Mao Yan  (Chinese, 1968) 


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Artworks for sale (11)

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Mao Yan, Xiao Ming


Mao Yan
Xiao Ming

Galerie Daniel Templon
Mao Yan, Rosie


Mao Yan

Galerie Römerapotheke
Mao Yan, Goya Impression


Mao Yan
Goya Impression

Galerie Daniel Templon
Mao Yan, Invitation card


Mao Yan
Invitation card
Art & Public
Mao Yan,


Mao Yan
Art & Public
Mao Yan, Little Thomas


Mao Yan
Little Thomas

aye gallery
Mao Yan, Richard No.2


Mao Yan
Richard No.2

Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery
Mao Yan, Posie Musgrau


Mao Yan
Posie Musgrau

ChinaToday Gallery
Mao Yan, The Girl


Mao Yan
The Girl

ChinaToday Gallery
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Mao Yan, 无题


Mao Yan
无题, 1999
crayon on paper


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Mao Yan, 油画静物


Mao Yan
油画静物, 1995
oil on canvas


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Mao Yan, 女青年肖像


Mao Yan
女青年肖像, 1990
oil on board


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1968   Born in Xiangtan, Hunan Province
1991   Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
1992   Academic Prize Award, China
1994   Chinese Oil Painting Art Prize Award, China
1994   Excellent Art Work Prize Award, China
2010   Erotic, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Beijing, China (group)
2009   Inaugural Exhibition, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Beijing, China (group)
2008   "Mao Yan", solo show, ChinaToday Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2003   “New Paintings,” Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2003   “New Generation and Post-revolution,” Chinablue Gallery, Beijing, China
2003   “The Different of the Different,” Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
2002   “China Contemporary Artists Collective Exhibition,” Schoeni Art Gallery III, Beijing, China
2002   “Pictures of Idealism, Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Artists,” Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
2002   “Beijing, Paris,” Pierre Cardin Museum, Paris
2001   “Academic and Un-academic,” Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2001   “Towards a New Image: Twenty Years of Contemporary Chinese Painting,” National Art Museum of China, Beijing; Shanghai Art Museum; Sichuan Provincial Art Museum; Guangdong Provincial Art Museum
2001   “Poster Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists,” Beijing; Guangzhou; Shanghai; Tokyo, Japan; Paris ABBILD, France; Landes Art Museum, Austria
2001   “Initial Image: Contemporary Art on Paper,” Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2001   “Chengdu Biennial,“ Chengdu, China
2000   “Mao Yan Solo Exhibition,” Hanyaxuan Gallery, Hong Kong
2000   “Exhibition of Liu Haisu Museum's Collection,” Shanghai, China
2000   “Mao Yan & Liu Ye Joint Exhibition,” Modern Chinese Art Gallery, London, UK
2000   “Chinese Art in the Twentieth Century,” National Art Museum of China, Beijing; Shanghai Museum of Art, Shanghai
2000   “Magical Image,” Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
1999   “Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition,” San Francisco, U.S.A
1999   “Collective Exhibition of Dongyu Museum of Fine Arts,” Shenyang, China
1999   “Sharp New Sight,” International Yiyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
1999   “Fifty Years of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition,” Beijing, China
1999   ”Shanghai International Art Exposition,” Shanghai, China
1999   “Gate of the Century 1979 -1999,” Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition, Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu
1998   "East Meets East in the west," Live Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1998   “Chinese Contemporary Artists League Exhibition,” Shanghai, China
1998   “Mao Yan & Zhou Yiqing Painting Exhibition,” Suzhou, China
1998   "The First Show of the Collection of the Shanghe Art Gallery," Shanghe Art Gallery Chengdu
1997   "The Nature of Portraiture: Mao Yan & Zhou Chunya," Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China
1997   "One Hundred Years of Chinese Portraiture," National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
1997   "Paintings by Mao Yan," Nanjing Pinge Art House, Nanjing, China
1997   “Beijing Art Fair,” Beijing International Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China
1997   “Shanghai Art Fair,” Shanghai World Trade Centre, Shanghai, China
1997   “Chinese Modern Artists Exhibition,” Hong Kong Conference Centre, Hong Kong
1996   “Shanghai Art Biennial,” Shanghai, China
1996   “Chinese Oil Painting Association Exhibition,” National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
1996   “Contemporary Art Association Invitation Exhibition,” National Art Museum of China, Beijing; Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong
1995   “Current Chinese Oil Painting”, Hong Kong University, Feng Pingshan Art Museum, Hong Kong
1995   “Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition”, Cooper Union College, Los Angeles, USA
1995   “Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition”, China Press Gallery, New York, USA
1994   “The 2nd Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
1994   “Exhibition of Works Selected by Art Critics” National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
1994   “Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition”, Sino-Japan Friendship Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1994   “The 2nd Chinese Art Fair”, Guangzhou, China
1993   “Asian Art Expo”, Hong Kong
1993   “The 1st Chinese Oil Painting Biennial”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
1993   “Nanjing Modern Art Exhibition”, Jiangsu Art Museum, China
1992   “Biennial Art Show of 90s”, Guangzhou, China
1992   “Mao Yan's ‘View and Emulate’ Exhibition”, Nanjing Art Academy, China