Kim Joon  (Korean, 1966) 

Kim Joon (Korean, b.1966) was born in Seoul, Korea. He attended Hongik University in Seoul, where he received a BA in Painting and a MA in Painting. He was a soldier in the Korean military and also a professor at the Kongju National University. The artist examines the meaning of tattoo as a social phenomenon and uniquely human act through body painting; he explores the identity of the body as a shell. Joon gained critical acclaim and exposure in the international art scene after the Korean Eye Show in 2009 at the Saatchi Gallery in London, and when his work, Birdland-Armani, was auctioned at Sotheby’s Hong Kong for almost twice its estimated price.

In 2012, he held a solo exhibition of his Blue Jean Blues series in New York and Seoul. These works explore themes of desire, memory, and youth through the use of porcelain. Joon created compositions out of tableware, fragments of idealized nudes, and icons of Western pop culture, and juxtaposed traditional Asian motifs with new media.

The artist’s works have been displayed around the world, including at the Total Museum in Seoul, Korea, the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Kwachon, Korea, the Canvas International Art Gallery in Amsterdam, the Alexander Ochs Galleries in Berlin, the Gallery Hyundai in Paris, and the Sabina Lee Gallery in Los Angeles. Joon currently lives and works in Seoul.

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Kim Joon, Island-Alligator


Kim Joon
Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Kim Joon, Island-Turtle


Kim Joon

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Kim Joon, Island-Mackerel


Kim Joon

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Kim Joon, Duet-Dog


Kim Joon

Rita Krauss Fine Art
Kim Joon, Duet-Incanto


Kim Joon

Contemporary Works / Vintage Works, Ltd.
Kim Joon, Blue Jean Blues-Play Boy


Kim Joon
Blue Jean Blues-Play Boy

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Kim Joon, Red Bubble 2


Kim Joon
Red Bubble 2

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Kim Joon, Drunken-Royal Copenhagen


Kim Joon
Drunken-Royal Copenhagen

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Kim Joon, Blue Jean Blues-Rebel Without A Cause


Kim Joon
Blue Jean Blues-Rebel Without A Cause

Sundaram Tagore Gallery
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Kim Joon, We-Adidas


Kim Joon
We-Adidas, 2005
photographs, chromogenic print (c-print)


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Kim Joon, Bird Land Swarovski


Kim Joon
Bird Land Swarovski, 2008
photographs, chromogenic print (c-print)


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Kim Joon, Birdland Series-Batman


Kim Joon
Birdland Series-Batman, 2008
photographs, chromogenic print (c-print)


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1966   Born in Seoul
  BA Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
  MA Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
2010   Kim Joon, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Beverly Hills
2009   Conditions of Being—As of Now, Korean Cultural Service, Beijing From Younhee Dong Yhd, Seoul
2009   Kim Joon, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York
2008   Paris Photo, Keumsan Gallery, Paris
2008   Pop & Pop, Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam, Korea
2008   Scope Basel, Sun Contemporary, Basel
2008   Border of Virtuality—Korean and Chinese Media Art Now, Han Ji Yun Contemparary Space, Beijing
2008   Art HK, Keumsan Gallery, Hong Kong
2008   Photo...Photo?, Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2008   Being Now, Gallery Soheon, Daegu, Korea
2008   World-Beaters, Gallery Soheon, Daegu, Korea
2008   Bird Land, Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles
2008   Kim Joon, Box Art Gallery, Verona, Italy
2008   Duet et Party, Galerie Bertin-Toublanc, Paris, Miami
2007   Asian art biennial, National Museum of Taiwan, Taiwan
2007   OCULTOS, Fundacion Canal, Madrid
2007   Field of life, California State University, Sacramento
2007   New Asian Waves, zkm/museum of contemporary art, Karlsruhe
2007   Text in body space, Seoul museum of art, Seoul
2007   Giant in illusion, Sejong museum, Seoul
2007   Intermediae-Minbak, Matadero, Madrid
2007   Arco 2007, Gallery Hyundai, Madrid
2007   Stay, Space 355, Tokyo (solo)
2007   Party, Touch art, Heiri (solo)
2006   Duet, Canvas International Art gallery, Amsterdam (solo)
2006   PARIS PHOTO 2006, Gallery Hyundai, Paris
2006   Made in Korea, Paris, Annecy
2006   Hybrid trend-INDIA & KOREA, Hangaram art museum, Seoul
2006   Art & science, Tsinghua university, Beijing
2006   spotlight 30 women, paper gallery, Seoul
2006   Asia art now, ssamziespace, Seoul
2006   softness, soma museum, Seoul
2006   ISEA 2006, South hall, San Jose, U.S.A
2006   Art/37/Basel, Gallery Hyundai, Basel
2006   Contemporary Asian Art, Bonhams, London
2006   KunstRAI/Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam
2006   ‘Endless Clone’, Space ieum, Beijing, China
2005   'Tattoo you', Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin (solo)
2005   'Tattoo you', walsh gallery, Chicago (solo)
2005   'Tattoo you', savina museum, Seoul (solo)
2005   Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto
2005   ART COLOGNE 2005, Koeln
2005   ART FORUM BERLIN, Berlin
2005   ‘ASIA: THE PLACE TO BE?’, Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin
2005   ‘Cosmo Cosmetic’, Space C, Seoul
2005   ‘Pop Pop Pop’, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
2004   ‘Realing 15 years’, Savina Museum, Seoul
2004   Gawngju Biennale 'minority', Gwangju
2004   ‘Love Virus’, Art Center Nabi, cyworld, Seoul
2004   INKED, Walshy gallery, Chicago
2003   'Flesh park', june & ttl zone (solo)
2003   ‘Sauna bell’, ilju art house, Seoul (solo)
2003   ‘Relative Reality’, Walshy Gallery, Chicago
2003   Resfest Digital Film Festival, Seoul
2003   CROSSING 2003; KOREA/HAWAII, Koa Gallery, Hawaii
2003   Exhibition of the artist of Seoul in France, Gallery Artitude, Paris
2000   ‘Make me smile!', gallery uduck, Seoul (solo)
2000   Gawnnngju Biennale ‘Scar’, Gwanju Folklore Museum, Gwangju
2000   Ocean Art Festival, Sejong Certer fro the Performing Arts, Seoul
1999   Taboo-Brutality, Violence & Fantasy, Total Museum, Seoul
1999   ‘Money, Money, Money’, Savina Museum, Seoul
1999   ‘Fire', total museum, Seoul (solo)
1998   ‘Hair show', Gallery Sal, Seoul (solo)
1998   ‘Humans and the doll’, Total Museum, Seoul
1998   Korea Underground Cartoon Festival, Kumho museum, Seoul
1997   ‘Body as text’, Kumho museum, Seoul
1997   ‘Tattoo in my mind', Kumho museum, Seoul (solo)
1996   Young Venture 96, National museum, Gwachun
1996   Asia Pacific Tribiennale, Queensland art gallery, Australia
1995   ‘Tattoo', Gallery Segae, Seoul (solo)
1995   ‘l love it!', Gallery Yale, Seoul (solo)
1994   ‘l love it!', Gallery Insa, Seoul (solo)