Mounir Fatmi  (Moroccan, 1970) 


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Artworks for sale (9)

Mounir Fatmi, Jusqu'à preuve du contraire / in the absence of evidence to the contrary (03)


Mounir Fatmi
Jusqu'à preuve du contraire / in the absence of evidence to the contrary (03)

Yvon Lambert
Mounir Fatmi, Modern Times


Mounir Fatmi
Modern Times

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Mounir Fatmi, Between the Lines


Mounir Fatmi
Between the Lines

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Mounir Fatmi, Casablanca Circles 01


Mounir Fatmi
Casablanca Circles 01

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Mounir Fatmi, Casablanca Circles 02


Mounir Fatmi
Casablanca Circles 02

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Mounir Fatmi, Kissing Circles


Mounir Fatmi
Kissing Circles

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Mounir Fatmi, Technologica


Mounir Fatmi

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Mounir Fatmi, Kissing Circles 09


Mounir Fatmi
Kissing Circles 09

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Mounir Fatmi, Mechanization


Mounir Fatmi

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
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Mounir Fatmi, Ceux qui savent, ceux qui ne savent pas People know, people don't know


Mounir Fatmi
Ceux qui savent, ceux qui ne savent pas People know, people don't know, 2008-2009
coaxial antenna cables, cable holders and gesso on board


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Mounir Fatmi, Al Jazira


Mounir Fatmi
Al Jazira, 2008
antenna cables, cable holders and gesso on board


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Mounir Fatmi, Sonia Sonia Sonia (in 3 parts)


Mounir Fatmi
Sonia Sonia Sonia (in 3 parts), 2011
collage of prayer rugs laid on linen canvas


