Nadia Arditti  (Turkish, 1948) 


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Nadia Arditti Biography
1948   Born in Istanbul
1969   Graduate Mont Olivet Lausanne
1969 - 1973   Atelier Martini, Geneva
1990 - 1992   Atelier Irfan Korkmazlar, Istanbul
1997   Monument 'The Wind', Emlak Bank Residencies, Atasehir Istanbul
2001   Monument 'The Soaring Flame', Jewish Museum Istanbul
2003   Monument 'Soaring Wings' for City University, Cass Business School London
2005   Monument Solidarity, Jewish Hospital Balat/ Istanbul
2006   'Soaring Spirit' (210x225x96 cm) sculpture in memory of Diana Padelford Binkley will be installed in June 2006 and unveiled in August 2006 on the family property in West Sound on Orcas Island, Washington State
  Lives in Istanbul
Selected Exhibitions
2012   Mystery, dem-art Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2012   Mystery, ART212, Istanbul (solo)
2011   Dance with The Wind - Nadia Arditti, Dem-art Art Gallery (solo)
2010   Contemporary Istanbul 2010 Art Show, Dem-art (solo)
2010   Artbeat Gallery, Brussels
2009   Vivendi Art Gallery, Paris
2009   BAAF, Accessible Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2009   Grup Art Gallery, Ankara (solo)
2009   Optimism, dem-art Gallery, İstanbul (solo)
2009   Artbeat Gallery Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2009   Adler Art Gallery, Gstaad, Switzerland (solo)
2008   From Istanbul, Art4You Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2008   Traver Gallery, Seattle (solo)
2008   Terakki Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2008   Crown Plaza Otel, Cenevre (solo)
2008   Front Line Contemporary Gallery, Beijing
2007   Antik Park Fine Art and Antiques, Istanbul
2007   Front Line Contemporary Gallery, Minutae Exhibition, Beijing, China
2007   Salon Libr'art Libramont, Belgium
2007   Summer Group Exhibition
2007   Group Painting and Sculpture Exhibition
2007   Group Exhibition
2007   Contemporary Istanbu,l dem-art Gallery, Lütfi Kırdar, Istanbul
2007   Art Miami 2007 dem-Art Gallery&
2007   Alfican Gallery Brussels, Belgium
2007   Art Beijing, FrontLine Contemporary Gallery , Beijing, China
2007   Lineart Art Show, Ghent, Belgium
2006   dem-art Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2006   Adler Joailliers,Geneva (solo)
2005   Summer Group Exhibition - Artisan Art Gallery
2005   Group Exhibition - Artisan Art Gallery
2005   "The Art Of Love",, London
2005   Art Istanbul (solo)
2005   Galerie de la Cité (solo)
2005   Galerie de la Cité, Geneve, Swizerland (solo)
2004   You and Me,Galerie Adler,Gstaad,Switzerland (solo)
2004   Woman and Dancers,Galerie de la Cité,Cenevre (solo)
2004   You and Me,Almelek Art Gallery,Istanbul (solo)
2004   Group Exhibition - Art Istanbul
2004   Tram Studios, Jewish Artist of the Year Exh., London
2003   Group Exhibition - dem-art Art Gallery
2003   13th Istanbul Art Fair, Ares Art Gallery
2003   For Lepra Hospital, Conrad Otel
2003   Naive Painters & Ingenuous Dreamers, Conrad Otel
2003   Sasav, Woman Artists Group Art & Scupture Exh.
2003   Le Castelet Castelnaudry, La Semaine Turque, France
2002   12th Ýstanbul Art Fair, Tuyap
2002   Art Ýst. Fair. Almelek Art Gal., Lütfi Kýrdar
2002   Selvin Art Gallery, Ankara (solo)
2001   Art Shop Art Gallery, Izmir (solo)
2001   Exhibition at Selvin Art Gallery,Ankara
2001   Casino Grand Cercle d`Aix-les-Bains
2001   Exhibit at P.Gelot Gall.,29 Rue St. Paul,Paris
2000   World Women`s Day Exh.,Ataturk Cul. Cen.,Ist
2000   Angels Story, Almelek Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1999   Taksim Municipality Art Gallery,Istanbul
1999   Harbiye Military Museum Art Gallery,Istanbul
1999   9th Istanbul Art Fair, Almelek Art Gallery
1999   Ares Art Gallery,Istanbul
1999   Water and Sculp.Exhibit,Orta.Cul.Center,Ist
1999   Women Paint.and Women Sub.,Min. of Cul.Art Gall.
1998   8th Istanbul Art Fair,Almelek Art Gallery
1998   2nd Exhibit. of Our Sculp. World,Almelek Art Gall
1997   7th Istanbul Art Fair,Almelek Art Gallery
1997   Sculptures. Virtual scenery, Selvin Art Gallery, Ankara (solo)
1996   Sculptures. Virtual Scenery, Almelek Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1996   6th Istanbul Art Fair, Almelek Art Gallery
1996   Paris XVI.Exh. of Contem. Paint. and Sculp.
1996   Istanbul Kadikoy Cultrural Centre
1995   Ares Art Gallery,Istanbul
1995   5th Istanbul Art Fair, Almelek Art Gallery
1995   Ankara Turkish American Association
1995   Sark Insurance Art Gallery,Istanbul
1995   Almelek Art Gallery,Istanbul (solo)
1994   4th Istanbul Art Fair Press Museum,Istanbul (solo)
1994   Paris XVI. Exh.of Con. Paint. and Sculp.of MuniXII
1994   Ýstanbul Movenpick Art Gall.Openinig and New Year
1994   Ankara Fine Art Gall. with the Fine Arts Union
1994   Didyma Art Gallery,Didyma
1994   Press Museum Art Gallery,Istanbul (solo)
1994   Eylul Art Gallery,Istanbul
1994   Taksim Art Gallery,Istanbul
1994   4th Istanbul Art Fair, Press Museum, Istanbul
1992   Exhibition of the 500th Anniversary Foundation
1977   Galerie l'Arcade, Geneva, Switzerland (painting) (solo)
1975   Hotel du Rhone, Geneva, Switzerland (painting) (solo)
2008   DVD Feature film ´ Nadia Arditti, portrait of an artist ´´
2006   Moonlight
2004   You & Me
2000   "Woman's Story - Angel's Story"
1996   "Sculptures, Virtual Scenery" with Maggie Danon