Martin Kippenberger  (German, 1953-1997) 

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>Ranbir Singh My Hero by Charlie Finch. Remembering the art collector Ranbir Singh, 1953-2012., 06/19/2012
Rachel Harrison UNMASKING THE MUSE by Emily Nathan. A new exhibition of sculptures by Rachel Harrison explores the unseen forces behind every work of art., 06/13/2012
ARTNET NEWS. The Third San Juan Poly/Graphic Triennial, 04/16/2012
NYC Shows THE NEW YORK LIST, 3/13/2012 by Emily Nathan. Jan Groover, Thomas Schütte, Ryan McNamara, Frances Stark, Roy Lichtenstein's Chinese landscapes, Virgins at Family Business gallery, more., 03/14/2012
Art Market Watch FRIEZE WEEK CONTEMPORARY AUCTIONS by Emily Nathan. A $16.5 million Gerhard Richter, a $5 million Lucian Freud, a $5 million Alberto Burri and more at Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips de Pury in London., 10/19/2011
Les chefs de file de l’école picturale contemporaine allemande à Paris. par Alain Dreyfus., 10/09/2011
Art Market Watch HUFFING AND PUFFING by Rachel Corbett. Five "tune-up" sales of contemporary art in New York kick off the fall auction season., 09/28/2011
Close Encounters SAVAGERY AND SUBTERFUGE IN PHILADELPHIA by Linda Yablonsky. Rob Wynne at Locks Gallery and Charline von Heyl at the Philadelphia ICA., 09/27/2011
Artists for Haiti ZWIRNER GALLERY RAISES FUNDS FOR HAITI EARTHQUAKE RELIEF by Emily Nathan. A benefit auction of artist-donated artworks goes on the block at Christie’s to aid reconstruction in Haiti., 09/09/2011
Artist Interview STRANGE DAYS: AN INTERVIEW WITH CIPRIAN MUREŞAN by Emily Nathan. In his first New York solo show, iconoclastic Romanian artist Ciprian Mureşan offers a fresh, ironic vision of life in the post-Soviet East., 07/20/2011
Help Jerry Saltz BUILD AN ART FAMILY TREE by Jerry Saltz. Jerry Saltz compiles a quick, unverified list of artists who have worked for other artists -- and requests your help to fill it out., 07/05/2011
Venice Biennale GENERATION BLANK by Jerry Saltz. The beautiful, cerebral, ultimately content-free creations of art’s well-schooled young lions., 06/24/2011
Unpainted Paintings AFTER THE DRIPS by Jerry Saltz. Once Jackson Pollock exploded painting, anything from petals to pee could wind up on a gallery wall., 04/06/2011
WÜRTHLE : PILIER DE L’ART À BERLIN. Par Gina Kehayoff. Exposition à Paris, chez Suzanne Tarasieve, d’une sélection des œuvres du Paris Bar, un lieu culte de Berlin., 02/22/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Zabludowicz Collection in NYC, 11th Lyon Biennale, Yves Tanguy and Kay Sage, ARCO 2011, collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos, more, 02/15/2011
ART MARKET WATCH., 10/06/2010
>PLAY TIME by Charlie Finch. Rob Pruitt at GBE and Maccarone galleries, and Gene Beery at Algus Greenspon., 09/17/2010
>THE VIOLENT WORLD OF GLENN LOWRY by Charlie Finch. The MoMA director gives a "Tim Burtonesque" overview of his museum., 07/09/2010
>THE DAZZLER by Jerry Saltz. Sigmar Polke, 1941-2010, 06/16/2010
>AUCTION ECONOMICS by Charlie Finch. Painting the tape, baskets of art, auction choreography and other market mechanics., 05/14/2010
CHILDISH AS HE WANTS TO BE by Ben Davis. Billy Childish’s nihilistically amateurish flower painting, 04/09/2010
Handicapping Rob Pruitt’s "First Annual Art Awards" at the Guggenheim, 10/26/2009
IT’S A HARD POP LIFE by Laura K. Jones. Tate Modern unveils "Pop Life: Art in a Material World.", 10/01/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Art in the Hamptons, Grosvenor House Fair cancelled, artists do MAC makeup promotion., 06/30/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. $47 million at Sotheby’s contemporary sale., 05/13/2009
>The Artist Who Did Everything by Jerry Saltz. Martin Kippenberger offers a guide for artists looking for ways around pessimism and gamesmanship., 03/20/2009
