Nicholas Di Genova (Canadian, )


Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada, CFA


Fredericks & Freiser, New York, NY (forthcoming)
Le Gallery, Toronto, ON
Fredericks & Freiser, NY
Le Gallery, Toronto, ON, Due West of the Happy-Lake Hills
Gallery 500, Portland Oregon, Contemporary Drawing
Fredericks Freiser Gallery, New York, NY, Nicholas Di Genova and Sean McCarthy
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto ON, Future Species
Le Gallery, Toronto, ON, At the Water’s Edge
Propeller Gallery, Toronto ON, Futurerama
Zentralbuero, Berlin, Germany, Characters at War
Le Gallery, Toronto, ON, Le One
Rad’a Gallery, Montreal, QU, Medallion Travel
Wooster Collective, NY, The Hollywood Show Remix
Playlounge Headquarters, London, UK, Design a Qee Finalist Exhibition
Sis Boom Bah Gallery, Toronto, ON, Electric Eye
Fredericks Freiser Gallery, New York, NY, Graphic
Arge Kultur, Salzburg, Austria, Strukt
Greener Pastures, Toronto, ON, Go West
403 Adelaide, Toronto, On, Well Brought Up
Le Gallery, Toronto, ON, Fond of my Contach
Antenna Communications Round 2, Toronto, ON, We Will Destroy
Zero to One Gallery Round 1, Kitchner, ON, We Will Destroy
Gorilla Monsoon, Toronto, ON, The Art of Nicholas Di Genova
Le Galley, Toronto, ON, Holiday Sale
Zakka Corp, New York, NY, Pictoplasma II Revisited
The Reactor Gallery, Toronto, ON, Past, Present, Future
The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON, Eazy Money
Future Is Now Gallery, New York, NY, Pictoplasma II
Fressen, Toronto, ON, The Flying Monkey Show
Cameron House, Toronto, ON, A Variety Show
Elmocombo, Toronto, ON, Magnetic Blue