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Artworks for sale (2)

Han Goan Lim, Lightinstallation - Maasvlakte


Han Goan Lim
Lightinstallation - Maasvlakte
NL=US Art Consultancy
Han Goan Lim, Site Specific Art


Han Goan Lim
Site Specific Art
NL=US Art Consultancy

  Willem de Kooning Academy for the Fine Arts, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2009   Member Advisory Committe for V.O.R.K. (Visual Art Fair), Young
2009   Urban Art Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2009   Member of the Selection Board, Rotterdam Educational Projects, 'Sterren aan de Maas', Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2009   Independent advisor The Centre of Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2009   Member of the Selection Board, Rotterdam Media Fund: 'Kort Rotterdams' (short films), Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2008   New project plan Artpark, Rotterdam (in collaboration with UNO Architects & Engineers, the Netherlands
2007   Organization Contest Art pavilions Artpark during Architecture Biënnale and Architecture Conference: ‘Rotterdam 2007, City of Architecture’, the Netherlands
2007   Participant Hermitage Helmond (project of Esther Didden), the Netherlands
2006   Originator ‘Artstore Art-embassy’ Rotterdam, in collaboration with Marleen van Wijngaarden, www.artstore-rotterdam.nl
2006   Light, Magazijn Vomberg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2005   Co-curator and participant (i.c. Egied Simons), www.kunstroutenoord.nl
2005   Art Conference ‘Art Route Noord: ‘Business as Usual’, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2004   Landscape Project cultural town planning Houtrakpolder, provincie Noord-Holland, the Netherlands
2003   Art Conference ‘QI-Kunsteiland’, Rotterdam,the Netherlands, Co-curator and participant (i.c. Lowieke Duran)
2003   Gallery Ron Mandos, video- installation in collaboration with Joost van Hezewijk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2001   BREEZE OF AIR/Hortus Lundi, project Tot Nut en Genoegen
1999   Netherland NY, A Polder Seclusion in New York Bay (Foundation Observatorium/NL), Gallery Frederieke Taylor Tz Art, Soho, New York, USA