Jürgen Schadeberg  (South African, 1931) 


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Jürgen Schadeberg, Mandela portrait, South Africa,1994


Jürgen Schadeberg
Mandela portrait, South Africa,1994
Polka Galerie
Jürgen Schadeberg, Nelson Mandela Treason Trial, South Africa, 1958


Jürgen Schadeberg
Nelson Mandela Treason Trial, South Africa, 1958
Polka Galerie
Jürgen Schadeberg, Lighting up, South Africa, 1953


Jürgen Schadeberg
Lighting up, South Africa, 1953
Polka Galerie
Jürgen Schadeberg, Nelson Mandela Portrait, South Africa, 1993


Jürgen Schadeberg
Nelson Mandela Portrait, South Africa, 1993
Polka Galerie
Jürgen Schadeberg, Priscillia Mtimkulu, South Africa, 1952


Jürgen Schadeberg
Priscillia Mtimkulu, South Africa, 1952
Polka Galerie
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Jürgen Schadeberg, Cobblestone lady, Nottingham, England


Jürgen Schadeberg
Cobblestone lady, Nottingham, England, 1978
gelatin silver print


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Jürgen Schadeberg, Midnight Kids, Sophiatown


Jürgen Schadeberg
Midnight Kids, Sophiatown, 1953-1954
silver gelatin print


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Jürgen Schadeberg, Nelson Mandela in His Cell on Robben Island (Revisit)


Jürgen Schadeberg
Nelson Mandela in His Cell on Robben Island (Revisit), 1994
selenium-toned silver print


