Jonathan Lasker  (American, 1948) 

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Jonathan Lasker Biography
1948   Born in Jersey City, NJ
1975 - 1977   School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
1977   California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California
1981   First one-person show, Landmark Gallery, New York, NY
1987   National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grant
1989   New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Grant
1989   National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grant
2000   Honorary Visiting Professorship, The London Institute, London,UK
  Lives and works in New York
Selected Exhibitions
2012   Heute. Malerei, Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany
2009   Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden
2008   Out of Storage – Peintures de la Collection MUDAM, Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxemburg
2008   Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin (solo)
2007   Galerie Sabine Knust - Maximilian Verlag, Munich, Germany (solo)
2007   Timothy Taylor Gallery, London (solo)
2007   Atomations, Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles, CA
2007   Contemporary, Cool and Collected, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC
2007   Conversations - Artist and Collector, North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, ND
2007   PAINT IT BLUE - Werke aus der ACT Art Collection / Siegfried Loch, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, Bremen, Germany
2007   Cheim & Read Gallery, New York (solo)
2006   Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, Austria (solo)
2006   Galerie Alain Noirhomme, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2006   Broken Surface, Galerie Sabine Knust, Munich, Germany
2006   Patrick Heron, Jonathan Lasker, Katie Pratt, John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, Southampton, England
2006   From Drawing to Painting to Drawing, Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense, Denmark (solo)
2006   From Drawing to Painting to Drawing, Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland (solo)
2006   hot spring in autumn, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
2006   Affinities, Centre Européen d’Action Artistiques, Strassbourg, France
2006   The 181st Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Art, National Academy Museum, New York
2006   Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden
2006   Modern and Contemporary Master Drawings, Connaught Brown Gallery, London, England
2006   Summer Eyes/Summarize, Jan Weiner Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2006   Gunnar A. Kaldewey: Artist Books for a Global World, Four Collaborations in Depth, MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA
2006   Paint it Blue- Werke aus der ACT Art Collection Siegfried Loch, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, Bremen, Germany
2006   Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany
2005   Galleria Cardi, Milano, Italy (solo)
2005   Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland (solo)
2004   Coloured Scribbles, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, UK (solo)
2003   Jonathan Lasker Retrospective, Museo Nacional Centrade Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain; Travelling to: Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, Germany (solo)
2002   Drawing and Painting, Sperone Westwater , New York, USA (solo)
2002   Jonathan Lasker, Galerie Kiezle und Gmeiner, Berlin, Germany
2002   Jonathan Lasker, Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2002   Jonathan Lasker, Galeri Wang, Oslo, Norway (solo)
2002   Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany, UK
2001   New paintings, Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, USA
2001   Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, The Centre of Contemporary Art, “American Art from the Goetz Collection, Munich”
2001   Between Language and Form, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT, USA
2001   Jonathan Lasker, Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm, Sweden (solo)
2000   Jonathan Lasker: Oeuvres Récentes, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris, France (solo)
2000   Jonathan Lasker (Complete Print Survey), Jan Weiner, Kansas City, USA
2000   Jonathan Lasker, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris France
2000   Arte Americana; Ultimo Decennio, Museo d Arte della Citta di Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy
1999 - 2000   Jonathan Lasker: Selective Identity, Paintings from the 1990s, St. Louis, MO, USA; Toronto, Canada; Birmingham, AL, USA
1999   In Site: Constructing the JCC Collection, Johnson County College, Gallery of Art, Overland Park, KS, USA
1999   The Forum for Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO, USA (solo)
1999   The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada (solo)
1999   Rose Ar tMuseum,Brandeis University, MA (solo)
1999   Birmingham Museum of Art, AL, Jonathan Lasker: Selective Identity, Paintings from the 1990s
1999   Jonathan Lasker, Sperone Westwater, New York, USA (solo)
1998   Jonathan Lasker, Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, UK
1998   Jonathan Lasker, Galeria Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, Spain
1998   Pop/Abstraction, Museum of American Art of Pennsylvania Academy of F.A. Philadelphia, PA, USA
1998   ART C. Association Art Contemporain Ville d'Issoire, France
1997 - 1998   Jonathan Lasker: Paintings 1977-1997, Germany; The Netherlands; Switzerland
1997 - 1998   Jonathan Lasker, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris, France
1997   Jonathan Lasker, Velge et Noirhomme, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
1997   Jonathan Lasker, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris France (solo)
1997   Jonathan Lasker, Galerie Kienzle und Gmeiner, Berlin, Germany (solo)
1997   Jonathan Lasker, Galleria Milleventi, Torino, Italy (solo)
1997   Jonathan Lasker, Schmidt Contemporary Art, St Louis, USA (solo)
1997   Abstraction/Abstractions--Géometries Provisoires, Musée d'Art Moderne: curators DeChassey & Morineau St. Étienne, France
