Howard Schatz (American, born )

Howard Schatz (American, b.1940) is a Contemporary photographer whose specialty is the exploration of the human form in photography. His work provides a detailed study in the structure and the physique of the human form, illustrating the body's shape, power, beauty, and motion. Born in San Francisco, CA, Schatz was initially an ophthalmologist before he took up photography. He trained as an eye doctor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, IL, and at Cook County Hospital, Chicago, IL. He later worked as a retina specialist in San Francisco, CA, before turning to photography, his second career and passion.

Schatz has 17 photography books to his credit, covering diverse topics such as dancers' motions in Passion and Line, power in Athlete, and portraiture in Gifted Woman and Homeless: Portraits of Americans in Hard Times. He also has a number of underwater images compiled in his books Pool Light, H2O, and Water dance. His work has been featured in international photography exhibitions such as the Best 200 Photographs exhibition in 1997, the 41st Annual World Press Photo Foundation, and the Eyewitnesses 1998 exhibition.

Schatz's works in Fine Art and photography are officially represented by the Stanley Wise gallery in New York, NY, the David gallery in Los Angeles, CA, and by Gallery M in Denver, CO. He has been published in leading magazines, including Sports Illustrated, Time, GQ Italia, and Vogue. Additionally, he has been featured in famous shows, including the Today Show and Fox Sports Network. His latest book, With Child, is a culmination of 20 years of photographing different aspects of human form, such as the landscape of a woman's body during the last phase of pregnancy. Another one of Schatz’s important works is titled For In Character: Actors Acting, in which he photographed over 100 stage and screen actors and television personalities in a directed one-on-one improvisation. He has worked in production of images for major corporations such as Escada, Virgin Records, Nike, Adidas, Sony, MGM, and Mercedes Benz. Schatz lives in New York, NY.


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