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1931   Born in Berlin
1946   Photographic apprentice with professional photographer & studies at the Schule für Optik und Phototechnik Berlin
1947   Photographic volunteer at dpa, Hamburg
1950   Emigrates to South Africa and becomes Picture Editor, Head of the Photographic Department & Art Designer at Drum Magazine, Johannesburg (South Africa); also freelances for Time Life, Black Star & Der Stern
1959   He leaves Drum to become a freelancer
1959 - 1964   Freelances and workes on staff at Sunday Times
1964   Moves to London
1968   Moves to Spain
1972   Returns to London
1974 - 1976   Curates several group exhibitions in London
1979   Teaches a three month course at The New School, New York
1980   Teaches at the Kunsthochschule, Hamburg
1980 - 1985   Freelance work and film projects in Germany, France and the UK (Die Zeit, New Society, The Sunday Times, The Observer)
1985   Directs documentaries and dramas in South Africa about black social, political and cultural life
1987   Since 1987 lives and works in France
2009   Retrospektive, Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (solo)
2008   Jurgen Schadeberg – Timeless Moments, Leica Galleries Frankfurt am Main, Solms and Tokyo, Japan (solo)
2008   Conseil Général de l’Orne, Alençon, France (solo)
2008   Retrospective 57 Years, Ypres Cultural Centre, Ypres, Belgium (solo)
2008   Mandela Images, Musée des Arts Derniers, Paris; Belgravia Gallery, London, UK (solo)
2008   Virgina Museum of Fine Art, USA
2007   Südafrika vor und nach der Apartheid, Kulturverein Zehntscheuer, Rottenburg, Germany (solo)
2007   Jazz Show, Photographer’s Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa (solo)
2007   The Black and White Fifties, Kunstverein Zehntscheuer, Rottenburg, Germany (solo)
2007   The Black and White Fifties, Iwalewa-Haus, Bayreuth, Germany (solo)
2007   Tales from Jozi, Oslo University, Norway (solo)
2007   Belgravia Gallery, London, UK (solo)
2007   Retrospective St Etienne Museum, France (solo)
2007   Happy Hour, Seippel Gallery, Cologne, Germany (solo)
2007   Seippel Gallery Johannesburg, South Africa
2007   Contact Photo Festival, Toronto, Canada
2007   Internationale Foto-Triennale, Esslingen, Germany
2007   Biennale Sudafrica – Artisti a Castagnoli, Rocca di Castagnoli, Italy
2006   Drum. Fotojournalismus aus Südafrika, Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria
2006   New Work - Mixed Media - Painting & Photography – SA University Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
2006   Voices from the Land images, Human Rights Forum, Nantes, France (solo)
2006   Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2006   The Defiance Campaign 1952, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa (solo)
2006   Zeitungsmuseum, Saarbrucken, Germany (solo)
2006   Major Retrospective Luxembourg, Neumunster Museum, Germany (solo)
2006   The Black Fifties in South Africa: Photographs of Jürgen Schadeberg, Deutsches Zeitungsmuseum, Saarbrücken, Germany (solo)
2005   Retrospective, The Imaging Hub Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa (solo)
2005   Die Menschliche Kamera – Jürgen Schadeberg, Museum Bochum, Bochum, Germany (solo)
2005   Retrospective, Bordeaux, France (solo)
2005   Jazz Images over 52 years, Mareiac, France (solo)
2005   Retrospective, Centre de la Photographie, Lectoure, France (solo)
2005   The Kliptown Snappers: Photography from Soweto, The Horniman Museum, London, UK
2005   Month of Photography, Fifties Work, The Wedge Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo)
2005   Selected works, The Photographers’ Gallery, Capetown, South Africa (solo)
2005   Selected works, PICTO Gallery, Capetown, South Africa (solo)
2005   Nicephore Niepce Museum, Chalon Sur Saone, France (solo)
2005   Selected works over 53 years,Toomey Tourell Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2005   Galerie Tedden, Dusseldorf, Paint it loud (cat.)
2004   Kliptown – 2003. A photo project with the work of 4 students, Kliptown Centre, South Africa
2004   Kliptown 2003 images, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
2004   Selected works, Pascal Polar Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (solo)
2004   A Retrospective of 52 Years of South African work, Espace Cosmopolis, Nantes, France (solo)
2004   On the Beach – New Color Work, Gallery@157, Johannesburg, South Africa (solo)
2004   ARCO Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid, Spain
2004   Begegnung mit Afrika, Wiesbadener Fototage, Wiesbaden, Germany
2003   A Retrospective of South African Work over 52 Years, Goethe Institut, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2003   All That Jazz – 52 Years of Jazz Images, Standard Bank Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa (solo)
2003   The San of the Kalahari 1959, tour of South Africa to eight venues with the Alliance Française (solo)
2002   Surviving Apartheid: From Drum Magazine to the Present Day, La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France
2002   Environmental Images, PhotoZa, Johannesburg, South Africa
2001   Soweto: A South African Legend, Munich, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover, Germany
2001   Jurgen Schadeberg – Fine Images over 50 years, PhotoZA, Johannesburg, South Africa (solo)
2001   Jurgen Schadeberg – Drum Beat: South Africa 1950-94, Axis Gallery, New York, USA (solo)
2001   The White Fifties, Bensusan Museum of Photography, Johannesburg, South Africa (solo)
2000   Lengthening Shadows: Culture and Conflict at Mid-Century Chicago to Johannesburg, Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, USA
2000   Faced, Carfax Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa (solo)
2000   The Naked Face, Sandton Civic Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa (solo)
1999   Maverick, Crake Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
1999   Africa by Africa – A Photographic View, Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK
2005    Descamps, Patrick. Jürgen Schadeberg – Photographies. Roche-la-Molière 2005.
2004    Witness: 52 Years of Pointing Lenses at Life – Jürgen Schadeberg. Hatfield 2004.
2001    The Black & White Fifties: Jürgen Schadeberg’s South Africa. Menlo Park 2001.
1994    Voices from Robben Island. Photographes and compiled by Jürgen Schadeberg. Randburg 1994.
1991    Human, Klaus and Jürgen Schadeberg. Drum – Die Fünfziger Jahre. Bilder aus Südafrika. Hamburg 1991.
1987    Gosani, Bob et al. The Fifties: People of South Africa. Johannesburg 1987.
1982    Hulme, George (text) and Jürgen Schadeberg (photographs). Kalahari Bushman Dance. London 1982.