Josef Strau  (Austrian, 1957) 


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Josef Strau, Untitled


Josef Strau

Galerie Buchholz
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Josef Strau, 17h 03m/-55°


Josef Strau
17h 03m/-55°, 1991


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1957   Born in Vienna, Austria
1990 - 1994   Co-organizes the project and exhibition space Friesenwall 120, Cologne, Germany
2002 - 2006   Organises Galerie Meerrettich in the Glaspavillon at Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany
  Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and New York, USA
2011   Galerie Francesca Pia, Zürich, Switzerland (solo)
2011   “Quodlibet III – Alphabets and Instruments”, Galerie Buchholz, Berlin, Germany
2011   “EDITION / NON EDITION”, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna, Austria
2011   “A Different Person”, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany
2010   “The Balalaika Moment”, dépendance, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2010   “Vienna and Jerusalem”, (with Clegg&Guttmann), Pro Choice, Vienna, Austria
2010   “The Evryali Score”, David Zwirner Gallery, New York, USA
2010   “The Pursuer”, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, USA
2010   Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany
2010   “Novel”, dépendance, Brussels, Belgium
2010   “Milk Drop Coronet”, Camera Austria, Graz, Austria
2009   “The Oriental Therapies“, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2009   Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago, USA (solo)
2009   ”Quodlibet II“, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany
2009   “Scorpio’s Garden”, Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2009   Galerie Lelong, New York, USA
2009   “The Space of Words“, MUDAM, Luxemburg
2009   Contemporary Art Museum, Saint Louis, USA
2008   Vilma Gold (with R.H. Quaytman), London, UK (solo)
2008   “A Dissidence Coincidence But W.H.C.T.L.J.S.“, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden (solo)
2008   “Manifesta 7“, Palazzo Delle Poste, Trento, Italy
2008   “Novel“, (curated by Matt Williams), Bibliothekswohnung, Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Berlin, Germany
2008   Galerie Catherine Bastide & Dependance, Brussels, Belgium
2008   “18 Iniqities“, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, USA (solo)
2007   “Voices“, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany (solo)
2007   “Voices and Substitutes“, at Docking Station Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (solo)
2007   “The Tabernacle on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz”, Institut im Glaspavillon, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2007   Volksbühne Berlin, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2007   “Why doesn´t my plant grow any more´and other works of lament”, Vilma Gold, London, UK (solo)
2007   Dépendance, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2007   “Secret-Flix”, Neue Alte Brücke, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
2007   “Design by Accident” presented by Croy Nielsen, at Flaca, London, UK
2007   “The Door Slamming Festival” curated by Dominic Eichler, Mehringdamm 72, Berlin, Germany
2007   “design by accident”, croy nielsen, Berlin, Germany
2006   “Don´t Climb the Pyramids”, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, USA (solo)
2006   Invited by Yilmaz Dziewior, Bibliothekswohnung, Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2006   “Make you own Life:”, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Museum of Contemporary Art, Noth Miami, USA
2006   “Looking Back” curated by Matthew Higgs, White Columns New York, USA
2006   “Next to kin” Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany
2006   “Minotaur Blood” curated by Gionata Bonvicini, Galerie Fortescue Avenue, London, UK
2006   “La maman et la putain,” curated by Eva Svennung, Air de Paris, Paris, France
2006   “Our Marvellous Ambition,” Vilma Gold Project Space, London, UK
2006   “Make Your Own Life: Artists in and out of Cologne”, (curated by Bennett Simpson), ICA The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada
2006   “Von der Abwesenheit des Lagers” Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany
2005   “The Gone Wait”, (curated by Tobias Buche), Gagosian Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2005   “Possession”, (curated by Dominique Eichler), Paul-Linke-Ufer, Berlin, Germany
2004   “Zeichnungen“, (curated by Ariane Müller), Werkleitzbiennale, Halle, Germany
2004   “Für völligen Arbeitsschutz“, Wandbilder, WBD, Berlin Editionen 4 Jahre WBD, Berlin, Germany
2004   Teil 2 „Quodlibet“, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany
2004   Teil 1 „Müllberg“, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany
2003   Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, USA (solo)
2003   “Photo +", (curator Jacob Fabricius), Prague Biennale 1, Prague, Czech Republic
2002   "Ökonomien der Zeit", (curated by Hans-Christian Dany und Astrid Wege), Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany / Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany / Migros Museum Zürich, Switzerland
2002   "Pictures", Galerie GreeneNaftali, New York, USA
2000   "hey, international competition style", TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2000   "Produktivität und Existenz" org. von "Die Beute" Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2000   "Deutsche Kunst in Moskau", Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia
2000   "Snowflake Office" organisiert von C. Krümmel, Galerie Greene Naftali, New York, USA
2000   "The Inheritage", Video für "Coal By Any Other Name", American Fine Art, New York, USA
1999   "Das Schloss" (with Amelie von Wulffen), Snowflake Office, Galerie Walbröl, Düsseldorf, Germany