1996   Playpen & Corpus Delirium, Kunsthalle Zurich Zurich, Switzerland
1996   Jonathan Lasker: New Paintings, Sperone Westwater, New York, USA (cat.)
1995   Jonathan Lasker, Galeria Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid, Spain (solo / cat.)
1995   Sarah Campell Blaffer Gallery (& other locations) University of Houston, TX, USA
1993   The Permanent Collection Revisted, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Washington, DC, USA
1993   Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (solo)
1992   Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pensylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA (solo)
1989   Horn of Plenty, Stedelijk Museum, curator Gosse Oosterhof Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1985   Vernacular Abstraction, Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
1981   Patrick Verelst, Antwerp, Belgium
2006   Brita Sachs, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, February 11, "Endlosschleifen: Jonathan Lasker bei Ropac in Salzburg", Illus: "The World is My Garden", color, p. 52
2006   Johanna Hofleitner, Die Presse: Schaufenster, January 20, "Schauplätze: Jonathan Lasker bei Ropac", Illus: "The World Is My Garden", color, p.55
2006   Susan Shatter, Annette Blaugrund and Nancy Malloy, The 181st Annual: An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art, catalogue essays for group exhibition at National Academy Museum, New York, paperbound, 159 pp., Illus: "Reasonable Assembly", color, p. 75
2006   Mark Cheetham, Abstract Art Against Autonomy: Infection, Resistance, and Cure Since the 60s. Cambridge Univesity Press, hardbound, 177 pp.
2006   Rupert Mason, Wessex Scene, May 9, 2006, "Abstract Art From Three Generations", Illus: "Canaletto", "Perspect Meadows", b/w
2006   Brandon Taylor, Viewpoint, March 2006, "Freedom and Constraint: Three Painters at the Hansard", Illus: "Canaletto", b+w, p. 1
2006   Serge Hautmann, DNA, April 15th, 2006, "Les affinities de Dejean et Gangloff"
2006   CEAAC, Affinités: Cahier Pedagogique, Centre European d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines (CEAAC), Illus: ""Town and Country", color, p. 18
2003   Raphael Rubinstein, A Quiet Crisis, Art in America, March, pp. 39-45
2003   Jonathan Lasker 1977-2003, Pinturas Dibujos Estudios, catalogue, Museo Nacional Centre de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
2002   Dimetrio Paparoni, Jonathan Lasker Paintings 1977-2001, Milano
2002   Sven Lütticken, Allegories of Abstraktion, Diss. Vrjie Universiteit, Amsterdam
2002   Sid Sachs, essay in the catalogue: Transcendent & Unrepentant, Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
2002   David Ryan, Joseph Masheck, Talking Painting. Dialogues with Twelve Contemporary Abstract Painters, New York
2001 September 29, - 2001 September 29   Allgardh, Sophie, ‘Jonathan Lasker at Galleri Lars Bohman’, Svenska Dagbladet, September 29th
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1999   Essays, 1984–1998. Essays published in Likovne Besede Artwords, no. 47-48, Mai1999, Slovenia, pp. 57-69, 86-87.
1998   Jonathan Lasker: Complete Essays, 1984–1998. Published by Edgewise Press, New York, Paris, Turin, paperbound, 62 pp.
1996   Sleep and Poetry: The Consciousness of Animals, essay published in Art & Design no. 48: Painting in the AgeofArtificial Intelligence
1995   Plastic Made Perfect: Measuring Mondrian: New Math. Published in Artforum, September
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1991   Pariahs. Essay published in An Anthology of Statements: White Columns, Collins & Milazzo, Editors
1989   Not A First. A book of drawings by Jonathan Lasker and poetry by John Ashbery, published by the Kaldewey Press Poestenkill, NY
1988   Racing Form. Essay published in Journal of Contemporary Art, volume 1/number 2
1987   Abstraction After Itself. Essay published in Corcoran Gallery of Art Biennial catalogue
1987   Falling In Lava. Essay published in Eugene Leroy, catalogue for exhibition at Musée d Art Moderne Villeneuve d Asco
1986   Untitled essay. Effects Magazine, winter issue
1986   After Abstraction. Published in What It Is, catalogue for exhibition at Tony Shafrazi Gallery
1981   Cave Pictures. A book of drawings by Jonathan Lasker and poetry by Everett Potter. Published by the Kaldewey Press, Düsseldorf, Germany