Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger  (Swiss, 1940) 

Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger (Swiss, b.1940) is a Contemporary artist known for his complex Surrealist works, which feature aliens and other motifs from science fiction. In addition to being a painter and sculptor, Giger is well-known for his design work on the 1979 feature film Alien, for which the artist received the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, as well as on the films Alien 3, Poltergeist II, and Species. The artist’s interest in designing environments has extended to the creation of two “Giger Bars,” in Tokyo, Japan, and his native city of Chur, Switzerland; both bars are decorated with the distinct science fiction-inspired aesthetic characterizing Giger’s artwork. In 1998, the HR Giger Museum opened in Gruyères, Switzerland.

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Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger, Bambi Alien


Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger
Bambi Alien

Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger, Biomechanoid


Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger

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Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger, Expanded Drawing No. 62


Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger
Expanded Drawing No. 62, 1988
mixed media on paper


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Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger, Erotomechanics (2 works)


Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger
Erotomechanics (2 works)


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Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger, Untitled


Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) Giger
Untitled, 1979
nickel silver


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2007   Basel, Galerie HILT, “H.R. GIGER / Spaces”, sculptures and prints (solo)
Chur, Bundner Kunstmuseum, “HR Giger – Works 1961-1976” (solo)
Detroit, (USA), Eight Annual International Erotic Exhibition: Dirty Show
2006   Vienna, Kunsthaus Wien, “Giger in Wien”, retrospective (solo)
New York, (USA) Fuse Gallery, “Draw”
Zurich, (Switzerland), Kunsthaus Zurich, “In The Alps”, Mystery of San Gottardo
Klagenfurt, (Austria), Bienalle Austria 2006, Erotomechanics lithographs, Birthmachine sculpture, and Alueloxal series
2005   Zurich, Cabaret Voltaire, “PANDORA – Giger Reloaded”, prints & sculptures (solo)
Zurich, Museum Baviera, "Passagen", exhibition of new sculptures and prints (solo)
Prague, National Technical Museum, “H.R. Giger in Prague”, retrospective (solo)
New York,(USA), InterArt Gallery, “The Inner Eye”, Society for Art of Imagination
2004   Bern, “Loeb” emporium, Paintings, sculptures and prints (solo)
Paris, Halle Saint Pierre, “The World According to HR Giger”, retrospective (solo)
Linz, (Austria), Landesgalerie am Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseum, “Andererseits: Die Phantastik”
2003   Woodstock, Fletcher Gallery, “HR Giger/Woostock 2002: Recent Sculptures & Prints” (solo)
Naples, Science Centre of Fondazione IDIS, “ALIEN E I BIOMECCANOIDI” (solo)
New York, (USA), Dabora Gallery, "Mortis Dabora / Tall Tales of Death 2"
New York, (USA), Williamsburg Arts & Historical Center, "Brave Destiny"
Woodstock, NY, (USA), Fletcher Gallery, "HR Giger - Recent Sculpture & Prints"
Australia, “Visionary & Fantastic Art” touring exhibition
2002   New York City, Fuse Gallery, “HR Giger/NYC 2002: Recent Sculptures & Prints” (solo)
2001   Zurich, Piccola Galleria d’arte, graphics (solo)
New South Wales, (Australia), Orange Regional Gallery, „Fantastic Art“
Pfäffikon (Switzerland),Seedamm Kulturzentrum, “Gebaut, geschaut”, “Passagen Tempel”
2000   Zurich, Galerie a16, sculptures, paintings, drawings, portfolio “Ein Fressen für den Psychiater” (solo)
Nuremberg, Galerie am Theater, exhibition “Ein Fressen für den Psychiater” (solo)
Thal, Wurster AG, exhibition in the Fuchsloch, furniture (solo)
Erlangen, “Phantastik am Ende der Zeit”, pictures
Zurich, Züspa-Hallen, IFAS, Design for a blood dialysis machine for Reflotron
1999   Essen, Messehallen, “Art Open”, pictures, sculptures
Berne, Kulturhallen Dampfzentrale, “Cyborg Friction”, drawings, sculptures
Basle, “Welten des Bewußtseins – Einsichten, Ausblicke”, in honour of Albert Hofmann, portfolio “Ein Fressen für den Psychiater”
1998   Gruyères, Château Gruyères, “Private Art Collection of HR Giger” (solo)
Gruyères, Museum HR Giger, Chateau St. Germain, Inaugural celebration (solo)
