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Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Sheetrock Brand Gypsum Panel (San San International Archive #55)


Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe
Sheetrock Brand Gypsum Panel (San San International Archive #55)

Marlborough Gallery
Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Age Grade Age Set no.43


Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe
Age Grade Age Set no.43

Marlborough Gallery

2013   Pizza Time, Marlborough Broome Street, New York, NY
Endless Bummer I/Still Bummin’, curated by Drew Heitzler and Jan Tumlir, Marlborough Chelsea, New York, NY
Kiss Me Deadly: A Group Show of Contemporary Neo-Noir from Los Angeles, Paradise Row, London, United
2012   Diamond hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse, ISTANBUL'74, Istanbul, Turkey (solo)
Stray Light Grey, Marlborough Chelsea, New York, NY (solo)
For the Martian Chronicles, L&M Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Eagles, Marlborough Madrid in Collaboration with Marlborough Chelsea, Madrid, Spain
Parts and Services, Eric Firestone Gallery, New York, NY
Transmission LA, MOCA Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Portrait of a Generation, The Hole NYC, New York, NY
The Pale Hotel by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Land of Tomorrow, Louisville, KY
The Octopus, Country Club, Chicago, IL
2011   The Double Bind, The Standard Hotel, Los Angeles, California (solo)
Shadow Pool: A Natural History of The San San International, MOCA, Los Angeles, California (solo)
Summer Group Exhibition, Marlborough Chelsea, New York, New York
2010   Bright White Underground, Country Club, Los Angeles, California (solo)
Pictures & Statues, Country Club, Cincinnati, Ohio
No Vacancy, The Butchers Daughter, Detroit, Michigan
2009   Black Acid Co-op, Deitch Projects, New York, New York (solo)
2008   Hello Meth Lab in the Sun, Marfa Ballroom, Marfa, Texas (solo)
A New High in Getting Low, John Connelly Presents, New York, New York
2007   A New High in Getting Low, Art News Projects, Berlin, Germany
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