James Hopkins  (British, 1976) 


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James Hopkins, Bottle & Skull


James Hopkins
Bottle & Skull

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James Hopkins, On the Rocks


James Hopkins
On the Rocks, 2004
chrome champagne bucket, plastic, acrylic


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James Hopkins, On the rocks


James Hopkins
On the rocks, 2004
chrome bucket, plastic and acrylic


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James Hopkins, Reclining Figure


James Hopkins
Reclining Figure, 2003
balsa wood


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1976   Born Stockport, Cheshire, UK
1995 - 1998   BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, University of Brighton, UK
2000   Future Memories Award, Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery, Channel Islands, UK (winner)
2000 - 2001   Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, UK
2001 - 2002   MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, UK
2011   Angled Ball, for the Borough of Brent, London, in association with Futurecity
2012   Playful Seating, for Berkeley Homes, Cambridge, in association with Futurecity
  Lives and works in Guernsey and London, UK
2013   The Space Between the Stars, Scream, London, UK
2012   Figuratively Speaking, Jacobʼs Island Gallery, London, UK
2012   Changwon Sculpture Biannale, Changwon City Museum, Korea
2012   Artkapsule, Koleksiyon, London, UK
2012   The End, Jacobʼs Island, London, UK
2011   Graceland, Paul Simon Homes, London
2011   Materializing Perspectives, Salon Vert, London
2011   Art Which Is Also A Disco, Decima Gallery, London
2011   By Mistake: Accidents as Creative Tools, Observatori 2011
2011   International Festival of Artistic Investigation, Valencia, Spain
2011   Paper and cardboard, The Diocesan Museum, Milan, Italy
2010   Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2010   Cash for Gold, Almada, London, UK
2010   Terminator, Camberwell College Arts Space, London, UK
2010   A Trick of the Light, Primo Alonso Gallery, London, UK
2010   Dawnbreakers, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK
2009   Eat Me-Drink Me, The Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, Texas, USA
2009   EastInternational, Norwich, UK
2009   The Beauty of the mistake, Lisbon, Portugal (forthcoming)
2009   Saxon, Schwartz Gallery, London (forthcoming)
2009   A Trick of the Light, Primo Alonso Gallery, London (forthcoming)

2009   Natural Wonders: New Art From London, Baibakov Art Projects, Moscow
2008   James Hopkins / Conrad Ventur, Unosunove, Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy
2008   Inside Outside, The New Art Center, Roche Court, Salisbury sculpture park
2008   Le renouveau du temps, Maison Guerlain, Paris
2008   Galleria 1/9 unosunove, Rome (solo)
2008   Gravity. Collection Ernesto Esposito, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporaneo, Spain
2008   Mirrors and Secret Desires, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
2008   Artists Playground, Sudeley Castle, UK
2008   The Other Way Around, Cosmic Gallerie Paris, France
2008   Hiroshima Art Document 2008, The former Bank of Japan Hiroshima branch, Japan
2008   The Freak Show, Mint Museum, Paris, France
2008   Artists’ Playground, Sudeley Castle garden sculpture exhibition, UK
2007   Max Wigram Gallery, London, UK (solo)
2007   World Receiver – 10th Anniversary of the Galerie der Gegenwart, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
2007   Freak Show, Musée d’art contemporain, Lyon, France
2007   Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy
2007   Goss-Michael Collection, New Foundation, Texas, USA
2007   Bienal de Escultura de Valladolid, Hospederia Patio of the Monastery of San Benito, Spain
2007   Space Oddity, Cosmic Gallery, Paris, France
2006   Wasted Youth, Cosmic Gallery, Paris, France , (solo)
2006   Hole In My Eye, Max Wigram Gallery, London, UK , (solo)
2006   Still Life, New Art Centre, Salisbury, UK
2006   Choosing my religion, Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland
2006   A Brighter Day, James Cohan Gallery, New York, USA
2006   Eretica: L’Arte contemporanea dalla trandescenza al profano, Palazzo di Sant’ Anna, Palermo, Italy
2005   All Boys (curated by Gary Webb), rue du Chantier, Brussels, Belgium
2005   Collection 2, Solomon Foundation, D’Arenthon, France
2005   Heliotrope, Whitechapel Project Space, London, UK, (solo)
2005   From This End To That, Rivington Arms Gallery, New York, USA, (solo)
2004   Selected Sculpture, MWprojects, London, UK
2004   Fata Morgana, Centre d’Art d‘Ivry, France
2004   Abstract Expressionism in Contemporary Figurative Sculpture, Johann Koenig Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2003   Mat COLLISHAW, James HOPKINS, Richard WOODS, Cosmic Gallery, Paris, France
2003   Limbo of the Lost, MWprojects, London, UK, (solo)
2003   Boiler Room, The Saatchi Gallery at County Hall, London, UK
2003   Chockerfuckinblocked, Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London, UK
2003   Jerwood Sculpture Prize, The Jerwood Space, London, UK
2002   Kontakte Keep on Living, Neon Gallery, London, UK
2002   Plinth, The Trade Apartment, London, UK
2001   Foyer, 291 Gallery, London, UK
2001   Hoax, Lux Gallery, London, UK
2001   Multispace, Gallery Expo 3000, Berlin, Germany
2001   All Back to Mine, Deptford X, London, UK
2001   Art Market, 291 Gallery, London, UK
1999   Arts Club, Decima Gallery, London, UK
1999   Medway Open, Rochester Art Gallery, Rochester, UK
1999   Bad Sense of Humour, The Bond Gallery, Birmingham, UK
1999   Analystic, 1 Gallery Court, London, UK
1999   Pagemakers, Gracefield Arts Centre, Gracefield and UK touring
1998   T.N.R.G Art Trail, St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings, UK
1998   Visual Assault, Winters Gallery, London, UK
1998   New Contemporary Fine Art, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK
1998   Small Works, Bridgewater Arts Centre, Bridgewater, UK
1998   Scratch, Crackle and Pop, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, UK
  Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany
  Cohen Collection, Manchester, UK
  Zabludowicz Trust, London, UK
  Van Haerents Foundation, Brussels
  Salomon Foundation, Annecy, France
  The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
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