Lucas Samaras (American/Greek, born )

where in the world by lucas samaras

Where in the World

Jul 8, 2010–Aug 27, 2010

Pace/MacGill Gallery
New York, NY USA

Where in the World?
July 8 – August 27, 2010
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:30-5:30, Friday, 9:30-4:00 Pace/MacGill Gallery is pleased to present “...

lucas samaras by lucas samaras

Lucas Samaras

Apr 8, 2005–May 7, 2005

Pace Gallery
New York, NY USA

Lucas Samaras: PhotoFlicks (iMovies) and PhotoFictions (A to Z) LUCAS SAMARAS EXHIBITION ON VIEW IN CHELSEA AND 57TH STREET Artist’s first exhibition si...