Maliheh Afnan  (Iranian, 1935) 


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Maliheh Afnan, Witness


Maliheh Afnan
Rose Issa Projects
Maliheh Afnan, Ancient portest


Maliheh Afnan
Ancient portest
Rose Issa Projects
Maliheh Afnan, My story


Maliheh Afnan
My story
Rose Issa Projects
Maliheh Afnan, Speak momory


Maliheh Afnan
Speak momory
Rose Issa Projects
Maliheh Afnan, Aftermath


Maliheh Afnan
Rose Issa Projects
Maliheh Afnan, Remians


Maliheh Afnan
Rose Issa Projects
Maliheh Afnan, AKH


Maliheh Afnan
Rose Issa Projects
Maliheh Afnan, (OF) LETTERS


Maliheh Afnan
Rose Issa Projects
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Maliheh Afnan, Veiled confrontations


Maliheh Afnan
Veiled confrontations, 2009
ink and gauze on paper


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Maliheh Afnan, Nocturnal city


Maliheh Afnan
Nocturnal city, 1987
mixed media on paper


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1949   Left Haifa for Beirut
1955   BA American University of Beirut
1956   Moved to USA
1957 - 1962   Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC
1962   MFA George Washington University, Washington DC
1963 - 1967   Worked & exhibited in Kuwait
1967 - 1973   Worked & exhibited in Beirut
1973 - 1997   Worked & exhibited in Paris
1997 - 2008   Living & working in London
  The artist describes her work as being “rooted in memory, both my own and a more distant, perhaps collective one. I unconsciously but continually refer to places, scripts, faces from the past both real and imagined.” Her work is not pre-planned, but instead is a more spontaneous process, where she begins with a line which takes on a life force of its own “making me a mere instrument of its journey.” Often, the source of these lines stem from scripts - scripts of all kinds, even invented ones. The scripts and text which often use the Arabic alphabet are always devoid of literal meaning. It is the line itself which speaks. At times, landscapes emerge, or faces. “In a way I find I write my painting.”

“If all of one's life is registered in the recesses of the unconscious, then one’s work might simply be an unravelling, filtered and transformed through time, and the need to give it form. The process eludes me, and retains its mystery.”

2008   Routes, Waterhouse & Dodd, London
2008   Word into Art, DIFC Building, Dubai
2007   The Dance of Quill and Ink, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
2006   Word into Art, The British Museum, London
2000   England & Co, London (solo)
1998   Galerie Du Château, Noirmoutier en l’Ile
1997   Salon de Réalités Nouvelles, Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris
1996   EuropeArt, International Art Fair, Geneva
1996   Galerie Mouvances, Paris (solo)
1994 - 1996   Salon de Réalités Nouvelles, Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris
1995   Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture àl’éau, Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris
1995   Recent Acqusitions, The British Museum, London
1995   Salon Comparisons, Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris
1994   Salon d’Automme, Thorigny-Sur-Marne
1994   Théâtre de Beyrouth, Beirut (solo)
1994   Galerie 10 Bonaparte, Paris (solo)
1994   Salon d’Automme, Thorigny-Sur-Marne
1993   Leighton House Museum, London (solo)
1990 - 1993   Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris
1984 - 1993   Salon de Réalités Nouvelles, Grand Palais, Paris
1992   Galerie du Chêne – Donald Vallotton, Lausanne, Switzerland
1991   Collecting 20thCentury Art, The British Museum, London
1989   Contemporary Artists and Calligraphy, Egee Art, London
1988   Galerie Faris, Paris
1988   Galerie du Chateau, Noirmoutier en l’Ile, France
1988   Painting & Sculpture at the End of the 20th Century European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece
1987   Mac 2000, Grand Palais, Paris
1987   Kufa Gallery, London
1987   Galerie Arcadia, Paris (solo)
1986   Salon Comparisons, Grand Palais, Paris
1985   Galerie Faris, Paris
1985   Galerie D’Art Contemporain, Paris
1985   Paysages, Galerie, Paris
1984   Ecritures du Temps Présent, Centre d’Action Culturelle
1984   Pablo Neruda, Corbeil-Essonnes, France
1984   Ecruiture, Galerie, Paris
1982   A & A Turner Galerie, Paris (solo
1980   Galerie Brigitte Schehadé, Paris (solo)
1978   Galerie Principe – Anne Merlet, Paris (solo)
1977   Petits Formats, Galerie Principe – Anne Merlet, Paris
1977   Les Dessins de L’Eté, Galerie Principe – Anne Merlet, Paris
1977   Centre Culturel Valéry Larbaud, Vichy, France
1975 - 1976   Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris
1974   Galerie Cyrus, Paris, presented by Michel Tapié (solo)
1973   Young Artists Exhibition sponsored by the United Nations, New York
1971   Centre D’Art de Beyrouth Gallery, Beirut
1971   Galerie Claire Brambach, Basel, Switzerland, presented by Mark Tobey Jafet Library, American University of Beirut (solo)
1965   The Alumni Association, American University of Beirut (solo)
1963 - 1964   66th and 67th National Exhibitions of the Washington
1963 - 1964   Watercolour Association, Smithsonian Institution
1963 - 1964   Washington DC. Received the Marta Mercey Award
1962 - 1963   15th & 16th Area Exhibitions, Corcoran Gallery of Art