Halil Akdeniz was born in 1944 in Antalya, Turkey. He studied for a Bachelor’s degree and for specialized training at the Gazi Institute of Education, Department of Fine Arts Training in Ankara and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin – HdK, Berlin (now the University of the Arts, Berlin). He received his Master’s degree, proficiency in Fine Arts, and a PhD at the Aegean University, and at Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir. He became an assistant professor in 1986, associate professor in 1987, and professor in 1994. He worked as instructor at the Gazi Institute of Education (now Gazi University) in Ankara, the Aegean University, Dokuz Eylul University, Bilkent University, and Anadolu University. He founded the departments of Fine Arts at the Aegean, Dokuz Eylul, and Bilkent Universities. He worked in various positions at these universities ranging from department chairmanship to membership in faculty committees, university senates and university administrative committees. He served as cultural adviser in the Turkish Embassies in Bonn and Berlin between 1996-2000, and as adviser in the Turkish Ministry of Culture in 2001. He worked as instructor at Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts between 2001-2005. He founded the Department of Art Sciences – a first in Turkey – within the Graduate School of Social Sciences of Anadolu University, and started the Program in Fine Arts Theory and Criticism (2003). He currently works in Istanbul at the Işık University School of Fine Arts.
Halil Akdeniz is known in Contemporary Turkish Art through his art and his research writings. Begun around 1978 and in the 1980s, with series such as “Visual Treatments of the Pollution in the Gulf of Izmir”, his artistic analyses, based on scholarly research concerning problems of the physical environments where he lived, continued with Ephesus, “Izmir – Visual Notes from the Ruins” and concentrate, in series encompassing different cultural regions, on Anatolian Civilizations – Intercultural; Anatolian Civilizations – Cultural Environment; Anatolian Civilizations – Cultural Logos; and Anatolian Civilizations – Cultural Remains. Produced during this process, his work includes contemporary interpretations and artistic solutions using both artistic and extra-artistic elements and has been entered in many national and international exhibitions, biennales, triennials, art fairs, and museum exhibitions. He has received awards in many competitions, both national and international, including the gold medal First Prize at the Bulgaria 1st International Modern Art Festival – “process-space”. He was chosen as an artist for the "Artistic Use of Interior Spaces Project" in the Republic of Turkey Presidential Residence New Building, realizing a work called "Anatolian Civilizations-Intercultural" on the Library wall. His works are held in various museums and collections in Turkey and abroad. Besides two books on Turkish art and artists and articles in catalogues, Akdeniz has written many scholarly publications, research writings, papers, and articles.
Halil Akdeniz is also member of the UNESCO-AIAP International Association for the Plastic Arts and served as Chair of its Turkish National Committee, Representation in Ankara for a time. He is member of the UNESCO-AICA International Association of Art Critics, founding member of the Turkish National Committee of AICA, and was granted honorary citizenship and is honorary member of Art Academy Münster.
Selected Awards
2007 Ege University, II. Aegean Days of Art, "Artist of Honor".
2003 Eskişehir Art Association, “Eskişehir Art Award” for founding the Department of Art Sciences – a first in Turkey – at the Anadolu University, and for starting the Program in Fine Arts Theory and Criticism
2002 Ankara Art Association, “Artist of the Year”
2002 Gazi University, 75th Year in Education “Honorary Plaque”
1992 1st International Modern Art Festival, Bulgaria, “Gold Medal First Prize”
1991 3rd International Yunus Emre Painting Competition, “Award in Painting”
1990 PTT 150th Anniversary Plastic Arts Competition, “Award in Painting”
1988 Ankara Art Association, “Artist of the Year”
1988 TP Atatürk Painting Competition, “First Prize for Painting”
1985 19th DYO Painting Competition, “Award in Painting”
1984 Viking Co. Exhibition of Printmaking, “Award in Printmaking”
1982 43rd State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, “Award in Painting”
1975 36th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, “Award in Painting”


“Daily News Project” Exhibition, Sint-Niklaas Ex-libris Museum, Belgium
Memorial Exhibition for Korea/Turkey 50 years of Diplomatic Relation, Bupyeong History Museum, Incheon-Seul, Korea
Middle East Technical University Fine Art Festival, Fine Arts Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey
Art at Akmerkez, Akmerkez Shopping Center, Istanbul
Ege University, II. Aegean Days of Art, Atatürk Cultural Center, IAKM, İzmir, Turkey (solo)
Art-Fiction, Beşiktaş Çağdaş, Beşiktaş Municipality Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey
Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Education Congress, International “Transformation” Exhibition, Military Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
Siyah-Beyaz Art Gallery; 20th Year Exhibitions, Ankara-Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, opening exhibition of the museum collection, Istanbul, Turkey
12th International Art Fair Istanbul Artist, Akdeniz Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Artist Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (solo)
Siyah-Beyaz Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey (solo)
2nd Art Fair-ANKART, Akdeniz Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
10th International Modern Art Festival “Change of Identity”, Rousse, Bulgaria
Turkish Cultural Center, Berlin, Germany (solo)
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