Moïse Kisling (French/Polish, 1953)

Moïse Kisling (French/Polish, 1891–1953) was a painter, well known for his depiction of female nudes. Born in Kraków, he studied at the School of Fine Arts before moving to France in the 1910s. He lived and worked for much of his life in Montparnasse, a region renowned for its artistic community. His work synthesizes various influences from the School of Paris, incorporating his own flair for brilliant palettes and lively compositions. Today, his works can be found in numerous institutions around the world, including the Harvard University Art Museum in Boston, MA; the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA; and the Musée du Petit Palais in Geneva, Switzerland.


Nadine NIESZAWER ”Peintres juifs de l’Ecole de Paris 1905-1939” Editions Denoël Paris 2000