Mine Arasan  (Turkish) 


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Mine Arasan, Untitled


Mine Arasan

Mine Arasan, Untitled


Mine Arasan

Mine Arasan, Untitled


Mine Arasan


  Mine Arasan graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts (High School for Practical Fine Arts). She has worked in the field of advertising for 6 years and also as a director in Emlak Bank, Press Museum, 2001 Art Gallery, İspirtohane Centre of Culture and Yunus Emre Centre of Culture. Mine Arasan has founded the first private Gülmine Art Centre in Bakırköy and has also worked as an art consultant in the Municipality of Bakırköy for 9 years.
  Mine Arasan has written about love and art in local magazines. She has designed book covers and poetry books. Arasan has given engraving courses for children and has made wall paintings. Mine Arasan has had 48 exhibitions of paintings and engravins both in Turkey and abroad.
  Arasan is the first Turkish artist whose work has been included the Collection of the State of Low Saxony Parliament.
  She has been accepted into the WHO’S WHO Encyclopedia.
  Mine Arasan is a member of The International Plastic Arts Foundation, BASAD, BIAD, Ex-LİBRİS, Fine Arts Association and Ç.Y.D.D.
  Her sketch and poem book named "From Drawing to Word" has been recenty published.
  Mine Arasan still works in her studio on paintings and engravings.
  2001 TRUVA Culture and Art Awards (Artist of the Year)
  1999 Placket giwen by Lions District
  1998 Collection of the Embassy of Berlin (3 Paintings)
  1998 The Green Marmara Newspaper (Artist of the Year)
  1997 Collection of the Followers of Atatürk Assoc.
  1997 Coll. of Saksonia State Parl. (1st Turkish Artist)
  1996 Mevlana Peace Award in Plastic Arts
  1996 3rd Ex-Libris Contest/Biennial (Hon. Ment.), Italy
  1996 International Margarita Award
  1995 NY Public Library Collection (1 Gravure)
  1989 Tekel Painting Contest/Exhibition (3rd Place)
  1988 "The World-View of a Woman" (Serv. Med.), AKM-Ist.
  1985 Rotavizyon Publ. Houses Cont. (Special Jury Award)
2008   Association of the Fine Arts, 99th Anniversay Exhibition, Istanbul
2007   ArtForum Art Fair, Ankara
2007   Tüyap Art Fair, Istanbul
2007   Tatbiki Art Gallery, Istanbul
2007   Young Art Online Museum, Artist 2007, Tüyap-Istanbul
2007   Ilhan Art House, Ankara (solo)
2007   State Fine Arts Gallery, Ankara (solo)
2007   Ares Art House, Istanbul (solo)
2007   Tatbiki Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2007   Ankart 2007, Tara Art Gallery, Ankara (solo)
2006   Tüyap Art Fair, Erenus Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2006   Gallery Arteo, Bodrum (solo)
2006   Atatürk Culture Center, Istanbul
2006   Gallery Arteo, Bodrum
2006   Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul
2006   TISVA (Poorness and Art Biennial), Ankara
2006   Pera Art Gallery, Istanbul
2005   Tuyap Art Fair, Istanbul (solo)
2005   Gallery Arteo, Turgutreis-Bodrum
2005   ANKART Ankara Art Fair, Ankara
2005   Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul
2005   Masera Shopping Center, Konya-Turkey
2005   Pera Art Gallery, Istanbul
2004   AKM Antalya Culture & Art Foundation, Antalya-Turkey
2004   Stil Life Art Gallery, Ankara
2004   Beyoglu Municipality Art Gallery, İstanbul
2004   Tuyap Art Fair, Istanbul (solo)
2004   Gulet, Istanbul (solo)
2004   Kuyad Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2004   Isportohane Culture & Art Center, Istanbul (solo)
2003   Istanbul Sport Club, Istanbul (solo)
2003   2th Antalya Painting Fair, Antalya-Turkey
2003   Yeşilköy 2001 Art Gallery , Istanbul
2002   Ispirtohane Culture and Art Center (solo)
2002   First Antalya Painting Festival, Antalya-Turkey
2002   ANKART Ankara Art Fair, Ankara
2002   Izmir Painting Sculpture Museum, Izmir-Turkey
2002   ÇYDD Society of Woman Artists Exhibition, İspirtohane-Istanbul
2002   Harbiye Military Museum, Istanbul
2002   International Etching Contest Exhibitions, Istanbul
2001   1st International Biennial, Italy
2001   2001 Art Gallery, Istanbul
2001   BASAD Exhibition, Istanbul
2001   Şanlıurfa, Bandırma, Trabzon Exh. (BASAD)
2001   IMKB Art Gallery Retrospective, Istanbul (solo)
2000   Oda Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
2000   BASAD Exhibition, Istanbul
2000   Association Of The Diplomats Wifes Art Exhibition, Ankara
1999   Etching Contest Exhibitions, Italy
1999   Gulmine Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1998   Toprakbank Art Gallery, Ankara (solo)
1998   French Art Center, Istanbul (solo)
1998   Turkish Culture Center, Berlin (solo)
1998   Ex Libris Italy-Turkey Galeria Eralov, Rome-Italy
1997   Etching Contest Exhibitions Is Bank, Ankara
1997   International Contest Exhibitions Ex Musicis, Italy
1997   Followers of Atatürk Assoc., Koln-Germany
1997   Hannover Turkish House, Germany
1997   Toprakbank Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1996   Toprakbank Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1996   Gulmine Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1996   Habitat 1, Taskisla-Istanbul
1995   BASAD Yunus Emre, Istanbul
1995   Yesilyurt Sports Club Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1995   Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul (solo)
1995   Environment and Peace Exhibitions, Istanbul
1994   Contest International Pittura Murale Pescara, Italy
1994   Unesco Exhibitions, Yildiz Palace-Istanbul
1994   Hotel Dilson, Istanbul (solo)
1993   Press Museum, Istanbul (solo)
1993   Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul (solo)
1993   Ex-Libris International Contest Exhibitions, Italy
1992   Antalya Contest Exhibitions, Antalya-Turkey
1992   French Art Center, Istanbul (solo)
1992   Masal Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1991   Atakoy Galleria Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1991   Toprak Bank Art Gallery, Istanbul
1990   Mevlana Contets Art Exhibitions, Konya-Turkey
1990   Masal Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1990   Is Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1990   Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1990   Tekel Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1990   Artug Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1989   Pamukbank Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1989   Atakoy Galleria Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1989   Opera Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1989   Ataturk Culture Center, Istanbul
1989   DYO Contest Art Exhibitions, Istanbul
1989   50th State Painting Sculpture Exhibitions, Ankara
1988   Kazım Taskent Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1987   International Istanbul Festival, Istanbul (solo)
1986   University of Medicine, Istanbul (solo)
1986   Is Bank Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1986   Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)
1985   Kazım Taskent Art Galllery, Istanbul (solo)
1985   46th State Painting Sculpture Exhibitions, Ankara
1984   Anadolu Bank Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo)