Lucian Freud  (British, 1922-2011) 

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Party Pictures FRIEZE WARM-UP. In advance of the art fairs, a quick look at some gallery and museum shows not to be missed, 05/03/2012
ARTNET NEWS. Jane McAdam Freud's "Family Matters", 04/19/2012
ARTNET NEWS. LA museums take a cue from NY with celeb programming, Naples museum protests budget cuts with art burning, Lucian Freud’s daughter memorializes her father in London exhibition, 04/19/2012
Bipolar Paintings PETER HOWSON, THE SCOTTISH BOSCH by Donald Kuspit. Artist Peter Howson, whose new works are on view at Flowers Gallery in New York, renews the religiosity of painting., 04/12/2012
Art Market Watch LONDON SALES OF CONTEMPORARY ART by Jessica Mizrachi. Tweeting the results of the Richterrific sales and Baconfidence at the auctions in London., 02/17/2012
Jenny Saville METAMORPHOSIS: A LOVE STORY by Patricia Cronin. Jenny Saville has her first U.S. museum survey at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach., 01/05/2012
Art Market Watch FRIEZE WEEK CONTEMPORARY AUCTIONS by Emily Nathan. A $16.5 million Gerhard Richter, a $5 million Lucian Freud, a $5 million Alberto Burri and more at Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips de Pury in London., 10/19/2011
Les chefs de file de l’école picturale contemporaine allemande à Paris. par Alain Dreyfus., 10/09/2011
Willem de Kooning MAKING SENSE OF DE KOONING by Charlie Finch "De Kooning: A Retrospective" comes to the Museum of Modern Art., 09/21/2011
TO MARKET TO MARKET by Charlie Finch. Lucian Freud, our top art galleries, China and the global art market., 07/28/2011
RIP Lucian Freud WHY ARTISTS YOU DON’T LOVE CAN STILL BE GREAT by Jerry Saltz. Jerry Saltz pays homage to the artist for sticking to his painterly guns., 07/22/2011
Lucian Freud THE LAST OF THE REALIST REBELS by Charlie Finch. RIP Lucian Freud, 88, who died at his London home on July 20, 2011., 07/21/2011
Alexander Melamid THE HEALING ARTS by Rachel Corbett. New York artist Alexander Melamid launches his new Art Healing Ministry in SoHo., 05/23/2011
Les prémisses d'une année record. par Alain Dreyfus. Bilan des résultats de ventes aux enchères d’œuvres d’art pour le premier trimestre 2011., 04/12/2011
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. Martin Creed, Genesis P-Orridge, Charles Saatchi, Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, "400 Women," Gary Webb, Rachel Kneebone, Hannah Barry, Ibid Projects, more., 01/04/2011
ARTNET INSIDER by Rosetta Stone. Kate Moss, need we say more? Plus Alex Prager, John Currin, Tony Fitzpatrick and Tommy Tune., 11/17/2010
ART MARKET WATCH by Chris Bors. Who’s hot, who’s not, at the contemporary art sales in London, 10/18/2010
DIARY OF AN ART STAR by Reverend Jen. Reverend Jen explores the London art scene., 07/15/2010
LUCIAN FREUD. Par Werner Spies. Lucian Freud au Centre Pompidou., 04/08/2010
LUCIAN FREUD : LA PEINTURE LA PLUS CHAIR !. Par Alain Dreyfus. Lucian Freud, jusqu’au 19 juillet 2010 à la Galerie 2 du Centre Pompidou., 03/11/2010
VOYAGE AU CENTRE DE LA CRÉATION CONTEMPORAINE II. Joël Riff. Poursuivons ici l'épuisement de l'actualité du Centre Pompidou, exploration commencée la semaine dernière dans une progressive ascension du mécanique bâtiment., 01/14/2010
FLESH PERSPECTIVE by Sidney Lawrence., 07/29/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. American art sales in New York, plus more on the spring contemporary art auctions., 05/21/2009
ARTNET NEWS. "Splendid Isolation" in Athens, "Splendors of the Romanovs" in Monaco, "Wiser than God" on the Bowery, more., 04/07/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Budget crisis at the Met. Plus, “Pictures” redux, Triple Candie returns, Pam Anderson sex tape represented, and Dia Center comes back (as X), but the Las Vegas Museum closes., 02/26/2009
THE 2008 REVUE by Walter Robinson and Ben Davis. "Fly high, fall hard," a motto for the times., 12/30/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby’s contemporary does $125 million., 11/12/2008
THE GRAND ACQUISITOR by Thomas Hoving. "The Philippe de Montebello Years" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art., 10/30/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Say hello to the art-market recession., 10/27/2008
ARTNET DESIGN by Brook S. Mason. A look back at 2008, and the year ahead., 09/12/2008
ARTNET NEWS. A little problem with salt water. Plus, a Serota mini-scandal, war art censored in St. Paul, more., 08/28/2008
ARTNET NEWS. A little problem with salt water. Plus, a Serota mini-scandal, war art censored in St. Paul, more., 08/28/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Big prices for Bacon, Koons, Freud, more at London contemporary sales., 07/07/2008
WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Larry Fink, Leopoldo Maler, Leonid Lerman, Charles Matton, Edith Maybin, Danny Lyon, Luigi Benedicenti, more., 07/02/2008
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. Gary Webb, the Hix Oyster and Chop, John Currin, Nicholas of London, Harland Miller, Mat Collishaw, Brenda Beban, Mustafa Hulusi, Keith Coventry, more., 06/03/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Christie’s contemporary does $348 million., 05/14/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. A preview of the spring auctions in New York, and auction results for April 2008., 05/06/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Contemporary sales in London at Sotheby’s and Phillips. Plus, Sotheby’s year-end results., 02/29/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby’s (Red) Auction, contemporary art at Christie’s London, 2007 auction results, Bonhams moves, more., 02/12/2008
CRAP ON CRAP by Charlie Finch. Lucian Freud’s inferior art., 12/12/2007
ART MARKET WATCH. Blast off at Christie’s post-war and contemporary sale., 11/14/2007
ART MARKET GUIDE 2007 by Richard Polsky. A look at the art market, October 2007., 10/10/2007
Art Market Watch. Crazy money in London sales in June., 05/30/2007
Art Market Watch. Crazy money in London sales in June., 05/30/2007
A NEW KIND OF ART ROYALTY by Daniel Grant. A look at droit de suite in Britain., 01/18/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Jeff Koons, Steve Wynn, Jerry Saltz, Patti Astor, Dennis Hopper, more., 10/17/2006
TAKE SOME OFF THE TABLE by Richard Polsky. A review of the overheated contemporary art market, September 2006., 09/25/2006
A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. The Decadence of Advanced Art and the Return of Tradition and Beauty: The New as Tower of Conceptual Babel: The Tenth Decade, 08/21/2006
A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. Chapter 6: The dialectic of myth and abstraction in Abstract Expressionism, Pop and Art Informel, 07/07/2006
ART MARKET WATCH. London scores with June sales, Cucchi at Phillips, more., 06/26/2006

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