Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI)  (Japanese, 1916-1985) 


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Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI), Tai / Tranquility


Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI)
Tai / Tranquility

Japan Art - Galerie Friedrich Müller
Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI), Yume / Dream


Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI)
Yume / Dream

Japan Art - Galerie Friedrich Müller
Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI), Katsu / Sound of Metal


Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI)
Katsu / Sound of Metal

Japan Art - Galerie Friedrich Müller
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Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI), 宮沢賢治童話 なめとこ山の熊


Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI)
宮沢賢治童話 なめとこ山の熊
charcoal on paper


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Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI), Not losing to rain


Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI)
Not losing to rain
oil paint on board w/scratching by nail


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Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI), Calligraphy


Inoue Yuichi (YU-ICHI)
ink on paper


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1916   Born at Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan
1935   Graduated from Tokyo Prefectural Aoyama Normal School (present-day Tokyo Gakugei University)
1971   Published Hana-no-Sho-Cho as the first book of his works
1977   Published Sho by Yu-Ichi 49 -'77
1981   Published Manaita
2009   Ink Painting, Calligraphy: The Third Abstraction, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China (group)
2005   Yu-ichi and Yecker, Langen Foundation, Germany (group)
2004   War and Art, Gunma Prefectual Museum of Art, Takasaki, Japan (group)
2004   Inoue Yu-Ichi [Hin], Monma Gallery, Sapporo, Japan (solo)
2000   Yu-Ichi Vivant, Chigasaki City Museum of Art, Chigasaki, Japan (solo)
2000   Yu-Ichi Ali, Ciampino, Rome, Italy (solo)
2000   Yu-Ichi Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art, RAKU Gallery of Kyoto, Kyoto and University of Aoyama Spiral Garden Hall, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
1996   Japanese Art after 1945, Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY and San Francisco Museum of Art, California, USA (group)
1996   Yu-Ichi Hin -werke 1954 bis 1982, Kunsthalle, Galerie im Karmeliterkloster and Müseum für Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (group)
1995   Yu-Ichi 1916-1985, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland (solo)
1993   Arbeiten auf Papier, Japan Art Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (group)
1989   Yu-Ichi Works 1955-85, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan (solo)
1987   Yu-Ichi’s Hundred Hana, Parco Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
1986   Yu-Ichi Zeppitsu – Yu-Ichi, Psyché Calligraphy – Parting Thoughts, NEWZ, Roppongi, Tokyo and Nishinomiya Citizens' Gallery in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan (solo)
1986   Yu-Ichi Vivant, Seed Hall, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
1984   Yu-Ichi Kotoba-Gaki (Wordworks), UNAC Salon, Tokyo and Gallery Ban Garo, Osaka, Japan (solo)
1982   1955 and Now, Wako Hall, Tokyo, Japan (group)
1980   Asahi Gallery, Kyoto, Japan (solo)
1979   Japan Today, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA (group)
1976   Sho-Modern Japanische Schreibkunst, traveling exhibition in Germany (group)
1973   Development of Postwar Japanese Art: Abstract and Non-Figurative, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan (group)
1972   Ichibankan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
1971   Ichibankan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
1969   Contemporary Art Dialogue between the East and the West, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan (group)
1967   The 1st Japan Gendai Sho Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan (group)
1966   The 1st Japan Art Festival, Union Carbide Company headquarters, New York, NY, USA (group)
1965   YU-ICHI Calligraphien, Wuppertal Kunst und Museumseverein, Wuppertal, Germany (solo)
1965   Galerie Rudolf Zwirner, Cologne, Germany (solo)
1963   Schrift und Bild, Calligraphien Japanischer Meister der Gegenwart, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, Germany (group)
1962   Galerie Rudolf Zwirner, Cologne, Germany (solo)
   Critical biography by Masaomi Unagami: YU-ICHI (Tokyo: Masaomi Unagami, UNAC Tokyo, 2005)
   Yu-Ichi Parting Thoughts (Tokyo: Masaomi Unagami, UNAC Tokyo, 1986)
   Taka (Tokyo: Masaomi Unagami, UNAC Tokyo, 1982)
   Manaita (Tokyo: Masaomi Unagami, UNAC Tokyo, 1981)
   Sho by Yu-Ichi 49 -'77 (Tokyo: Masaomi Unagami, UNAC Tokyo, 1977)
   Hana-no-Sho-Cho (Tokyo: Masaomi Unagami, UNAC Tokyo, 1971)