Lucien Adrion (French, 1953)

Lucien Adrion (French, 1889–1953) was a French painter, draftsman, and printmaker known for his depictions of the French countryside and beaches, as well as Parisian life. Born in Strasbourg, France, Adrion started his career as a fashion draftsman before traveling extensively through Europe and developing other artistic pursuits. He spent the World War I in Berlin, where he studied as an engraver with Hermann Struck. After the war, Adrion returned to France and eventually moved to Paris, where he had his first major exhibition at the Salon des Indépendants in 1926. Throughout his career, Adrion continued to exhibit his work at Salons in Paris, where his paintings were praised for their ability to capture the movement and transience of urban life. Adrion eventually left Paris to settle in Normandy, where he began focusing on landscapes.


Born in Strasbourg, France
At the age of 18, Lucien traveled to Paris to work for a large drafting company but changed his mind upon arrival
Died in Cologne, France


Salon des Tuileries
Salon D'Automne
Independents Cologne
Galerie Chéron (solo)


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