John Nost Sartorius (British, 1828)


Ganga Singh was engaged by the Maharajah in 1942 to reproduce his collected flora in watercolour drawings. He became a permanent member of His Highness' staff and painted over 400 watercolours over a period of twenty years. Singh died in 1971, followed in 1972 by the Maharajah who was not able to complete his book although the research and the paintings were complete. His son, the present Maharajah, took over the task and has recently completed the work of cataloguing the collection in preparation for the publication of the book in the future.
Ganga Singh began his career as an artist at the Forest Research Institute in Dehra Dun, travelling to England in 1931 to train at the Slade in London. Later in life he was awarded the title of 'Rai Sahib' for his outstanding contributions in the field of fine arts.