james rosenquist f-111 south, west, north, east and drawings from the 70s by james rosenquist

James Rosenquist F-111 South, West, North, East and Drawings from the 70s

Sep 19, 2014–Nov 8, 2014

Senior & Shopmaker Gallery
New York, NY USA

Senior & Shopmaker Gallery is pleased to present James Rosenquist’s F-111 (South, West, North, East), a four-part, 290 inch lithograph with screenprint printed ...

james rosenquist all things are devoid of intrinsic existence by james rosenquist

James Rosenquist All Things are Devoid of Intrinsic Existence

Apr 30, 2014–Jun 14, 2014
Opening Reception: Apr 29, 2014

Wetterling Gallery
Stockholm, Sweden

James Rosenquist
Renowned for his large-scale paintings combining images from advertising and mass media with vibrant color and abstraction, Rosenquist h...

james rosenquist a pale angels halo and slipping off the continental divide by james rosenquist

James Rosenquist A Pale Angels Halo and Slipping Off The Continental Divide

Oct 1, 2013–Jan 10, 2014

Richard L. Feigen & Co.
New York, NY USA

Richard L. Feigen & Co. is unveiling one of the iconic masterpieces of Post-War American painting, James Rosenquist’s A Pale Angel’s Halo and Slipping off the C...

blast from the past forty-six years forty-six works of art selected by david barnett from the gallery collection by james rosenquist

Blast From The Past Forty-Six Years Forty-Six Works of Art Selected By David Barnett from The Gallery Collection

Apr 26, 2013

David Barnett Gallery
Milwaukee, WI USA

This year marks the 46th anniversary of the David Barnett Gallery and what better way to celebrate than to create a show that reflects on the history of the gal...