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Spencer’s Art Law Journal. New York’s Distinctive Rule Regarding Recovery of Misappropriated Art After the Court of Appeals’ Decision in Mirvish v. Mott, 07/17/2012
Documenta 2012 BOMBS AWAY by Rachel Corbett. Ruin, trauma and political strife mark the preview to Documenta 13 -- and that’s not just the art., 06/07/2012
Close Encounters THE 4TH ANNUAL DALLAS ART FAIR by Linda Yablonsky. Almost 80 galleries gathered in the Big D for a Texas-style art fair., 05/01/2012
Kathy Ruttenberg IN THE FEMALE UNCONSCIOUS by Donald Kuspit. Kathy Ruttenberg’s ceramic sculptures seem to have sprung directly from the artist’s sensual, down-to-earth unconscious., 04/19/2012
“L.A. Raw” RADICAL CALIFORNIA by Patricia Cronin. “Abject Expressionism” -- Kienholz, Foulkes, Garabedian, Paul McCarthy, plus 37 others -- at the  10-year-old Pasadena Museum of California Art., 03/26/2012
Delia Brown DELIA BROWN GETS SERIOUS, SORT OF by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. The subjects of the artist Delia Brown, seen in a pair of shows in Los Angeles at Angles Gallery and Martha Otero., 03/21/2012
Tony Fitzpatrick PILGRIM'S PROGRESS by Charlie Finch. Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick brings to the stage the tale of his rowdy spiritual quest to Istanbul in Stations Lost, at The Boiler in Williamsburg., 10/21/2011
Lisa Yuskavage SOMETHING LIKE SIRENS by Emily Nathan. New works by the preeminent painter of strange, sexy female nudes go on view at David Zwirner Gallery., 10/05/2011
“Buried Treasure” WIN AT KENO! by Charlie Finch. Take a gander at “Buried Treasure” on Fox, the new antiques roadshow starring Leigh and Leslie Keno., 09/06/2011
Tibetan Carpets EAST ASIAN MASH-UP by N.F. Karlins. From myth and the natural world to abstract design, the creative license of Tibetan carpets, onview at the Rubin Museum., 07/19/2011
Bushwick Art Scene FOR LOVE OF THE GAME by Emily Nathan. Bushwick's eight leading galleries support the neighborhood's burgeoning community of New York's hottest new artists., 06/22/2011
Malerie Marder LABOR OF LOVE by Charlie Finch. An innocent generosity of spirit in a new book by Malerie Marder, Carnal Knowledge (Violette Editions)., 05/26/2011
Art Market Watch CELEBRATE SPRING AT ARTNET AUCTIONS. A Warhol Daisy, a Mapplethorpe Calla Lily, a LeRoy Neiman portrait of Willie Mays -- now that's what spring is all about., 04/22/2011
THE CASE FOR ART BROOKLYN by Tony Fitzpatrick. Artist and Chicago muse Tony Fitzpatrick -- now a gallery director -- participates in Verge Art Brooklyn., 03/04/2011
SHOW AND TELL by Walter Robinson. The Art Dealers Association of America presents the 23rd annual Art Show at the Park Avenue Armory., 03/02/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Museum of Modern Art preview, plus graffiti and folk art at Venice Biennale, Gagosian Gallery sued, more., 02/24/2011
ALICE'S TEA PARTY by Charlie Finch. Alice Neel in middle age: part five of a serial review of Phoebe Hoban’s new bio., 12/15/2010
Spencer’s Art Law Journal. "Art Buyer’s Due Diligence. Do You Own It Free and Clear?" by Gary D. Sesser and Kenneth S. Levine, 11/12/2010
>DEVISING AND DIVIDING THE VICE OF DEVICES by Charlie Finch. Bomb threats of all sorts., 11/04/2010
LES CENT ANS DE L’ÂNE ARTISTE. Par Werner Spies. Le tableau du « peintre » Boronali : une réaction à double tranchant face aux avant-gardes., 09/30/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Artist in coat heist, religion and porno don’t mix in Australian,, 09/16/2010
LIFE AT A DISTANCE by Alexandra Anderson-Spivy. A summer of shows for the art-world’s obdurate reporter of the specific., 09/13/2010
