John Currin  (American, 1962) 

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>Ranbir Singh My Hero by Charlie Finch. Remembering the art collector Ranbir Singh, 1953-2012., 06/19/2012
Artnet News FROM WARHOL TO BERNINI (PLUS LOOTED ANTIQUITIES) AT THE MET. Metropolitan Museum director Thomas Campbell unveils an impressive fall and winter schedule, and responds to new claims of looted antiquities in the collection., 06/08/2012
>WHEN A GOOD PAINTER GOES BAD by Charlie Finch. When the lemmings head to the sea, be a seagull -- Stella Michaels, Albert Oehlen and Native American art dealer John Molloy., 03/16/2012
Thomas Olbricht à la Maison Rouge. Par Alain Dreyfus., 01/10/2012
Close Encounters THE MIDCAREER QUESTION by Linda Yablonsky. A meditation on the mid-career museum survey and its effect on artists' career prospects., 10/17/2011
Robert Melee THE SEARCH FOR SHAMELESSNESS by Elisabeth Kley. Alcoholic debauchery, erotic escapades and rainbow marbleizing in “Triscuit Obfuscation,” Robert Melee’s new show at Andrew Kreps Gallery., 09/20/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Beastie Boy Films Art Critic Fireworks, 08/22/2011
Deitch Projects Artists WHERE ARE THEY NOW? by Rachel Corbett. Checking in with Deitch’s displaced artists a year after the legendary gallery closed its doors., 08/03/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Artists Tapped in Serpentine Fundraising, 07/08/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Gagosian's iPad App, 06/02/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Koons Museum for Pennsylvania?, 05/24/2011
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. Martin Creed, Genesis P-Orridge, Charles Saatchi, Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, "400 Women," Gary Webb, Rachel Kneebone, Hannah Barry, Ibid Projects, more., 01/04/2011
THE YEAR IN ART by Jerry Saltz. A look back at the top ten art exhibitions in New York during 2010., 12/17/2010
ART GALLERY AMBLE by Robert G. Edelman. Damien Hirst, Neil Jenney, Enoch Perez, Jenny Holzer, Judith Bernstein, Jasper Johns, 12/10/2010
>KITSCHY KITSCHY CURRIN by Charlie Finch. John Currin has landed in a silky bog., 11/24/2010
PERVERSE BEAUTY An interview by David Coggins. An interview with John Currin., 11/18/2010
ARTNET INSIDER by Rosetta Stone. Kate Moss, need we say more? Plus Alex Prager, John Currin, Tony Fitzpatrick and Tommy Tune., 11/17/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Stuckists protest Damien Hirst, Art Loop Open in Chicago, portraits of “difference and desire,” Take Home a Nude, more., 10/12/2010
>WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. "The Visible Vagina," Superflex, KK Kozik, Jon Pylypchuk, Philip Haas, Ned Smyth, XXX Macarena, Gelitin, Damien Hirst, 02/04/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Climate-change art, Purvis Young at Grown & Sewn, Met exhibits Aboriginal art, more., 12/15/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. $134.4 million at Sotheby’s contemporary sale., 11/11/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Turner Prize Is Dead? Plus, Abu Dhabi Art, Man Ray and African art, Simon Parkes, more., 10/05/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Art to blame for financial collapse? Plus, the Crystal Bridges bike path, art and Mary Magdalene, art and tacos, more., 09/15/2009
FLESH PERSPECTIVE by Sidney Lawrence., 07/29/2009
>DOWN WITH THE CUBE! by Jerry Saltz. White Columns’ anniversary show proves that galleries can (and should) enliven art., 02/19/2009
Miami Art Mania - artnet Magazine, 12/16/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Phillips de Pury does $9.6 million in contemporary, plus day sales at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, 11/14/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby’s contemporary does $125 million., 11/12/2008
LIGHTER THAN EROS by Charlie Finch. "Eros" at Richard L. Feigen & Co., 11/12/2008
BERKSHIRE IDLER by Charlie Finch. The state of the arts at Belvoir Terrace Camp in Lenox, Mass., 07/25/2008
ANGELS AND ALLIGATORS by Mary Barone. An interview with the New York artist Rachel Feinstein., 06/20/2008
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. Gary Webb, the Hix Oyster and Chop, John Currin, Nicholas of London, Harland Miller, Mat Collishaw, Brenda Beban, Mustafa Hulusi, Keith Coventry, more., 06/03/2008
GOTHAM ART & THEATER by Elisabeth Kley. Jonathan Meese, Otto Muehl, Joan Mitchell, Gert & Uwe Tobias, David Altmejd, Rachel Feinstein, Delia Brown, Robert Hawkins., 05/27/2008
THE EYES HAVE IT by Charlie Finch, Operatic lust in new paintings by Rosa Loy, 05/20/2008
THE NEW YORK CANON by Jerry Saltz. Thirty years of highs and lows in the New York art world., 04/23/2008
THE THREAT OF LOVE by Charlie Finch, Walter Robinson puts the error back in eros., 04/08/2008
HANGING AT THE HORTS’ by Charlie Finch. Talk of Marlene Dumas, Richard Tuttle and Jimmy Page at Susan and Michael Hort’s private view during Armory weekend., 03/30/2008
REALISM AND VOYEURISM by Michèle C. Cone. Gustave Courbet liked to see what he was not supposed to see., 11/29/2007
ART MARKET WATCH. Contemporary auctions end with a $50-million bang at Phillips, de Pury & Co., 11/16/2007
ARTNET DESIGN by Brook S. Mason. Salander’s dec arts, Yonel Lebovici, a Mediaeval renaissance in New York, more., 11/02/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Gagosian in Moscow, Pelosi at antiques show, Oppenheim in L.A., Castelli in the Smithsonian, more. Plus, R.B. Kitaj, R.I.P., 10/27/2007
ARTNET.DE DIGEST by Kimberly Bradley. Controversy from the Cardinal, Art Forum Berlin, Zhang Huan’s ash Buddha at Haunch of Venison, more., 10/17/2007
ALL THIS USELESS BOOTY by Ben Davis. Julie Heffernan’s anti-history painting., 10/11/2007
ALL THIS USELESS BOOTY by Ben Davis. Julie Heffernan’s anti-history painting., 10/11/2007
ALL THIS USELESS BOOTY by Ben Davis. Julie Heffernan’s anti-history painting., 10/11/2007
ART MARKET GUIDE 2007 by Richard Polsky. A look at the art market, October 2007., 10/10/2007
FRANKINSCENSE by Charlie Finch. Natalie Frank’s new paintings are both disturbing and entrancing., 09/21/2007
BACK FROM THE BRINK by Jerry Saltz. MoMA relives painting’s postwar near-death experience., 09/18/2007
Hirst Schools NYC - artnet Magazine, 07/18/2007
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby's record-breaking $254.9 million contemporary sale., 05/15/2007

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