Tactile Objects Sigi Krauss Gallery, London
1969   Amphora Gallery Bucharest
1969   Palpable Art Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh
1998    A life measured out in hyphens John McEwen, The Sunday Telegraph
1998    Paul Neagu Jonathan Wood, Art Monthly
1996    Tate Gallery Catalogue of Acquisitions 1996-1988 Catherine Kinley, (British Press)
1969    Romanian Artists in Scotland, R Nadejde, Art & Artists, April 1969
1969    London Letter R C Kennedy, Art International