ARTNET DE DIGEST by Kimberly Bradley. The Berlin art bubble has burst. Sort of., 03/20/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. Grim news from Sotheby’s, optimistic news from Zwirner, bargains at Phillips, etc., 03/04/2009
NO SMILES AT MOMA by Charlie Finch. The museum stamps out a bit of free creativity., 03/03/2009
EPISTLE TO KIPPY by Charlie Finch. "Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective" at the Museum of Modern Art, 02/26/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. Auction houses post 2008 results, plus highlights of the London contemporary sales., 02/13/2009
ARTNET NEWS. New Museum Triennial vs. Whitney Biennial? Plus, NEA stimulus gets hacked, pity for the Christie’s "sorority," Rhizome grants open, more., 02/10/2009
ARTNET NEWS. No sales for MoMA’s model homes, Carsten Höller opens a nightclub, the Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art, Gagosian expands, art world "Find-a-Text," more., 11/20/2008
DRUNKEN MASTER by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. German artist Martin Kippenberger made mockery his method., 11/19/2008
Phänomen Gegenwartskunst – Martin Kippenberger von Anne Haun. Am Beispiel Martin Kippenberger lässt sich ablesen, wie verwechselbar Kunst und Künstlermythos für den Kunstbetrieb sind., 11/12/2008
„Kunst im Heim“ in der Galerie Capitain Petzel, Berlin von Hans-Jürgen Hafner. Nicht immer, wenn Ausstellungen sich mit kuratorischen Federn schmücken, nutzt das der Kunst. In Berlin tarnt eine Galerie so den bloßen Lagerverkauf., 11/11/2008
Phänomen Gegenwartskunst – Takashi Murakami von Peter Lähn. Ist Murakami ein Warenzeichen, ein Produkt für Museums-Shops oder eine giftige Gegen-Mutation des westlichen Zeichensystems?, 10/24/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Leibowitz ditches gallery for Phillips, tussle over Hirst coverage, "genius" award to Donovan, more. Plus, Artnet launches French site., 09/23/2008
Georg Herold bei Contemporary Fine Arts - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Georg Herold bei Contemporary Fine Arts - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Matthias Schaufler bei Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Georg Herold bei Contemporary Fine Arts - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Matthias Schaufler bei Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Georg Herold bei Contemporary Fine Arts - art berlin contemporary 2008 auf artnet Magazine, 09/04/2008
Sammlung Migros Museum, Sammlung Rolf Ricke, Daros Collection von Daniel Kletke. Drei Kataloge zu prominenten Sammlungen lassen Ähnlichkeiten und zugleich die unterschiedlichen Motivationen von Sammlern erkennen. Ein Vergleich., 07/30/2008
Phänomen Gegenwartskunst - Das kleine Wunder der Bequemlichkeit – Wolfgang Tillmans von Gerrit Gohlke. Wolfgang Tillmans zeigt die Welt als Bilderparty, als Atlas abstrahierender Fotografie. Ist das ein Gesamtkunstwerk oder Verführung zur Banalität?, 07/18/2008
Meuser in der Kunsthalle Düsseldorf von Anne Haun. Wenn in der Kunst der Witz zur Methode wird, droht die formale Trivialität. Meusers Werk kennt beides, Gewinn und Risiko der Komik., 05/22/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Armory Show goes modern, Haunch of Venison sets New York opening, hot shows at MOCA L.A., more., 05/21/2008
WASTED YOUTH by Jerry Saltz. A collaboration between superhot artists Dan Colene and Nate Lowman instantly looks dated., 04/28/2008
„Scala Paradisi“ bei SchÜrmann Berlin von Dominikus Müller. Immer mehr Privatsammlungen leisten sich eigene Ausstellungsräume. Gewinnbringend genutzt fällt so ein neuer, subjektiver Blick auf die Werke., 03/20/2008

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