New York, Caliban Gallery, “HR Giger – Sculptures & Prints” (solo)
Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Herrenhof, “Faden der Ariadne”
Tell 99, Aarau (Switzerland), graphics
Berne, Kulturhallen Dampfzentrale, “Cyborg Friction”, drawings, sculptures
Poitiers, Futuroscope, “Utopia”, originals, sculptures, graphics
1997   Basle, Galerie Hilt, “Projekte” (solo)
Paris, Librairie Arkham, “Visions” (solo)
Chur, Fachhochschule für Gestaltung, “Visionen”, sculptures, furniture (solo)
Basle, Galerie Hilt, “Multiple Art”
Düsseldorf, Kunstmesse, “Art Multiple”
1996   Kreuzlingen, Loft, furniture (solo)
1995   Brussels, 13ème festival du film fantastique (solo)
Giessen, Kunsthalle, “Konfrontationen”, with Sibylle Ruppert (solo)
1994   Zurich, Galerie Mangisch, “Watch Abart” (solo)
Locarno, Galerie Ecllisse (solo)
Zurich, Odeon, “Communication Art Zürich” (solo)
1993   Zurich, Museum Baviera, retrospective and works for Alien and Alien 3 (solo)
Lausanne, Galerie Humus, retrospective and exhibition of Swiss Transit Tunnel works (solo)
Büren zum Hof, Galerie Herzog (solo)
Fürth, Galerie P17, drawings for The Mystery of San Gottardo (solo)
1992   Zurich, Museum Baviera, “Giger-Retrospektive” (solo)
1991   Cluse, Macadam – la M.J.C. de Cluse, “Les Livres d’Esquisses” (solo)
Zurich, Galerie Art Magazin, ARh+ book vernissage (solo)
Basle, Art 22’91, Gallery Hilt, “One Man Show” (solo)
Davos, Painthouse Academy, Window 92, “HR Giger’s Biomechanic Visions” (solo)
1990   Chur, Bündner Kunsthaus, exhibition on the occasion of HR Giger’s 50th birthday. (solo)
Exhibition of the 12 HR Giger paintings in the museum’s collection (solo)
Gruyères, Château de Gruyères, “Alien dans ses Meubles” (solo)
Wettlingen, Informatikschule, paintings and graphic works (solo)
Guarda, Restaurant Crush Alba, drawings for The Mystery of San Gottardo (solo)
Nyon, Gallery Carré Blanc, drawings (solo)
1989   Chur, Galerie Plana Terra, graphic works (solo)
1988   Zurich, Galerie Art Magazin, “Expanded Drawings” (solo)
Berlin, Galerie Petersen Rorschach, Museum im Kornhaus, graphic works (solo)
Zug, Wickart, graphic works (solo)
New York, Psychedelic Solution Gallery, paintings and prints (solo)
St. Gallen, Stadttheater, “Essenzia-Symposium for Alchemy”
1987   Zurich, Werkstatt-Galerie, Paul Nievergelt (solo)
1986   Büren zum Hof, Galerie Herzog (solo)
1985   Sierre, Maison Pancrace de Courten, “Retrospective” (solo)
Zurich, Galerie a 16 (solo)
Nuremberg, “Zukunftsräume” (solo)
1984   Pfäffikon SZ, Seedamm-Kulturzentrum, “Retrospektive” (solo)
Basle, Art 16’85, with Martin Schwarz (solo)
New York, Limelight, “The Dune You Will Never See”; (solo)
Biel, Galerie 58, Silvia Steiner, with Martin Schwarz (solo)
1983   Basle, Art 14’83; Munich, Galerie Hartmann (solo)
Zurich, Galerie Steinle (solo)
Bonn, Galerie Klein, with Martin Schwarz (solo)
Cologne, Galerie am Severinswall, with Martin Schwarz (solo)
1982   Winterthur, N.Y. City paintings and the Bijan Aalam collection (solo)
Paris, Kunsthalle Waaghaus (solo)
1981   New York, The Museum of the Surreal and Fantastique (solo)
Biel, Kunsthauskeller (solo)
1980   Cavigliano, Galerie Baviera, “HR Giger sul tema dell’ erotismo” (solo)
Zurich, Modelia-Haus, works for the film Alien (solo)
Lausanne, Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, works for the film Alien (solo)
New York, Hansen Galleries, works for the film Alien (solo)
1979   Zurich, Galerie Baviera, works for the film Alien (solo)
Amsterdam, Galerie Kamp (solo)
Paris, Galerie Bijan Aalam (solo)
1978   Glarus, Kunsthaus (with Claude Sandoz) (solo)
Büren a.A., Galerie Herzog, complete graphic works (solo)
1977   Zurich, Zürcher Kunsthaus (solo)
Biel, Galerie Baviera (solo)
Paris, Galerie Bijan Aalam (solo)
1976   Frankfurt, Galerie Sydow-Zirkwitz (solo)
Amsterdam, Galerie Kamp (solo)
Paris, Galerie Bijan Aalam (solo)
Regensberg, Neue Wohngalerie, complete graphic works (solo)
Richterswil, Ugly Club, “The Second Celebration of the Four” (solo)
1975   Chur, Bündner Kunsthaus, “Passagen-Tempel” (solo)
Zurich, Galerie Baviera, complete graphic works (solo)
Zurich, Meier’s Gallery of Modern Art (solo)
1973   Zurich, Galerie Stummer und Hubschmid (solo)
Cologne, Inter Art Galerie Reich
1972   St. Gallen, Galerie Look (Dibi Däbi) (solo)
Biel, Galerie 57 (solo)
Baden, Trudelhaus (with Schuhmacher) (solo)
Kassel, exhibition by the Kunstverein (solo)
1971   Berne, Actionsgalerie (with Schwertberger) (solo)
1970   Zurich, Galerie Bischofberger, “Passagen” (solo)
1969   Zurich, Galerie Platte 27, “Biomechanoiden” (solo)
1968   St. Gallen, Galerie vor der Klostermauer (solo)
1966   Zurich, Galerie Benno (solo)