George Maciunas  (American) 


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George Maciunas Biography
1949 - 1952   Cooper Union School of Art, studied art, graphic art, architecture
1952 - 1954   Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, studied architecture and musicology. B. of Architecture.
1955 - 1960   Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, studied European and Siberian art of migrations
Selected Exhibitions
1976   Sept. initiated collaborative flux-labyrinth project, major contribution, to be exhibited at US. Centenial Exhibition, Berlin.
1975   Edition of Hospital even, edited Fluxpack 3, contributed 3 stationary designs, 2 aprons, postage stamp[s, published by Multipla, Milan.
1972   Names spelled with objects, burglary kit, anthology of animal excreta, etc.
1971   Produced, designed and contributed to “This is not here” show of Yoko Ono and John Lennon at Everson Museum, Syracuse.
1970   Smile machine, 64 needle syringe, 12 bird aerophone machine, dancing duck call machine.
1969   Clock faces: decimal, degrees, backward etc. multi-faceted mirror, adding machine, distilled coffee, tea, juices, eggs, containing vodka, noodles, egg-white; tea from ropes, pine cones etc.
1968   Organized and participated in Fux-exhibit, Univ. of Calif. Sand Diego art Col.
1967   Stick-on tattoos of hardware etc. photo aprons (venus de milo, stomach anatomy, Napoleon, etc.)
1967   Designed announcements for paper show and body covering show at Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC. Participated in the first.
1966   Designed first prepared ping pong and badminton rackets (undulating, convex, with hole, hinged, elastic etc. surfaces)
1966   Edited & published Fluyearbox 2, anthology of film loops, games and paper events. Contributed 4 film loops.
1965   Edited, designed titles (using various animation and camera techniques) of some 20 films into Flux-film anthology, contributed: films made without camera (sing various adhesive patterns on clear film stock): Artype, 10 feet, end after 9, eyeblink (high speed camera).
1965   Flux-organ (12 bird calls activated by bellows), various chess sets (pieces as grinders, colored balls, sand timers, etc.)
1965   Edited and published Fluxkit, an attaché case with various flux objects produced up to that date.
1964   Edited & published Fluxyearbox 1, anthology of flat objects in envelopes. Contributed a chart on architectural criticism.
1962   Edited, published, designed containers, labels, packaging, other graphics of all flux editions (several hundred items)
1976   Article on Harpischord Flux recital by Peter Frank in SoHo News.
1976   AQ 16, microdmystification. Contribution in special issue.
1972   Arts & Artist Magazine, England, issue devoted to Fluxus: Edited and contributed to special section of paper events. Oct. issue.
1972   Flux shoe, published by Beau Geste Press, Devon, England.
1970   Article of Flux festival in Village Coice, May 20 & april 30. Happenings & Fluxus Catalog, Cologne, edited by Hans Sohm.
1967 - 1969   Published in Arch Do, Milan. Also in Da a/u dela, magazine of arts, Milan
1968   Article on Fluxyearbox 2 by Grace Glueck, New York Times, June 16
1966   Essay: US surpasses all nazi genocide records! Publ. by Edizioni di cultura contemporanea, Milan, No.2, ED 912
1965   Tulane Drama Review, designed fluxus fold out section. Also article on Fluxyearbox 1 by John Wilcock in Village Voice, No. 25.
1964   Covered in Postface by Dick Higgins, Something Else Press. Also in John Cage—Notations, 1962 various European newspapers.