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1970   Born in Tangier, Morocco
1989   School of Fine Arts, Casablanca, Morocco
1991   School of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy
1993   First Prize, Biennial of Young Painters Fondation Wafabank, Casablanca
1994   First Prize, Second Annnual Festival of Arab Video, Casablanca
1996   Fellowship of Bourse de l'AFAA, Cité International des Arts, Paris, France
1998   Special mention, International festival of new film, Split, Croatia
1998   Special price of the Jury ex-æquo, Festival vidéo d'Estavar-Llivia, Estavar, France
1998   1st prize Video-creation, Canarias International Mediafest, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
2006   Fellowshio of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DCO/IC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006   Grand Prix Leopold Sedar, Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art, Dakar, Senegal
2006   Stichting kunstprijs Willem F.C. Uriôt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Lives and works in Paris, France
2012   Oriental Accident, Lombard Freid Projects, New York
2012   Kissing Circles, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica
2011   The Angles’s black leg, Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf
2011   Between the lines, Galerie Hussenot, Paris
2011   Without Anesthesia, Analix Forever, Genève
2011   Megalopolis, AKBank Sanat, Istanbul
2011   Linguaggi Costituenti, Fondazione Collegio San Carlo, Modena
2010   The Beautiful Language, Galerie Ferdinand van Dieten, Amsterdam
2010   Seeing is believing, Galerie Hussenot, Paris
2009   10th Biennale of Lyon, The Spectacle of the Everyday, France
2009   The Storyteller, iCI traveling exhibition (Salina Art Museum, Kansas; The New School, New York; Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada)
2009   Art TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009   African Biennial of Photography 2009, Bamako, Mali
2009   America, Beirut Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon
2009   Fonction Critique, Aperto, Montpellier, France
2009   Il faut être absolument moderne, Luleci Hendek cad., Istanbul, Turkey
2009   After EST, Les Lieux: Espace Le Carre et le Jardin des Modes, Lille, France
2009   Traversees, Museum Bab Rouah, Museum Bab Elkebir, Rabat, Morocco
2009   Cul-de-Sac, Isola di San Pietro, Venice, Italy
2009   Fuck Architects: Chapter III, FRAC Alsace, Sélestat, France
2009   Minimalism is Capitalist, Conrads Galerie, Düsseldorf
2009   Hard Head, video works, Tank TV, web-based projects
2009   Out of Line, Lombard-Freid Projects, NY
2009   Things Fall Apart, Winkleman Gallery, NY
2009   Crossings, Darb 17 18, Egyptian Contemporary Art and Cultural Center, Cairo, Egypt
2009   Another Border: Who are the others? Göteborgs Konsthall, Sweden
2009   Looking Inside Out, Kunsternes Hus, Oslo, Norway
2009   After Architecture: Tipologies de Després, Santa Monica Art
2008   Moving towards a Balanced Earth: kick the carbon habit, The Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand
2008   Biennale de Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain
2008   Traversia, CAAM, Canary Islands
2008   Connexion 02, galerie Delacroix, Tangier, Morocco (solo)
2008   Paradise Now! Essential French Avant-Garde Cinema 1890-2008, Tate Modern, London
2008   Attempt to exhaust an African Place, Santa Monica Art Center, Spain
2008   The Armory Show, Lombard-Freid Project, New York
2008   Traversées, ArtParis, Paris
2008   Flow, The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York
2008   The Gates of Mediterranean, Palazzo del Piozzo Rivoli, Turin, Italy
2008   Traces du sacré, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
2008   Traces du sacré, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany
2008   Cadavre exquis, Analix-Forever Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
2008   Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveaux, Analix Forever Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
2008   Second Lives, Museum of Art & Design, New York, NY
2008   Fuck Archetects: Chapter 2, le Creux de l’Enfer, Centre d’art Contemporain, Thiers, France
2008   Fuck Archetects: Chapter 3, Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba
2008   Nafas, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2008   Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary, Museum of Art & Design, New York, NY
2008   Visionary Tales of a Balanced Earth, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Nairobi and Russia in collaboration with United Nations Environmental Program
2007   Traces du Sacré, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
2007   Sharjah Biennial 8: Between The Desert And The Sea, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
2007   1st Triennial of Luanda, Luanda, Angola
2007   Fuck Architects: Chapter 1, Lombard-Freid Projects, New York, NY
2007   Something is possible, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2007   I like America, La Maison Rouge- Foundation Antoine de Galbert, Paris, France
2007   In Search of Paradise, Galerie Ferdinand van Dieten, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2007   Without History, Musée national Picasso La Guerre et la Paix- Vallauris, Vallauris, France
2007   Transcap, Cape Town, South Africa
2007   52nd International Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2006   2nd Biennial of Séville, The Unhomely Phantom Scenes in Global Society, Séville, Spain
2006   7th Dakar Biennial of Contemporary African Art, Dakar, Senegal
2006   Image Révélée, Musée de la ville de Tunis, Tunisian Republic
2006   Africa Remix: Contemporary Art of a Continent, Moderna Musse, Stockholm, Sweden
2006   Self defense, with the Black Panther Party, Galerie la B.A.N.K., Paris, France
2006   Africa Remix: Contemporary Art of a Continent, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2006   Alternative Currents, CAPC Musée d'art contemporain, Bordeaux & Le Parvis Center Musée d'art contemporain, Ibos, France
2006   tête dure / hard head, Galerie la B.A.N.K., Paris, France
2006   99 names of god, Galerie Saint Severin, Paris, France
2005   Bad Connexion, Saw Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2005   Black Screens, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Istres, France
2004   Survival Signs, Oeuvres video 1990-2004, Videokiosque 01, Pau, France
2004   He who understands last understands longest, Centre d'art contemporain le Parvis, Ibos, France
2004   Until the end of dust, Espace des Arts, Colomiers, France
2003   Obstacles-next flag, Migros Museum fur Gegenwartskunst, Zürich, Switzerland
1999   Connections and Displacements, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
2007    Mounir Fatmi: Until the End of Dust, Espace des Arts, Colomiers, France
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