louise nevelson collage and assemblage by louise nevelson

Louise Nevelson Collage and Assemblage

Jan 24, 2015–Feb 28, 2015

Pace Gallery
New York, NY USA

Pace is pleased to announce an exhibition of Louise Nevelson's rarely seen collages. The exhibition will present several works that have never been exhibited pu...

sculptors jewellery by louise nevelson

Sculptors Jewellery

Dec 5, 2014–Jan 17, 2015

Pangolin London
London, United Kingdom

An exhibition of jewellery made by a wide range of established sculptors. Illustrating the long history of this still somewhat unknown genre, Sculptors' Jewelle...

louise nevelson creativity shaped my life by louise nevelson

Louise Nevelson Creativity shaped my life

Jun 5, 2014–Sep 6, 2014

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Die amerikanische Künstlerin Louise Nevelson (1899-1988) fasziniert in vielerlei Hinsicht: Sie gilt als Pionierin in der Entwicklung des Bildes der Künstlerin...

remnants louise nevelson aaron siskind by louise nevelson

Remnants Louise Nevelson Aaron Siskind

Sep 19, 2013–Nov 2, 2013

Bruce Silverstein
New York, NY USA

Bruce Silverstein is pleased to present, Remnants: Louise Nevelson & Aaron Siskind, an exhibition featuring sculptures by Nevelson and photographs by Siskind di...