Frans Francken the Younger (Flemish, 1642)


Frans Francken the Younger was the most accomplished member of the Flemish Francken family of painters. He specialised primarily in cabinet-size paintings with historical, biblical, mythological and religious subjects. His greatest contribution to the history of Flemish painting was the depiction of collectors’ cabinets, sometimes known as cabinets d’amateurs or kunstkamers; his still lifes are influenced by his uncle Hieronymous I Francken.
Born in Antwerp in 1581, Frans studied with his father Frans Francken the Elder (1542-1616). He became a member of the Guild of St Luke in 1605 and was elected Dean in 1615. Frans Francken the Younger was an extremely prolific painter who collaborated with many of the leading artists of the day, in whose works he painted the figures. These included the landscapes of Abel Grimmer (c.1575-c.1618), Alexander Keirincx (1600-c.1675) and Josse de Momper the Younger (1564-1635), the church interiors of Peeter Neeffs the Elder (c.1578/90 - Antwerp - 1656/61) and Younger (1620-c.1675) and the architectural studies of Hendrick van Steenwijck the Younger (c.1580-1649). Francken died in Antwerp in 1642.
The work of Frans Francken the Younger is represented in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Alte Pinakothek, Munich; the Cleveland Museum of Art; the Louvre, Paris; the Hermitage, St Petersburg and the Prado, Madrid.