JonOne  (American/French, 1963) 

JonOne (American/French, b.1963), most famous for his Graffiti-influenced art, was born in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, where elaborate and colorful Graffiti Art thrived. He began tagging his name in graffiti at the age of 17, with a childhood friend. In 1984, he founded the Graffiti 156 All Starz, to bring together the passion of Graffiti artists. After moving to Paris in 1987, he began his work as a painter on canvas in a workshop. Soon he made his name in Parisian artistic circles, through his works on canvas, and was exhibited in 1990 at Gallery 45 in Berlin, and took part in the exhibition Graffiti Paris, where his work is constantly exposed to the world. His work is among those that achieve the highest bids for Graffiti Art in the world.

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JonOne, Liced up


Liced up

Galerie Delorme


Galerie David Pluskwa
JonOne, Reflectors


Fabien Castanier Gallery
JonOne, Alu



Fabien Castanier Gallery
JonOne, Burners


Fabien Castanier Gallery
JonOne, When the sounds become real


When the sounds become real
Galerie David Pluskwa
JonOne, All smiles


All smiles
Galerie David Pluskwa
JonOne, A living dream


A living dream
Galerie David Pluskwa
JonOne, Drawing Colors from Black


Drawing Colors from Black

Fabien Castanier Gallery
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JonOne, When truth speaks


When truth speaks, 2009
acrylic and ink on canvas


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JonOne, Légion d'honneur


Légion d'honneur, 2007
acrylic on canvas


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JonOne, Côte d'Azur


Côte d'Azur, 2009
ink and acrylic on canvas


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1963   Born in Harlem, New York
2012   Transformations, Galerie Rive Gauche, Paris
2012   French Invasion, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2011   East Road (E1), 4F, Shanghai, China
2011   Words and Dreams, Where Technology Meets Dreams and Vice Versa, 18Gallery Shanghai, Bund18, 18 Zhongshan
2011   The City Breathes, Galerie Rabouan Moussion, Paris, France
2011   Retrospective, Galerie Speerstra, Bursins, Switzerland
2010   Carved In Stone, Galerie Brugier-Rigailolo, Paris, France (solo)
2010   Abstractions, Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France (solo)
2010   Retrospective 20 ans, Gallerie Speerstra, Bursins, Switzerland (solo)
2009   Close-up Jonone New Works, Galerie Speerstra, Bursins, Switzerland (solo)
2009   Whole in the Wall, Helenbeck Gallery, NYC, NY
2009   Tag au Grand Palais Show, Paris, France
2009   Propeace, Maison Folle, Lille, France
2009   Arte Fiera, Galerie Magda Danysz, Bologne, Italy
2009   Graffiti galleriet, Copenhagen, Denmark (solo)
2009   18 Gallery, Shanghai, China (solo)
2009   Don Gallery, Milan, Italy (solo)
2009   Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France (solo)
2008   Whole in the Wall American Garffiti, Galeries Helenbeck, Paris & Nice, France
2008   Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France
2008   My Father’s Keeper, Galerie Lefeuvre, Paris, France
2008   Follow the Sun, Speerstra Gallery, Bursins, Switzerland
2008   Brut Graffiti, Galerie Speerstra, Bursins, Switzerland (solo)
2007   Sir JonOne, Galerie Helenbeck, Paris, France (solo)
2007   The Art of Living, Galerie Speerstra, Bursins, Switzerland (solo)
2007   Game Over, Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France
2007   Abbaye d’Auberive, Auberive, France
2007   Musée Paul Valery, Setes, France
2007   L’art modeste sous le bombes, MIAM, Sètes
2006   JonOne, Espace Art 22, Bruxelles
2006   Friends of Basquiat, Galerie Agnes B., Paris
2006   Ugly Winners Galerie Agnes B., Paris
2006   Art Statement Gallery, Hong-Kong
2006   Galerie 5213, Berlin
2006   Serigraff, Galerie Speerstra, Bursins, Switzerland (solo)
2005   Urban Calligraphy, Galerie Speerstra, Paris, France (solo)
2005   Bande a Part, Galerie Agnes B., Paris
2005   The Live Issue #2, Back Jumps, Berlin
2005   JonOne, Espace HelenBeck, Nice
2005   Festival Walk, Art Statement Gallery, Hong-Kong
2004   Night and Day, Galerie Speerstra, Paris
2004   Ice Blue, Art Statement Gallery, Hong-Kong
2004   C3, Galerie Anthem , New-York, NY
2003   Black Block, Palais de Tokyo Installation, Paris
2003   Collaborative Works, JonOne- Agnes B., Los Angeles/San Francisco/Chicago
2003   Talking to Walls, Galerie Speerstra, Paris
2003   Fiac, Galerie Agnes B., Paris
2002   Fiac, Galerie Agnes B., Paris
2002   Black Diamonds, Galerie Speerstra, Paris
2002   Armory Show, Galerie Agnes B., New York
2002   Installation Works, Galerie Agnès B, Hong-Kong, China
2001   JonOne, Pop-Up, Paris, France (solo)
2001   Color Wars, Espace Zali, Paris
2001   Color Wars, Galerie Michel Gillet, Paris
2001   Seven Deadly Sins, Triiad, Paris
2000   JonOne, Galerie Cargo, Paris, France (solo)
1999   Fundation Peter Pichler, Andorf, Austria
1998   Freestyle, Nowhere-Land, Bruxelles, Belgium
1997   JonOne & Sharp, Preo, Paris
1997   JonOne, unko Shimada, Paris
1996   Crossing Path, Galerie Michel Gillet, Paris, France
1995   JonOne, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France (solo)
1995   Paris Galerie B5, Galerie Michel Gillet, Monaco
1994   Good Times, Espace Dunoyer, Paris, France (solo)
1992   Galerie Structures, Montpellier, France
1992   Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France
1992   Hopital Ephemere, Paris
1992   Paris Galerie B5, Galerie Michel Gillet, Monaco
1991   Espace Protis, Paris, France
1990   Galerie Glebisch 45, Berlin, Germany
2009    Jononerock, by Jonone