Spencer’s Art Law Journal. "Stolen Art: Who Owns it Often Depends on Whose Law Applies" by Arabella Yip, 07/26/2010
Spencer’s Art Law Journal. "Stolen Art: Who Owns it Often Depends on Whose Law Applies" by Arabella Yip, 07/26/2010
>THE VIOLENT WORLD OF GLENN LOWRY by Charlie Finch. The MoMA director gives a "Tim Burtonesque" overview of his museum., 07/09/2010
LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS PERDURE. Par Gilles Tordjman. La Halle Saint Pierre a monté l’exposition Art Brut Japonais. A voir absolument !, 06/24/2010
Spencer’s Art Law Journal. Judith Walker on the contractual rights of major auction houses to rescind sales after many years over authenticity concerns., 04/16/2010
CRITICAL DIX by Donald Kuspit. Otto Dix was first and foremost a critic of capitalism., 03/24/2010
SECRET POWERS An interview by David Coggins. Taking obsession to logical, or illogical, limits., 01/15/2010
BOOK REPORT by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. A tale of two art-world rogues: Léon Bing's Wild Ride and Dennis Hopper's Photographs., 11/23/2009
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. Pestival, Rob Pruitt, Henry Hudson, Museum of Non Participation, Matthew Bannon, Vegas Gallery, Ceal Floyer, Mat Collishaw, more., 09/29/2009
ARTFUL TOM, A MEMOIR by Thomas Hoving, 06/01/2009
>LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT by Alexandra Anderson-Spivy. The Brothers Quay, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt and John Evans, Robert Kinmont and Jacques Henri Lartigue., 05/12/2009
ARTFUL TOM, A MEMOIR by Thomas Hoving, 05/06/2009
JESUS COMPLEX by Ben Davis. The New Museum Triennial fails as a portrait of a generation -- but succeeds as an essay on the "naughty oughties.", 04/17/2009
Asia on My Mind by Donald Kuspit. "The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989" at the Guggenheim Museum., 04/09/2009
Asia on My Mind by Donald Kuspit. "The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860-1989" at the Guggenheim Museum., 04/09/2009
GOTHAM ART & THEATER by Elisabeth Kley. Carolee Schneemann, Laura Parnes, Paul Sharits, James Castle, Andrew Lord., 03/27/2009
PHOTO FINISH by Walter Robinson. An adventurous visit to the 2009 AIPAD Photography Show at the Park Avenue Armory., 03/26/2009
WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Jenny Holzer, "It Is What It Is," Emily Jacir, Jacob Kassay, Josh Smith, Richard Phillips, more., 03/20/2009
Met nets Sotheby’s Subleyras by Paul Jeromack. A previously unknown Portrait of Pope Benedict XIV by Pierre Subleyras goes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art., 03/11/2009
Nicolas Presl : L'usine à broyer. Marion Dumand. Récit muet et expressionniste, Fabrica crée un univers totalitaire. Aussi inexorable que le dessin de Nicolas Presl n'est puissant., 02/25/2009
BROKEN GHOSTS by Charlie Finch. New work by Lisa Yuskavage and Susan Rothenberg., 02/24/2009
PSYCO-SOCIAL STILL-LIFE by Ben Davis. Ruud van Empel’s “Souvenir” series shows how history troubles our fantasies., 02/23/2009
OUT IS IN by N.F. Karlins. Good news at the 2009 Outsider Art Fair., 01/15/2009
Truly Tasteless Art by Jerry Saltz. Nathalie Djurberg goes "full retard.", 01/12/2009
SPANISH ABSTRACTION by Donald Kuspit. Elie Halioua’s abstract paintings reach for the "incommunicado core of the self.", 12/08/2008
SPANISH ABSTRACTION by Donald Kuspit. Elie Halioua’s abstract paintings reach for the "incommunicado core of the self.", 12/08/2008
FAME-FUCKING AND OTHER FRIVOLITIES by Donald Kuspit. The temptations of Elizabeth Peyton’s idealized celebrities., 10/30/2008
DIABOLICAL SCIENCE by Simon Todd. The Goth science of British artist Paul Fryer., 10/10/2008

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