Jeff Wall  (Canadian, 1946) 

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Art Market Watch CHRISTIE'S CONTEMPORARY DOES A RECORD $388 MILLION. On auctioneer Christopher Burge's final night at the podium, a historic sale with no less than 11 new auction records., 05/08/2012
Brussels Art Days, première partie de l’aventure. Par Joël Riff., 09/28/2011
Itinéraire d’exposition d’art contemporain dans le Marais, Paris, été 2011. Cartes blanches en plein Marais. Par Joël Riff., 07/20/2011
Itinéraire d’expositions d’art contemporain à Bruxelles en mai-juin 2011. Ce qu'il reste de Bruxelles-downtown. Par Joël Riff, 05/20/2011
BRUSH WITH CENSORSHIP by Barbara Pollack. How the Chinese government destroyed a work by photographer Wang Qingsong., 01/25/2011
MAGAZINE RACK by Grant Mandarino. Art in America, Art Journal, New Left Review., 11/05/2010
DANS L’ŒIL DU CYCLONE. Par Romaric Gergorin. Anonymes : Première exposition pour l’inauguration du BAL., 09/23/2010
Casanova Forever : Du Pont du Gard à Lattes. Par Joël Riff. Itinéraire d’expositions au cœur., 08/25/2010
>VOYEURISM, EXPOSED by Vicki Goldberg. The camera as peeper in "Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera since 1870.", 08/25/2010
QUAND LA VILLE DORT. Par Romaric Gergorin. Nouit de Thomas Clerc aux éditions Mix / Frac Aquitaine, 04/14/2010
PEINTURE DANS LE MARAIS. Joël Riff. 9 galeries du Marais exposent des peintres., 03/18/2010
Museum shows, March 2010: "Skin Fruit," Otto Dix, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Marina Abramovic, "The Allure of the Automobile", 03/01/2010
MAGAZINE RACK by Grant Mandarino. December issues of Artforum, ARTnews, Art in America and Art Monthly, 12/18/2009
ARTNET NEWS., 10/08/2009
Shanghai SERENADE by Barbara Pollack. Taking the temperature of the Chinese art scene at ShContemporary., 09/23/2009
JESUS COMPLEX by Ben Davis. The New Museum Triennial fails as a portrait of a generation -- but succeeds as an essay on the "naughty oughties.", 04/17/2009
CéZANNE AND BEYOND by N.F. Karlins. A new exhibition celebrates the influence of the 19th-century artist on 18 of his 20th-century colleagues., 03/09/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. New auction records for the first half of 2008., 09/24/2008
ARTNET NEWS. Fairs and biennials around the globe in the second half of 2008., 07/02/2008
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby’s contemporary does a record-setting $362 million., 05/15/2008
THE NEW YORK CANON by Jerry Saltz. Thirty years of highs and lows in the New York art world., 04/23/2008
ECSTASY MACHINE by Jerry Saltz. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a visit to the entire world., 01/03/2008
THE YEAR IN ART by Jerry Saltz. Matthew Barney, Kara Walker, Richard Prince, the Whitney, the New Museum, the Met, more., 12/17/2007
CAN YOU DIG IT? by Jerry Saltz. At Gavin Brown, Urs Fischer takes a jackhammer to Chelsea itself., 12/01/2007
SAN FRANCISCO HAPPENINGS by Brian Andrews. Olafur Elaisson, Douglas Gordon, Takeshi Murata, Will Rogan, Tracy Timman, Liz Walsh, Tony Labat, Nathan Redwood, more., 11/27/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Analyzing the top-selling photos of the year so far., 10/16/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Analyzing the top-selling photos of the year so far., 10/16/2007
ARTNET NEWS. SeaFair hits the waves, Park Avenue Armory overhaul, New Museum at Bloomies, artist’s pensions in Dubai, more., 09/06/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Grumbling over Fisher museum in San Francisco, Kush sues Pink, the Art Parade, more., 08/16/2007
GLOBALIZED FEMINISM by Ben Davis. Can Miwa Yanagi dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools?, 07/20/2007
IT’S BORING AT THE TOP by Jerry Saltz. Is Andreas Gursky, the highest-priced photographer alive, running out of ideas, 05/21/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Madison Avenue art walk, Marguerite Zorach, "Old School" in London, more., 05/03/2007
ARTE AMA ARCO by Walter Robinson. The esthetics of shopping at the Spanish world’s top art fair., 03/09/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Armory Show update. Plus, Warhol snowboards, China gets American art, more. And Dan Christensen, RIP., 01/25/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Whitney to Chelsea, Sao Paulo in pix, Michael Asher in Santa Monica, Factory Girl trailer, more., 11/28/2006
MINNESOTA VICE by Ben Davis. Angela Strassheim’s tortured photos of suburbia., 11/08/2006
A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. The Decadence of Advanced Art and the Return of Tradition and Beauty: The New as Tower of Conceptual Babel: The Tenth Decade, 08/21/2006
ARTNET NEWS. Brooklyn Museum abolishes curatorial departments, Smithsonian sells naming rights, Moscow Biennale 2007, more., 06/22/2006
Big Fair City - artnet Magazine, 06/13/2006
ARTNET NEWS. Met's summer lineup, Martin Creed in Milan, Tina B in Prague, Artstar premiere, more., 05/16/2006
INKY DEPTHS by Jerry Saltz. Celebrating art and artists, magazine-style, plus "Air Guitar" and works by Dylan Stone., 01/03/2006